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Nowadays, computers tend to replace TV sets, especially since they offer users the liberty to choose the channel they want to watch, regardless of their physical location or the network they are connected to.

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Those who do not want to feel restricted to using a single application for this purpose, can use SopCast, an app which allows you to view television shows, listen to radio channels and broadcast your own content over the Internet.

You should be careful during the installation process, as it comes bundled with offers to download some products you do not actually require. However, you should know it is quite easy to skip this part.

The interface you come by encloses a pretty minimal and clear-cut design, as it consists of a few buttons and some tabs which enable you to easily glide through all the options enclosed. Consequently, all types of users can learn how to use it, and consult the included FAQs.

It is important to keep in mind that opening certain streams depends on the Internet connection, so not all of them have the same video or audio quality.

A list of all available live channels is available in one of the included tabs, and they are neatly arranged according to type (e.g. news and education, entertainment etc.), yet you can easily change this and sort them by class, channel ID, region or language. You can refresh the list, or favorite channels, so as to find them faster.

Double-clicking a channel opens it in another window and it is also possible to pause, play and stop the stream with the available playback controls, as well as control the volume, zoom in and record you favorite shows. In addition to that, you can also set up the program to start recording at a specified time.

Streaming content over the Internet is quite an easy task because SopCast works with multiple file formats, such as WMV, ASF, RM and RMVB.

For optimal performance when broadcasting content over the Internet, users can choose a different port, just to make sure they are able to bypass firewalls and so on. However, it is important to mention here that you are required to login in order to start your videos with the world.

The amount of resources required is quite low at all times, and thus the system’s performance is not going to be burdened. Tasks are completed in a timely manner, the interface is suitable to all user categories and we did not detect any errors or crashes in our tests.

All things considered, SopCast is definitely one of the tools to be considered when interested in watching TV online, listening to a radio channel or broadcasting your own materials.However, you should know that the number of channels included is not that vast and quite a few are in English.

