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Smart Defrag is a powerful defragmenting tool that aims to organize your files and folders in such a manner that your computer's performance improves.

Smart Defrag Crack With License Key

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The user-interface is sophisticated and easy to navigate through, permitting any kind of users to quickly get familiarized with Smart Defrag, even those less experienced

In the main app window you can view all drives ready for analysis and/or defragmentation, together with a bit of information on them, like free and total size. Furthermore, you can add a specific file or folder, as well as defrag video games and Windows 8 apps.

There are multiple defrag modes available: defrag only, defrag and fast optimize, defrag and full optimize, or defrag and prioritize files. What's more, Smart Defrag supports automatic, boot time and scheduled defrag jobs. Plus, you can enable the computer to shut down, sleep, hibernate or reboot once Smart Defrag finishes a task.

Automatic Defrag is a defragmenting method that is initiated once a volume has been idle for more than several minutes, and it pauses whenever resource usage exceeds a certain number (these numbers can be configured in the "Settings" menu).

Boot Time Defrag performs a defragmenting task on files that cannot be safely moved while Windows in running. You can also schedule defrags if you don't want to interfere. Furthermore, you can create an exclusion list for any files and folders you do not want to be analyzed or defragmented.

Results can be viewed in Report – before and after fragmentation rate, a summary on total file and directories (plus defragmented ones), and elapsed time.

All in all, Smart Defrag delivers very good results when it comes to disk defragmentation. It uses a normal amount of CPU and RAM, and it's intuitive enough to be handled not only by experienced users, but also by beginners.

