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Browsing the website, downloading and running apps that may pose the matters require some of perspective and a powerful safeguards surface to prevent trojan from spreading onto a laptop. There are, nonetheless, some options that can be exploited even by less experienced consumers, like running such potentially dangerous initiatives in a virtual climate.

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Initially developed especially for Internet Explorer, known for its vulnerabilities, Sandboxie is a electricity that is now just as effective for any other undelete. What it actually does is allow anybody to run apps inside a protected climate, that is completely isolated from the actual hard way the.

This means that when running a undelete sandboxed, no tweaks will me made to your mechanism and all the adjustments occur virtually, in that quarantined folder. Thus, Sandboxie can help you browse website webpages with unsafe what, measure parasite attitude and a bit more.

Inside the 'Sandboxie Control' location you will be able to view and manage the initiatives, start the website snowl, gmail asker or any other app. Also, you have the likelihood to run a electricity from the 'Start Menu' and open 'Windows Explorer', but remember that while it is inside the sandbox, no adjustments will occur to the real folder and folders.

A neat thing of Sandboxie is its can to integrate seamlessly with the operations mechanism and it will become available from the right-click (perspective) entrees, as well as from the 'Send to' netbook entrees.

All in all, even if it can be really easy to use by anybody, Sandboxie is best suited for advanced consumers, mainly because configuring it is not quite the straightforward thing many would expect it to be. Nonetheless, the undelete serves its way perfectly and will make it possible for anybody to stay safe while performing insecure steps or accessing potentially harmful regions of the Web.