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hello people on back and these we are going to find out what's going on with the p2p add-on the p2p I don't changed and it's now known as the plexus it's a whole new add-on okay these I don't use this torrent technology p2p technology so you will most probably need to use a VPN so to be on the safe side if you want to use a VPN I have a link in the description you can use that check my description of this video that's that and you need to of course you need to have code installed on any platform and let's go into file manager and other source use the TD atom source because the fusion repositories TV and repositories are supposed to be where you will officially find the plexus atom okay we added like that we should know this right we go back in Islands now we have the the source there and we can ton of course find it in the repos directly let's just go in the repos go in English there scroll down and it's there someone around they're going to find it there it is the plexus master repository that program that plugs is that master that's it that's the one that instead of just pressing on that I want to take you to ear stud here and you could also install the add-on installer and if you install the other install you'll be able to install plexus and then use the add-on installer to install other popular atoms within the TV Arden's repositories believe me I'm not into I don't really like this this trend that is going on with Cody you know our line dollars and configuration Wizards I don't really like it them gonna make an extra video just to tell you why but for now I'm showing you this because I really trust what the people in TV Adams are doing and they've been doing it for a long time so let's go there and find as you can see of course you can add any of these add-ons and you can use the other install for that but for now let's go in search and just type in plexus press I'm done and in this way you'll be able to find it there and press on it press on it again press install there it will download it and install it for you simple right so we wait for you to finish the depends on them on the speed of your box of your machine of you laptop you got read books or whatever and of course your internet speed so once it's done we you should see it you should see the pop-up on the lower right as always and to inform you that it's installed you can go back and install any other islands as I said before once you are done let's go let's go back let's go home et go home so yeah let's go back on the main page and now we find these add-on it's a program also we find it in programs and there it is the plexus and let's go and see the more information you see this is zero point one point four and you see that eight the last update as you see as for to TVA repo it's a good idea to always check check the changelog for important information you know information that the developers are giving to you let's go and configure and see the settings that you see that repeat configuration the next run we we might need that in the future this is so custom this is a stream with these I don't we'll be able to watch a stream streams and sub-caste streams just like the previous version if we press on plexus now we should be getting this this is to tell you that sub-caste is not enabled you need to do an extra thing for shortcuts when I show you that afterwards right now if you continue you can see that it downloads and it will install the a stream modules so by default the plexus can with encoding install what you need to to be able to work with the a stream and streams so you don't need to do anything else but for the shortcuts streams will to work with so cast we will need to install sub cast separately and I'm going to show you that later so now that everything is done we should be able to play at least the a stream links on a stream hash you can find them in in the internet by themselves so you can find it of course in a in a file in the list you can there you are I have list with a stream Hodges and I'm going to use one just to test this now but of course you need to have in mind that the best thing is there are other atoms that have this stream Hajus this a stream links let's say and once you have the plugs whose install them ready to set up you say that I used my I used my own I had one I put it there and it works you see you see that just like torrents have in mind that you're not just downloading you're not just getting the file okay the string we're also sending so these will affect the your internet connection believe me this is torrents again as I said there are countries that are guests against torrenting more than others consider getting a VPN check the description video for a VPN recording to you so let's stop this yes we wait for it for a moment just to get back sometimes sometimes this happens it takes a second or two to go back you see you can you can add that to your favorites if you if you like you can add your streams manually if you like like what I'm doing right now and stole em put them there and you'll be able to rule and access em embedding within plexus itself but of course as I said before you as you can see there it works you see if we need to find a working and working Ling and working a stream link so another thing you can do is you can playback torrents you can stream torrents let's say you download that you get a torrent from a torrent site whatever like this what I'm showing you have a torrent on my disk and you can if the turn is healthy enough and you can maintain a high download rate it will download it will get the seeds it needs will get the bandwidth and you will be able to stream real-time the torrent of course if the torrents a video right you can't stream an executable file or as if I'm right it needs to be a video of some time you can also do this from there you see a stream load local torrent file there you are it's done you can enjoy your movie or whatever video turn you have you have on your on your machine let's stop this so we won't get a copyright strike from YouTube stop this so now that we've seen how to play a string hush links and now we need to go and install so Kirsten you see this there in order to use soap cursed with encoding we need to make Cody run as an administrator we're going to see that in a moment let's exit Cody let's get sub cast and I want to show you where to get sub cast you can use this site I'm using this satellite does a lot of good Tilly do software and tools and all these the the site is called file hippo you can go you can see the address right there address will be in the description of the video of course so do that and download it it were can see it there you can get the latest version and you can even get previous versions of this software now once you have it in your download and you put it someplace you you know where it is have in mind that that file is a zip file so we need to if you don't have a way to unzip it to uncompress it you need to get WinRAR I'm showing you where this is the address there you may pause this video and see what the address is download from where our or you can download 7-zip and you can find it there as well but of course you can use the file heap besides I already told you about right uh - at the bottom showing you where to find it this way anyway so once you extract the contents of this file you need to go in the extracted folder and run sub-caste right and you to run it time when you right-click you can you have the choice to run as an administrator okay do that just I'm saying this just to prepare you because we need to do the same thing for Cody from now on I take extra caution here do exactly what I'm doing don't let it download that that thing those things is bloatware you don't you don't even need it could cause travel you're busy anyway well when you install it like these you get the software you can get in login so that was it we are done with that make sure that thing is locked in and we can go in Cody and you can right click from there and we need to be running Cody as an administrator from now on if you are using sub card you must Iran Cody as an administrator and this if you go in properties there and go to exactly what I'm doing you will be able to to click that first present apply if you click that it will stay there and you press apply and now all the next times you're running this it will be in in the administrator mode okay you can double click it there and we'll be in the administrator mode I'm showing you how to create a shortcut as well you change Cody to be run in the future as a administrator okay a person yes and here we are back in Cody and we have and we right now have administrator rights so now that we have we have it installed and we have it enabled we go back in Plexus we go back in add-ons we are adding configuration make sure to press that press on OK and present plexus again and these will force plexus to redo the country the first time configuration because we didn't do it the first time we didn't have so cost will force it to redo the configuration and it will if you do that and you have administrative rights and you have sub-caste it will include all the things that needs to do for the sub caste to connect it to sub caste as well right and it will continue redoing the a stream installation the a stream modules installation we already did it but doesn't matter it will do it again so once you finish finish with reconfiguring plexus make sure to exit Kodi they are always a good idea to exit code and get back in but also go back into Windows and make sure that sub caste is running and locked in like this make sure and you can set it to do this every time the computer is that's automatically for you so you won't have to do it every time if you want right so when we are sure that sub caste design looked in get back into Kody we now have to find s Oakhurst ID or so Casta link address let me just find one I think I found one let's let's paste it there I found it in the internet myself because I'm not really using so Kosta I'm not using so cost myself but I found something that I think it will work let's paste it there this is the boomer boomer and it should be should open up boomer and the pool and charm oh the kids you know oh is it no it was it's the Discovery Channel okay I made a mistake it's the Discovery Channel okay but you get the idea right you fight you can find a link or you can find an ID you see this this channels here and the number there those are the channel ID the stream ID you can in put a Dean present on it should work unless it welcome it and this is the Discovery Channel so now plexus works with a stream we can we can stream torrents and we can stream subcostal links we can find our own we can create our own list and put it on an MCU playlist and played there we can add them within plexus and of course we can use items from others now that we have plexus set up in our system we can play we can play a stream links and so cost streams from any other atom right so if there are any other items out there from other people that include a stream links or shortcuts slims you will be able to play them there you go another one and as I said you can pull it in here in in plexus itself and create a list there or you can use super favorites we're going to see all these in another episode of Dallas Tech I think we are coming to an end thank you so much for watching if you like this video I hope you liked the video please share this video tell others share it in your social media like Facebook Twitter it will get pick up to me until the next time I am mr. G bye you


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