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One of the methods used for allowing access to computers on a private local network from external systems is port mapping or forwarding. This technique enables administrators to make PCs behind a router or NAT (Network Address Translator) visible for someone outside the LAN.

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In order to perform this task, though, having at hand a dedicated software would be much better than trying to manually perform the configurations. Especially designed to help you in this respect, Simple Port Forwarding may be just the application you're looking for.

The program has a rather clean interface, that has all its functions well-organized in several tabs hosted by the main window. Thus, you can view the router information as soon as you select the right one from the list.

The GUI provides essential information about which application is forwarded to which IP, you can check out the start and end ports, the number of ports to be opened and the port type as well.

A very useful feature of Simple Port Forwarding is the built-in database that contains a huge number of games and applications alongside the ports they use. You can, of course, add custom ports manually by simply specifying the name, type (TCP, UDP or both), start and end ports, as well as the IP address.

As soon as you finished the configurations, you can verify the forwarding capabilities of the selected ports with the help of a most useful testing tool that is included in the package.

Thanks to a quite decent feature pack and since it is rather easy to use, Simple Port Forwarding is a utility that can easily become a must have for those who need to perform such tasks on a regular basis. The GUI is easy to understand and the documentation accompanying the program (even it is available only online) should clear up any questions you may have.

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okay I know it's pretty easy and there's tons and tons of tutorials all over the place for it but I'm going to do one because I find that every tutorial keeps missing steps so to port forward something first you need to know what the port is and for me I'm just using as an example I'm using bit comet it can be anything usually sharing programs I know that minecraft has a server thing out and a lot of people are trying to port forward that you got to find out what it is usually it's going to be under an option somewhere in tools and no matter what program usually under connection or download you're basically looking for a listen port and a number and you probably just want to copy that so you know that you have that ready to go you need to know what your IP address is and easy way to do that is either go to accessories command prompt or just do start run CMD and you're going to type in ipconfig IP config that's going to tell you what your IP address is I'm on a router so mine is course going to begin with 192 168 1 and then whatever number I am and chain right now I'm number 2 this sometimes will change so if you set up your port forwarding and it's working great and also that in one day it's not check your IP address to make sure it didn't switch you and once in a while it changes I don't know why and I'm sure there's a way to fix it but it's not that big of a deal next step is to get into your router I haven't seen a router that wasn't these numbers but I'm sure it exists if it does just Google what your number is or check your documentation but from what I've seen it doesn't matter what brand it is your router is always going to be 192 168 1 1 so it's going to come up with a login mine's just generic admin and a password and okay I have a Netgear router Linksys router is very very similar and I'll show you the difference in two seconds as far as Netgear is concerned they've made port forwarding easy to find right down on the left here port forwarding port triggering you can see I already have my desktop setup to use become but I have minecraft here because my girlfriend uses it and what I want to do here is ignore this nonsense up here and just do an add a custom service and I'll call it a laptop fit for the big comment usage on laptop this want to just leave it both this is where you remember that port we copied it we're going to paste it right here with a control V and this is where we check the what number on that and we saw that I'm a dot two that was through the IP address and we're going to click apply and that is it now that's how you do it with the neck here I no longer have a Linksys router but I do have two images to quickly bring up to give you an idea Linksys your main screen looks something like this your generic main screen here and you want to go to applications and gaming and under applications in gaming you'll get your option for port forwarding because application gaming port range forward it's basically the same thing type your name the start and end ports are pretty much the same I don't know why you would need to do different numbers but for everything just use the same number on both leave this as both again change your 0 to the number that you saw your IP address sending in and click enable and below will you'll see and apply it's pretty much the same thing and any other brand router it's not going to be like one's going to be totally different from another you basically have to be able to accomplish the same thing so just look under wireless look under ports whatever you'll find it now a lot of them the problem is the tutorials and the if you google it how to port forward they kind of leave it at that and you're done well I found with one modem and one router that that was fine I was good to go with the current modem I have I found that it needs poor forwarding as well so you have to log into your modem because the router is now poor forwarded that one that your that the port is open it's good to go the modem is still locked so going to open up another window here and if you don't know your modems IP address check your documentation if you're like me you've lost it and just Google Google the modem just go to look at the back of the actual modem I'll probably give you a model number and just look it up mine is 1000 won and you'll probably have a log in same thing if you've never logged in assume it's admin and probably no password and mine is crap but anyway mine is here and where mine happens to be located and I didn't know where it was you know it was a new modem just look for it it's going to be the same type of language somewhere mine happened to be under N 80 and then I found port forwarding it'll be somewhere it'll be called port folding if you can't find it just look for it the point here you have to make is you actually have to open the port for the router because the router already has it open you need to tell the modem to let the router have that port open as well so you got to go to your router on your router it's probably going to be a simple screen like router status or like you know the home page when you first log in something simple and what you're looking for is the IP address of the router itself that the that the modem has given it and the modem that I have has given the router 1000 to because it's 0 0 1 it's gave the router 0 0 2 so we go into the modem we're going to say create this port forwarding on 10 0:02 ad don't worry about service name because it's just a bunch of waste of time nonsense that they put in there just to confuse everyone so now it's worthless because some reset it opening port 80 who knows why go to modify and give it a quick name I'm gonna call it again laptop bit for your laptop big comment again paste that same number and now that number is being cleared completely by the modem and completely by the router so it has a clear pass all the way through and that is that this will probably be different on every single modem I'm sure just because they try to make things complicated to annoy people but you're going to look for poor forwarding you're going to look for the same thing there's going to be a service name a start and end the IP address just keep in mind when you're on your router the IP address that you want to put in is what your computer is when you did the IP config and you got the dot to when you're looking at the modem it's going to be for the router whatever the IP address the router got now if you do not have a router obviously the IP address will be whatever your IP address is you know it's just down an entire step life is easy for you congratulations so there we have it that's pretty much it you can go to your program and see that for me it's showing me two greens that means that the port is completely cleared 14:36 to whatever the hell it is for other programs it might not be that easy to check and verify so what you can just do is Google something like port checking just try like port forward checker I don't know it's something along those lines and I'm sure something's going to pop up that'll let you figure out if your ports actually open you know right away I didn't know what to look for I just wrote port forward checker and I have open port check tool you know open port check port forwarding guide on blah blah blah blah blah so you're going to get something to double-check it and I found that with the the minecraft one because I couldn't there's no little thing that says yes you have it open no you don't have it open so I just used one of those checker things and it told me it was open and then I eventually got the stuff to work but that's pretty much it I don't think I left anything out and the end fade to black


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