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hey guys Matt here I'm sick but I want to go ahead and do a few videos today so I might be clear my throat a little bit here and there first program I want to take a look at our first video I want to make is like a revisit of sandbox II sandbox II is basically a little program that allows you to browse the internet download anything do anything you want without having to get worried about being infected from something like a drive-by download so um let's go ahead and get started on it you can find it at sandbox e-comm it does support 32-bit and 64-bit OS as you can see right here sandbox e installer Windows 2000 through windows 8 32-bit 64-bit only 2.4 megabytes alright so we're going to download it right from here so download from this site and we'll just go ahead and run it and we'll go through the little Installer I just chose defaults you'll see next next finish ok so hang on one second let me get this configure it up okay we're gonna go ahead and use the getting started with sandbox see a little window here sandbox he runs your programs and isolated Speight space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer that pretty much explains it so they have a nice little tutorial now on here look a little representation so so here we have like a hard disk with no sandbox bad pieces of code and programs go go anywhere you want on anywhere they want on your computer with sandbox II and everything that you download and I'm using this example from a browser is trapped inside the sandbox when you close the program you can sub the program to automatically destroy that sandbox or this bad area on your computer so nothing that you've done on purpose or you know maybe you went to like a site the head like a drive-by download or like an exploit and you did not do that on purpose all that stuff is still gonna be destroyed when the sandbox is destroyed so um we'll go ahead and say click here I just window and show just to know we'll say next your browser is now running inside the sandbox and it says delete the contents of your sandbox so you can think of your sandbox as a piece of transparent paper placed between your program and your computer yeah I don't know it sounds kind of weird I like to think of the sandbox as like a little virtual computer inside your computer that every time you close your browser that computer gets destroyed and it can't modify your real computer so that's how I've always kind of thought of it but you know if you want about the paper out in do that too huh so it's been a little while since I have used it see so we have our sandbox right here comes up right like this we amber sandbox web browser down there what I like to do when I'm using sandbox II is go to sandbox settings got a lot of different settings here first of all we'll just get very familiar with the delete option + delete invocation automatically delete the contents of the sandbox will say apply go ahead and hit OK sandbox he's gonna refresh itself now we'll go ahead and open up our sandbox web browser so how does it choose your sandbox web web browser well it's it chooses your browser default so let's say you were running Chrome or you're running Internet Explorer Firefox it's just gonna put that in a sandbox window and you can see as I move my mouse around the window kind of turns yellow all around the edges that means I'm in a sandbox mode anything I download is not going to be saved when I close out of this browser so right now we're in like a virtual computer just pretend you're not actually on your computer so any changes you make no matter where you go they're going to be destroyed inside this virtual computer when I click this X that sandbox has just been destroyed my main computer right here is perfectly fine nothing can harm it one that when I'm inside the sandbox and I'm gonna give you a few examples we're going to download a bunch of viruses and try to execute them and things like that but before I get started all that I need to grab something to drink where they see if I'm back in my back in my back this is so annoying yes I'm back ok so I have a great little demo for you on how sandbox he works and how I have mine configured so I think I'm a little nice up here sandbox settings to talk about two things the two things you're really going to want to pay attention to in sandbox e are delete like I said this should be checked automatically delete the contents of the sandbox and then you have recovery recovery allows you to actually save things on your real computer without them going away when your sandbox is destroyed now I like to have my recovery like this I have C and the users favorite so I can say favorites if I want to and I should kind of backtrack here and tell you why I like to use sandbox e or why I recommend it and who for sandbox E is great for kids and I actually have it set up here on our attic computer for my girls now that my girls are getting on the internet and stuff like that I don't want them installing anything by accident onto that computer so we're using sandbox see and it's great for like when your kid goes on there and just download something and you know just you know something you don't want but anyway you do have the option to save stuff see real computer I for kids I really don't recommend that I recommend that you just set up sandbox e for them just to destroy stuff when the sandbox is destroyed because if I gave my girls the option to save something on the desktop they're going to install it later I mean it's just gonna happen so on these he out really messed with immediate recovery but on quick recovery I just have my setup like this and I'm sorry if I'm rambling but this I wasn't prepared to do this same boxy demo but I thought it'd be really fun to do but that's pretty much it all this other stuff if you really want to work with it configure it go right ahead sandbox he does a lot more than just saying boxing a web browser can see him box almost anything but I only use it in my business for like I said keeping kids off of stuff that they shouldn't download or if they downloaded by accident gets destroyed we just want to make sure that we can control that kind of stuff and I'm also for adults I mean I've got a few people at work that no matter what they do they just constantly get infected so I said and they've got great antivirus things like that I don't know what they're doing I don't know how the hell it gets in their PC but it seems like they always got infected I always got in trouble when they were getting on the internet and going God knows where I don't know I just told them to use sandbox E and I don't have a I don't have to see those guys anymore come up to me and say hey can you look at my computer it's infected again or something no I don't have to deal with that ever since they've been using sandbox E so as long as they religiously use it what I would suggest is get rid of shortcuts to your browsers especially for like your kids I think I think we're gonna lose power here in a second there's a massive storm outside right now at my place anyway I'll just continue on C along go um so yeah remove all your icons to your browser just have an icon on your desktop and you know maybe pop one in your Start menu you know so you got it right there you can call it Internet Explorer 4 you know you have somebody's dead set on you know using Internet Explorer or they're used to seeing that Internet Explorer so now that's Internet Explorer something that might be a little more familiar to them so that's it for configuring sandbox you now I'm gonna give you a good little demo of what I mean by a virtual computer inside your computer so we are in a sandbox browser right now it's yellow this is a virtual computer than that like on my main computer ok this would be a normal this would actually be a normal browser on my computer see it's not yellow so what I would do first let me follow my own advice and you can see even the sandbox sandbox browser comes up with a little Internet Explorer so here's a great little demo of the legitimate you know someone's getting under the computer and they're like oh I have to get oh I don't know let's see something annoying that they do oh yeah perfect I have to install frostwire pross fire is a p2p file-sharing application that is great for just downloading infected music and all kinds of infections and I love it when kids do that it keeps me busy yeah so anyway that's coming down I am on a new headset microphone so I'm sorry if I'm screaming into your ear or something or if I'm too loud I really don't know how this is gonna turn out okay so frostwire is now gonna set up now you would think I could not install this but keep in mind I have two little pound signs here and right there that means we're installing into that virtual computer into like our sandbox II virtual computer and you're saying well I thought you couldn't install the stuff I'll just wait you're gonna see and I should also mention that if you really want to keep someone from installing stuff on your computer just create a regular user account that way they don't have access to actually install stuff on your computer but then you would have sandbox II for like drive-by downloads and exploits and things like that to block those so I said