Smart Defrag Review

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hey this is stephen from GPC and today we're going to go over another utility called Smart Defrag and this is the new version there used to be Smart Defrag to this is Smart Defrag 3 and this is currently in beta so this is a disk defragment utility so this defrag your hard drives to improve performance and seek times to find those files and keep everything organized because computers will tend to throw files all over the place and just reference back to them in order to speed up seek times and things like that so what we're going to do is we're going to go over some of the options in here and I'm going to compare this to Smart Defrag to and show you some of the improvements because I just found out that there was a Smart Defrag 3 and Smart Defrag to was actually the old version so right here you can see the drives that are my pc i have an SSD a media drive fast me derive in applications so as you can see automatically the SSDs are not picked for defragmentation you do not defrag SSDs it will not help and it will decrease the life of your SSD so don't do it and it in Smart Defrag to these you cannot even select and here it gives you the options to select them but let's not do that so in this case we clean oh we could turn on automatic defrag and you just flip these switches here and basically what automatic defrag does is that at a certain point when your computer draw I'll show you that option actually rather than just explaining it so we go to automatic defrag okay so start on Mac defrag when the system's idle extent exceeds five minutes and then when you come back and you bring your pc up above sixty percent resource usage then it will turn off the automatic defrag and it will start again so let's say like you know 40 I want to change it to 40 so and you could also change the the idle time so if you leave your computer go get something to eat come back uh you know spend 15 minutes to go get something to eat your computer will automatically defrag itself so you don't have to spend extended amount of time checking to see how much to to lecture to let your drives get out of control they also have this option called a boot time defrag this is the best for your SSD I'm not your SSD sorry don't do it on SSDs I meant for your uh for your operating system Drive you see that it has an option to do system files basically what you'll see is that if you do this it will go underneath your operating system and start defragging before your operating system boots and loads basically that means that i can move system files that cannot be moved when you're operating system is running and give you better faster boot times and things like that and more organization in your files so there's a whole bunch of options with that of course I'm not going to do that because my my operating system is on an SSD so not a good deal basically what you could do is you go to boot time defrag and then you can set every seven days on the first boot of the day or you can do it every day of the first boot every boot only next boot things like that and very very good in here you know you could change it but right now I don't have that enabled and I'm not going to enable that on these other two drives but you can do that by just flipping this on and off so uh then we have so that's the automatic defrag that's a boot time defrag so let's go ahead and take a look at the standard defrag options so here we have analyzed we could analyze what the problem is and here is where you do the defrag so you could analyze to see if you need a defrag and then here it'll show you in the certain colors so here black ooh let's go back black is free space blue is normal red is fragmented white is moving in gray is unmovable so here we have mostly um red we have quite a bit of blue Blues normal red is quite a bit there so let's see what our fragment fragmentation ray is sixteen percent which is pretty bad so this should definitely be automatically defragged and maybe even go through a state of completely you know defragging everything and here it will show you um you know all the stuff that's in there and all the stuff that's analyzed and how many fragments are in each file and the problems with that and this type of thing so then we go fragment and then they also have this new option called defrag and prioritize files so basically what that will do is it will go in and you know clean up all your stuff and prioritize your files depending on how much you use windows oh yeah it also has his windows metro app this new part which I don't have 8.1 so that's no good anyways it'll basically prioritize your files so the files that you use most will be set to where you get to them easier so let's go ahead and see what that will do here so here you see the fragment time and it's only going to take 35 seconds so we'll let that go through and maybe we'll click through some of these other things while it's defragmenting you can see that it's moving the files and because you know the white is moving so every time it does the white is moving and changing it back to normal so it's getting rid of the red blocks and changing them to blue blocks and it's going to go through and do all that and we have 1227 fragments to go through and we are going to do that so and then now you here you can see the automatic defrag will tell you what's going on let % low very low CPU usage hi secret fifty percent putting it all on the disk and taking care of that so now after we defrag it once the automatic defrag will take care of it forever as long as this programs running in Europe and your program trade down there at the bottom so let's go ahead and pause this and not let it go through its whole time but you see it's only you know maybe 15 Thun something like that and the estimated time has gone away and it still got plenty of red blocks to do I will continue this and get it all completed but first let's go ahead and hit stop and we're going to check these more settings so here we have the general settings so load automatically you want this on windows startup this will do the automatic defrag automatically check for updates and this one stop using defragment while using battery is probably a good idea and you probably don't want to skip files so this is also probably another one where fragmentation exceeds 1% probably have this to be always defrag automatic defrag schedule you can also schedule your defrag so you could turn it on and defrag it at a certain time so you can turn this on so but first I could probably got a select Drive okay there we go select a drive so we're talking about defrag and prioritize files and then you can configure this to do whenever you want so here we say every week on a Monday 10pm and this is a 24-hour time so we're not going to do that we're going to go ahead and turn that guy off and then here's the boot time fray a defrag which we were going over change you know the different kinds of boots it also has got a disk cleanup utility which I usually use ccleaner i haven't really used this one yet so i'm not going to really worry about it too much here's the exclusion list and different kinds of skins also you can change the transparency and then also if you're colorblind it could change this this map here to something different so that you could see it and that's basically it so this is a great utility to keep your computer defragged and it will only do it when you're not there and idling you know automatically defrag and you can even set it up to do a boot time defrag if you have a hard drive for your operating system that's probably the best choice not unless you have a lot of programs running for example let's say I'm doing video editing and you can see here the fragmentation the red this one's a lot more fragmented and this is the one hot where I have all my video editing software on so let's say I'm running video editing software and it won't let me move it when it's doing a sauna Mac defrag so I could restart and it will run underneath everything and probably get a better defrag than it would if I do it while I was running so you could do that and automatically set defrag or even changed all the boot time defrag right here that's basically it so a great program you know try it out i've always had it in my utility next to see cleaner that you saw another review of check that out it's a great utility not much for me too much anymore because i have a lot of SSDs but obviously you see that this is highly fragmented so it would definitely need cleaning and my laptop I definitely for sure this is a for sure thing on your laptop speed up that 5400 RPM drive really really slow sleek times on that drive so you want to keep everything nice and organized and very quick so get it this is free if I haven't mentioned before this is free you get even a paid version or get some of the other utilities is from iobit so check them out type in Smart Defrag 3 into google and you will see this particular program and download it and just have it just defrag once and then have everything set to auto automatic defrag if that your boot time defrag and never worry about it again maybe update it when it has an update but that's about it it's kind of a setup thing and then just forget about it and I'll take care of everything for you so there's been Steven for legit pc and it's my review of Smart Defrag 3 which is in beta 2 point 0 I'm not even going to show you 2 2 point 0 33 defrag threes way better than two as I could see already so uh yeah highly recommended get it use it and just sit back and let it do its job so if you like my videos please subscribe for more videos like it and I like thank you for watching and stay tuned for my next video peace


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