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Watching TV channels using one’s computer is no longer a new habit to those who want to be entertained without leaving their PC. There are numerous applications that can be used to stream such channels, and SimpleTV is one of them.

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The installation process can be skipped altogether, as this product is portable. As a result, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to be updated with new entries without your approval, and no leftovers are going to remain on the drive after its removal.

Another important aspect is that you can take SimpleTV anywhere with you, and run it on any computer you come in contact with, on the fly, by moving the program files to a USB thumb drive.

The interface of SimpleTV is neatly organized to enable users to easily browse for a TV channel they enjoy - not all of them might be currently online, so one might need to try several of them until a working one is found.

One of the aspects that set SimpleTV apart from similar apps is that users can customize the way each entry is displayed within the list of the main window.

This means that not only can the main icon be replaced with one from your PC, but users can also adjust the brightness, contrast or volume for each channel. In addition, users can crop the video stream, modify the aspect ratio or re-adjust the deinterlacing.

Furthermore, it is possible to export the current channel list as an M3U playlist for later use or played with a compatible app. Alternatively, users can download playlists created by other SimpleTV users who shared them online.

Depending on the codecs they have installed on their computer, users can also rely on this utility to play video files from local folders, with the possibility to navigate to the next or previous frames, and increase or decrease speed.

Another important function is its recording capability, as users can capture PiP streams according to a schedule they set up. They can also take snapshots of the currently playing channels.

To sum up, SimpleTV can be a nice application for those who want to stream and record online TV channels and radio stations, while also providing users with the possibility to export their playlist and share it with friends. It does not burden the computer’s performance, the response time is quite good and the interface is simple-to-handle.

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hi folks Chris Vaz here from the Chris Wragge should I come to Chris Bosh Oh calm here we're coming here with their really cool and interesting product especially if you're a cord cutter or if you're interested in becoming a cord cutter and saving all that money you're spending with cable providers with lackluster product and satellite providers so they've sent us several different things to go with their product this helps you set it up you can go to simple dot TV that simple dot TV on the internet to go to their website and you can see all the different cool stuff they have there and how to set it up now how the unit itself which you can use to watch pause and record light TV you can record up to two shows at once and all you need to do is connect your antenna at storage sit back and wash and you basically can have your recordings available to your whole family throughout your home wherever the Wi-Fi can take and go you can cut the cable and all that good stuff so we've got a drive here from Western Digital this cell acts as the drive to record the videos and then we also have a leaf ultimate which is basically an indoor antenna that can pick up the HD signals that you can get locally so we've got that let's go and open the box play with it now you can of course download the apps from the app store and in essence this gives you free HDTV where ever you are you can record live TV from chromecast Roku iOS Windows Phone 8 or your Android device so how is that for pretty cool you attach a Tanna plug into your hard drive sit back and watch it's very simple and easy to set up and they have a great website that gives it really good support for it you can even get this available on your Kindle Fire so how about that and they just think announced Plex is also you can take and do and they've got a service that gives you a variety of options you can take and utilize you can pretty much save your money on cable you can record your TV episodes get TV shows details and images you can you know create a premiere subscription service they have where you get whole planet remote access automatic series recordings pause and resume on select devices and early access pass to the new features they have as they come out so let's plug it in and see what it looks like okay so here you can see we're on one of our channel screens and this shows us what's showing it's looks like it's the local KTLA news that's ten and we can either watch this on our computer or you can use this on your mobile device you can record the episode record the series it tells you whether it's new HD some details of it we can even blow this up and of course I put the audio muted right now but you kind of can see how it works it comes through pretty good its HD 1080p and of course we're getting a good signal off the antenna so that makes a difference there let's see if we can't go out and show you so many other features that come with the unit so you've got the guide here that sets up it goes through and searches all of your channels we tried looking this sewer directly to our time warner cable box and it didn't pick up the channels seemed to pick up some data but not the whole thing in an essence you can choose what you want to do you can watch record and pause live TV you can see here we currently have 29 channels right now keep track of favorite shows scheduled recordings I can go over here and see shows that I may have recorded on the hard drive over here I've got my account my sign in sign out it shows how many simple TVs I'm connected to with my account shows that it's available in the local network fairly easy to do it's got a recording scheduled shared DVRs you can leave feedback things of that nature all that good stuff very really easy to do recording guides reset and you can see here the number of gigabytes that I've used on the drive so that I know how much data is on there and of course I can format the drive if I need to when it goes through this initial setup process it tends to format the drive and I can take and do that as well so that works out well and being able to format the drive and all that good stuff so very cool and how it's set up and very simple and easy in its format of course I can control all this and watch from the mobile device using the apps for the iOS or the Android product now in this section you can see that we have recorded shows and ones that are either recorder being done right now so we can go in we can even see up the coming shows that are available and then we can go in and watch her shows and away you go so you can see how it works and it does a great job and of course we can blow this up overall I'm pretty impressed I mean it does a great job this can help save you the just thousands of dollars that you throw away on cable and digital TV you can finally cut the cord and still be able to record TV which is something I always want to do and they have a great job as to how they do it and very simple an easy way to set it up very cool so be sure to go to their website it's simple that's simple TV calm tone Christmas a Christmas testing Chris FAFSA proof be sure to check in to chris bosh often give us a like subscribe to us on YouTube we'll see you next time


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