write that down should make a tutorial a video on how to create a regular user I always have my iPhone by me when I'm thinking of something I just created a note and then that way I couldn't create a video on it later and never used to do that so I always forget these videos that I should have created but didn't alright so anyway it looks like nothing got installed right so no there's no frostwire there's nothing in my program entry that's because frostwire got installed inside of that virtual computer you can see it's nothing there all normal stuff and if we look at our Sandboxie control you can see Frost wires listed in there we've got Google update in there a couple other things now when I close this browser all that stuff now is going to be destroyed you're gonna watch it be destroyed right there and any second now and come on unless I have it open still somewhere mmm this is not what I was expecting I already did this like thing before so I know it works let's see maybe i misclicked something in here delete delete invocation every yeah it's kind of weird make sure this browser isn't opening the background or something nope see anything like I said godly contents but that's not exactly what I was expecting to happen so yeah now the contents are deleted but that's supposed to happen automatically I'm not sure what hmm what went on there because normally it goes in fine let's try that again that might be just a good little thing to show you in case you can't figure out how to automatically delete your sandbox you might want to take a look at it you can see right now we have items in our sandbox like these little red things if I close the browser it automatically empties so I don't know if it wouldn't empty because frostwire was trying to install or it was hung up but if you can't get your sandbox to act completely empty out you can right-click it and terminate all programs or go in here and let's see delete contents yeah so delete the contents of your sandbox you can see there's nothing to delete there so yeah I wasn't planning on that one so anyway let's go on to something a little more serious and that would be drive-bys and exploits and viruses and things like that so make sure I'm still recording here get some weird like funky ass on my cursor it's like I didn't know if I was recording or not blinking and stuff all right let's go into our sandbox web browser and we will go to put a mal code my tools and search the database so I'm inside my browser my sandbox browser and let's say I want to download some annoying media bar thing I have no antivirus on this computer by the way there's nothing if I pop that into browser window we're gonna go ahead and run it next next all this crap is gonna get installed but it's gonna get installed into our sandbox web browser so if I just for some reason one at the play with this app let's see what it was all about mm-hmm see if it was like good or not if it sucked I could just go ahead and empty the contents of my sandbox and just you know be done with it doesn't affect my computer so this is different messages from sandbox II servers not implemented SC tasks no idea what that means sorry so we're installing all of this junk hmm but like I said it's all installing inside of our virtual computer pound sign pound sign and not all applications are gonna be able to run inside the sandbox I mean I've had some that don't run plenty like I said it's mainly used for preventing accidental downloads exploits and such all right so now I got this one media player BS bar I can say oh I didn't really like the application or you know it messed up my browser so now if I look at my browser here see if we have any add-ons that got installed from this thing yeah so my search got all messed up I'm on Delta search now I don't want any of that stuff so I have a tool bar in there all I have to do now to get rid of all that BS close my browser close that guy take a look at my sandbox bring it up we can see what's active in it hmm now again I don't know why it's not emptying automatically I don't know if it's just my computer or if it's because I'm running inside of a virtual machine but these usually should empty out automatically and you probably won't have this issue but in case you do have this issue it's nice to know that you can just go ahead and terminate programs and the sandbox is empty I might have missed cloak missclicked something in there or didn't accept something so I'll see in the future do not show this message there are no programs yeah okay close that all right it's down there let's go ahead and go do some drive-by stuff some exploits won't bring up our sandbox browser again and this time we'll go to the malware domain list and let's go ahead and query the malware domain list and it looks like gosh this stuff is way old this is from the 20th doesn't really look like it's being updated mm-hmm but we'll try let's see what we got trojan fake alert but none of these are gonna load but let's see yeah it's annoying when you pay something into I II have to go HTTP colon slash slash for that to work yeah it's like a double yeah those are all dead it's gonna be kind of hard to show you any kind of drive-by stuff these are just ancient now I mean ancient like isn't a couple of days is ancient when you're trying to find malware just try that one that doesn't work helps go back to my code yeah it's not working code that's Houle's and hmm we will find something a little more virus looking so this looks good nine dot exe yeah okay let's try this there we go it's a little exe oh smart screen you dirty dog download unsafe program run anyway and we can look at our sandbox now and we could see that that virus is running inside the sandbox so we've isolated it trapped it in there hmm so that's pretty neat so now when I close my browser let's see if we terminate that stuff now oh close that list yeah so now it's actually kind of working better still see the virus in there so we will go ahead and terminate programs and the sandbox is emptied so yeah great so now instead of us getting infected we are not infected it was destroyed when the sandbox was destroyed so all we I will prove that to you so hang on a second so yeah like I said I'm gonna go ahead and prove that to you real quick well download two little anti-malware applications my or bites of course and we'll use the two-week trial just so we can have it running in real time and then I'll just use like BitDefender free which is got a great database and very awesome at detecting a lot of stuff man what that download so I am not in a sandbox browser right now I should bring that up that if you want to download something mm-hmm easiest way is to just go to your regular browser download whatever you need and then once you're downloading and installing whatever we need go right back to your sandbox browser just so you don't you know accidentally infect yourself later it's hard to remember but I find that that is the best way for people to use sandbox II and not be totally confused so yeah again I'm not in a sandbox browser right now that's why I'm able to install this stuff so it's annoying a internet downloader thing I really do wish that we could get regular links to download like full apps I know you I know they're out there it's just like an off time to find them right now so what I'm doing right now is scanning with BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition and I'm gonna scan my C Drive just only drive I have really here so go ahead and get that going and when it comes back with the results I'll let you know or if I find anything I'll let you know but I don't think it's going to so we basically when we were doing the sandbox e demo we installed a bunch of headwear spyware toolbars all that kind of stuff which got destroyed once we exited our sandbox and we also downloaded a virus which got destroyed as well so now we're basically just making sure there are no remnants that somehow escaped the sandbox which I have never seen but I needed to prove that to you guys so okay well we've completed all of our scans and you could see malwarebytes found nothing says no malicious items were detected and BitDefender found let's see a bunch of my infected emails from before I believe so if I click show files and all of them end in dot EML so let's just already on this computer has nothing to do with sandbox e stuff some weird text files I don't know why quarantine those but they're nothing I already looked at them so go ahead close that and yeah that's how sandbox C works so once again it's just great if you want to browse the internet without having to you know worry about accidentally downloading something or if you want to download and test it at kind of you know kind of works off and on but yeah I mean it's awesome little app and it's pretty much free for you to try out and I'm pretty sure it kind of stays free but I think there's something you actually have to register to keep the NAG notice from popping up so if you want to go register go over to sandbox II I don't think it's that much yeah lifetime home licenses 29 euros so yeah anyway it's a awesome little app still awesome and now it supports 64-bit so that's it I'm going to go ahead and upload this vid talk to you guys later


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