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Snagit is a tool that you can use to easily take a snapshot of your screen, edit it, and then send it to a specified application or website.

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It is designed for users with any experience level, as you can clearly notice when initiating the software. Two video clips are available in the Snagit Message Center, for both novices and power uses, to learn how to get acquainted with this software utility.

The Snagit interface (which is user-friendly and attractive) is mainly divided into five parts - menu bar, quick launch, related tasks, profiles, and profile settings.

By using this program you make it possible to choose one of the basic capture shortcuts called Profiles - all-in-one, full screen, copy to Clipboard (with or without preview), web page as PDF with links, free hand, or menu with time delay.

Below the aforementioned section you can change the profile settings for a capture - mode and input, output, and effects. Once you have configured this, press the “Print Screen” key or click the red button. A selection tool that crosses the screen appears, so you can easily choose the part of the screen you want to capture, by using the click-and-drag method.

In the Snagit Editor you can apply touchups to your captures, organize and share them with your friends. In addition to that, it is possible to batch convert images, assign flags (e.g. important, idea, personal), use the library to organize captures, use canvas, add callouts, arrows and stamps, and more.

You can easily get lost in this software. Its user guide and video tutorials are wonderfully built. On the downside, the Editor takes a while to apply effects.

All in all, Snagit definitely deserves to be taken into consideration, whether you already know how to use this type of program or not, seeing it does not put a strain on the computer’s performance. Moreover, we did not encounter any errors or crashes in our tests.

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how much response here from the eke response should I come to Chris Bosh he come with a great product from this is Snagit and this is their latest rendition of their Snagit thing where you can use to copy cut paste edit all sorts of really cool stuff well show you how this works but to let you know I've been using this thing for years this is my favorite go-to program that I use like I don't 10 to 15 times a day it's great for blogging it's great for capturing editing notes sending people funny pictures etc etc errors sending people comments of like okay well this is what we're talking about right here and editing it all that good stuff so I love love love this product and leather for years so I highly recommend it they've done an update so it's a lot sleeker and better you can see here I can capture video send a clipboard send Google Drive delete min you capture get a link image video and you can manage some of these presets here I can go into where I have this thing set up and set up several different general preferences captures hotkeys all that good stuff so you continue this program this and along with it comes an editor where you can edit the photos kind of like a mini Photoshop if you will and I can do all sorts of things with the editor where I want to take in maybe add some different conversation pieces talk about different things I'll do some quick Photoshop sort of stuff in here if you will I can do different colorization stuff I can crop pictures this is great I use this a lot for making photos of the thumbnail photos if you will for my blog so that's a very popular thing for me to take and do some websites won't let me save the picture so I have to copy and edit just so if you can see some of the different stuff you can do with their editor so this makes a really quick editor that you can just kind of run through change stuff different style stamps all this sort of good stuff you can see here with their units and I can go through the menu date do all sorts of different interactions tonight one big thing that I use for my videos is Camtasia Studio for all our YouTube videos we use this as our key editing software so they made it now it's very easy to share across all these different elements and everything and you can take and do that so you can see some of the different things they've got here so the editor makes a really nice feature to the program and all that good stuff so let's get out of the editor in fact you may only see some of it but you'll get a good idea so what it's worth but let me show you why screen capture you can tame your inbox you can leave co-workers different sponsors save time capture key information it's very simple any to usual so here a second it's got scrolling capture panorama capture animated gifs you can take and make now markup screenshots you've got stamps library special effects magnify video capture you can do webcam recording video trimming record audio now I use a lot of Camtasia Studio for some of this stuff but this is also a great way to use it on top of everything else so how simple is easy easy to use let's say there's image here I want to either edit share capture whatever the case may be I can just click on this button and I can easily capture the area then I want to do I can cancel if I don't like it I can redo the selection I can edit the heights pixels I can record a video based upon this information or I can capture an image and then the image will automatically take it into snap Snagit editor what's really cool is with the new addition they also have a thing where if I want to automatically save something to the menu I can do that as well so I could take and it'll automatically save a copy and I can just put in to say messenger or some other thing that I want to take and save it to so they've really made an improvements to it I love this product more than anything else and it's one of the things I use probably more on a daily basis than just about anything when it comes down to it I highly recommend it check it out its the new Snagit from you can get your free trial and try this baby and isn't that beautiful just get a free trial and you can test it out see how it works for you it works with both your Mac and your Windows computers and you can test it try to see if it works for you but I highly recommend if you have a blog if you have any sort of different editing that you're doing and websites things of that nature this is a great great tool thing I love about it it's super fast it's simplistic easy to do and I can quickly cut copy paste edit maybe do an arrangement set it to somebody boom done and so a great product here so be sure to check it out go to and check out this Snagit feature also how to clean their products especially the Camtasia I really love contagion for all my screen recordings video endings video of the movies that we do in YouTube we upload those using Camtasia so highly recommend them next chromatic response Shotokan be sure to check back in often


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