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Servoy is an application development and deployment environment heavily focused on database applications. With Servoy you can build front-ends to databases in minutes - without having to write code.

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Servoy is designed as a revolutionary rapid application development (RAD) suite. It combines ease-of-use with enterprise scalability.

Servoy's intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows both professional developers and non-developers to create powerful desktop applications; database front-ends; data entry; and reporting systems.

With Servoy, workgroups no longer need disconnected desktop databases for data entry; Crystal Reports for reporting; or installation of JDBC or ODBC drivers on each client. Servoy combines all this functionality into one powerful unified environment - thus saving development time, virtually eliminating end-user deployment hassles, and lowering both maintenance and support costs.

Servoy is an application development and deployment environment used to create and deploy user-interface applications.Servoy consists of a powerful GUI designer, is fully event-driven and scriptable through JavaScript to help you build and deploy your SQL database front-end applications much faster than in any other development environment

Here are some key features of "Servoy":

В· Use the free Sybase ASA SQL database or connect to any SQL-based database (Oracle, MS SQL, DB/2, Mysql, etc)

В· Connect to multiple databases and combine (relate/join) tables for display on a single form (supports multi-key relations)

В· All solution design and functionality is stored within a database (called the repository) providing a clear separation between design, functionality and data (multi-tiered applications)

В· Built-in version control and release management, allowing concurrent development and client use

В· Repository-based data means your solutions can't get "corrupted" like with other development environments

В· Database runs on the server (not on the client) - resulting in high performance, high availability, scalable solutions

В· Database transactions can be used in your solutions

В· Two-tier security - at the database level as well as the built-in username + password access control

В· Built-in security groups can be used over multiple solutions

В· Built-in support for tracking of user data changes (audit trail); configurable per table

В· Massive developer support to build localized solutions

В· Localize all your text/labels and even messages used in methods (scripts)

В· All languages are supported including multi-byte languages such as Chineese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

В· Solutions can be deployed in multiple languages simultaneously

В· Servoy itself will also be in the language of choice if the language is present

В· Support for custom components (beans) on your form

В· Choose from thousands of commercial, shareware and freeware beans to extend the functionality of our solution without writing code

В· Scripting language is standard JavaScript - meaning you don't have to learn a proprietary programming language

В· Advanced script editor with support for searching, replacing, undo, copy-paste of complete scripts, reuse of code and semi-automatic code generation

В· Full programmatic control of all form objects (color, font, size, location, disable, enable, hide, etc.)

В· Full steppable Java script debugger with evaluation of variables, breakpoints, and modification of variables

В· Runtime errors display offending line number to make debugging easier and faster

В· History object allows you to programmatically navigate backward and forward or "jump" to any past location - just like a web browser

В· Built-in Tab-panel object with related forms on tabs - making development of a tabbed interface effortless

В· Display forms in a new window or create custom popup dialogs from any form

В· Full plugin API

В· Add toolbars, preference panels, modify data, can be called by script, add menu items, hide objects and more

В· No need to manually install plug-ins on client - they are automatically downloaded from Server when required

В· Servoy ships with 9 free plugins that offer: dialogs, POP email, SMTP email, scheduling, agent, http, file utils, export and import

В· Third parties provide plugins that offer: custom menus, SOAP webservices integration, encryption, PDF printing and more

В· Integrated development environment for developing design and functionality

В· Non-modal Script editor/debugger opens in a separate window and can be kept open while designing forms

В· Servoy supports events on all levels of the application

В· Data events

В· onChange, onRecordEditStart, onRecordSave

В· onRecordSelection

В· Form events

В· onLoad

В· onShow

В· onHide

В· Action events

В· Override Servoy commands (Find, Delete, Omit, etc)

В· Field events

В· onFocusGained

В· onFocusLost

В· Scales up to tens of thousands of simultaneous users based on hardware

В· Zero deployment client

В· Scalable from laptop/desktop to mainframes

В· Free Server version

As soon as you place a column from a table on a form, Servoy knows how to link it to your backend database. Servoy will take care of:

В· Displaying data

В· Updates

В· Inserts

В· Finds

В· Broadcasting

В· Related data

В· Sorting

В· Aggregations

В· Auto upgrade of Client and Developer - no need to manually download and install upgrades - process is automatic

В· New versions of developed solutions also get deployed to end-users without any installation

В· Support for styles on form elements to easily develop and maintain a consistent look and feel between solutions or across an Enterprise

В· Styles employ the standard CSS format as used in web browser applications

В· Servoy uses accepted industry standards accross the entire product line:

В· SQL for data manipulation, searching, inserting, etc. SQL is the de-facto standard for data manipulation and retrieval.

В· JavaScript for implementing business rules and automating your solution. JavaScript is the most used scripting environment.

В· Java for extending functionality. Servoy support JavaBeans and has an extensive Java API to extend it's functionality. Integrating external Java applications/classes is also very easy.

В· XML for data-exchange. Servoy can write and print to XML files. If you print to XML, metadata is also written out to the XML file.

В· Web-Services to call remote services


В· P3-600 or higher

В· 128 mb ram or more

В· 50 MB diskspace

В· Java 1.4.2 or higher

File Size: 60.6 MB Downloads: 9875
Added: Aug 30th 2007 User rating: 3.0
Supported Operating System: Win 2K, Win XP, Win Vista

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