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Revo Uninstaller is a solution that outgrows the ‘Add or Remove’ feature of Windows’ control panel. It uninstalls programs, but also cleans additional leftovers from the computer’s registry.

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Removing the software that you no longer need is crucial, since the footprint they leave on your system may affect its performance in a negative way. The standard uninstallation process erases the program, but leaves behind some traces that clutter the registry, resulting in computer errors and slowdowns.

Revo Uninstaller achieves a total cleanup operation of all the software remnants.

The steps it performs are the following: detects all the applications installed on your system, allowing you to choose the one to be remove. Plus, it offers users three uninstallation methods: Safe (very fast), Moderate (searches in the most common places for leftovers) and Advanced (the scan is thorough but takes longer).

As soon as the scan process is over, the software displays a list of all the detected remnants and allows you to choose which ones should be deleted. Please note that sometimes a reboot is required for all the files to be removed.

In addition to its basic purpose, Revo Uninstaller features extra tools that mostly serve for tweaking your system. The Autorun Manager allows you to manage the items that load at system boot, while the Tracks Cleaner is a safe way to clean the history from your browser or from your Office suite.

Hunter mode enables the whole application to minimize to taskbar, while a sign that resembles "target practice" appears. Drag and drop it to any open window, and you are provided with options to uninstall the respective program, stop auto start, kill or delete the process.

In conclusion, Revo Uninstaller is what you need in order to get rid of leftovers that would take a great deal of time to clean manually. For advanced features, take a look at Revo Uninstaller Pro.

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ladies and gentlemen welcome back to my channel today we're having a look at this this is Revo Uninstaller and if you don't know what Revo Uninstaller is it's basically an application manager similar to programs and features inside windows but what it does is instead of just removing your programs it actually removes temporary files and registry keys and stuff left behind and things like that so it is a very very useful piece of kit and I would yeah definitely recommend using it when you're uninstalling programs because you can theoretically clear up hard disk space using it so yeah today I thought I'd show you a demonstration of uninstalling a program and show you around the interface and what it can do and things like that and yeah just give it a bit of a review it's sort of weird I haven't done a tutorial since or review in software for quite worse so I thought this would be a good starting place so um yeah Revo Uninstaller point 0 let's start up here with the item so you've got the uninstaller tool you've got the tools panel which allows you to do other things we'll get onto that in a minute we've got hunter mode which I'm not going to use because it has caused some stability issues with this version and on this machine of machines it works fine but basically allows the application to be minimized and goes into a mode where you can right click on stuff remove programs in a different way and clean up stuff which is quite a clever idea but it also scans for files and things but I'm not going to use it today because it's also kind of a separate video so maybe I'll cover later here's the options menu and these are options for when you click programs I mean obviously you can press refresh to refresh the programs list view can change it so you can have it in any form I like having it on details so I can see everything and then there's the help option it's got a basic sort of selection of options but yeah it's pretty good just to let you know there is a professional version I think of this it adds more features and other stuff like even better cleaning and things like that so yeah if you want to explore that it cost some monies I don't know how much it cost but you can get off the web from their website so I'm only willing to that under the tools manager let's have a quick look through this we've got an autorun manager a junk file cleaner a windows tools cleaner a browser cleaner a microsoft office cleaner windows cleaner i'm not sure what windows tools and windows evidence remover and an unrecoverable delete section which is quite useful and these are all quite useful tools I don't personally use them I tend to use bleach bit instead which is another application which is very good for just removing crap off a system I tend to use that because I have used that for a long long time before I even discovered this and it just works so much better also works on Linux and yeah that's the main reason I have it because I discovered it on Linux and then found it will happen to still work on Windows as well so that's the reason they use it but those are the tools there if you want to use those but today we are literally just uninstalling stuff so what I'm going to uninstall today it's I'll install this version of malwarebytes it's very old it's it was installed on 8 but still in April sorry August last year I haven't used it since and I install my advice on most things in the anti-malware but I just don't I just haven't used this for a while so then I understood it and they'll probably if I need it again I already install it and so done it's donate you need to select the program and then you need to go up to uninstall and the first thing it's going to do is create a system restore point for us which is quite nice means if anything goes tits-up all wrong it will actually have the ability to restore before did any of the changes which is good it's then another if I move around the automatic actual installation the it's filling an analyzer starting the program is built on an installer for the default uninstall after the programs on this tour is finished press scan but then it will find the leftover files and we'll do that in a bit so this is now the normal uninstaller for the program so this is just uninstalling the program there you go I'm not gonna restart now because reasons obviously I'm recalling nor a restart of a scenario recording and then you're gonna have to choose a scanning mode now you can choose safe moderate or advanced now safe as you can see includes the built in mode and performs additional scans in the registry on the hard drive for finally leftover filesec tiddly this is the fastest mode moderate includes safe mode includes the safe mode and performs an external scan to find all the application leftover information the most common places of register in the hard drive and advanced includes the moderate mode in a deep scan throughout the drive to fire all the application left over information in the register and in the hard drive this is the slowest mode now I tend to use with Vance because I want to clear up as much space as possible I mean on this machine it's not too much of an issue because it has a 512 GB SSD in it but on machines like my desktop I only have 128 gig SSD or my other laptop which has got a 64 gig SSD I was doing programs and getting rid of as much as possible it's necessary so yeah I just always use advanced scanning so let's press scaling on that and that's how we're gonna go and troll its way through all the registry and all the hard drive to try and find as much crap as possible and there we go so it's currently I only found one leftover registry item and that is interestingly inside the app compatibility flags for compatibility assist you know when you right click and get properties and you can select to cat the under the compatibility tab it's got something in there for it which is interesting so I might as well to leave that so you just press delete and press Yes and these are all the leftover configurations and follows there's the stuff and program babes of this stuff in there and all I have to do because they're automatically all selected there you go it's just got some locks as well I don't need any of this and there's a temporary set up as well and just delete press delete they will move society but some will remain during system restart that's basically because I haven't restarted the Machine yet but it will be wiped they go so those are the two things so you have wipes but that's fine and then press finish and if wallah it has gone and it has clean the system up which is really nice so that's now got rid of that obviously restarting will fully get rid of the program or any remaining bits left over and most of the time you don't need to restart it just happens to be there but yeah that's how to use Revo Uninstaller it's quite a useful little tool and yeah I'd recommend going and downloading it it's completely free I use the portable version instead of the actual version just means I don't actually have to install something else but the portable version is just as easy to get your hands on things all that so again thanks for watching guys and yeah I'll catch you in the next video you


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