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Sound Forge Pro is a professional tool that you can use to listen to edit your songs in a multi-track environment, as well as save them to the hard drive using multiple formats.

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The setup process does not offer to download any third-party products, yet it might take a while, seeing that it bundles a long list of options, features and effects.

The interface is clearly defined, and the elements available in Sound Forge Pro are quite well-organized.

It is not easy to work with, so first-time users with no experience in the audio editing department may find it challenging at times. However, you should know that comprehensive Help contents are available and you can even take advantage of some interactive tutorials.

It is possible to import a pretty long list of formats, including OMA, AIFF, VOX, FLAC, GIG, MPG, MP4, M2T, AU, OGG, MOV, RAW, SWF, PCA, ASF, AVI and WMA, while export is available using fewer extensions out of which we can mention AID, AC3, FLAC, MP4, OGG, MOV, AU WMA, MP4 and WAV.

In addition to that, it is possible to extract audio contents from CDs, get media from the Internet, burn all resulted items to a CD or publish them online (an account is required).

The main window displays a waveform of the uploaded track and you can easily zoom in and out of it, so that you can refine details or work on the big picture. Playback controls are integrated, allowing you to play, pause or stop a song, as well as go to the end.

If you add a video, it is also possible to view some frames and copy them to the Clipboard, as well as detach it from the audio with just a click of the button.

You can start recording audio input with just a click of the button, while you can take advantage of a long list of effects such as acoustic mirror, amplitude modulation, chorus, delay, echo, distortion, pitch and reverb.

You can set the utility to automatically trim and crop items, while manually you can easily reverse items, adjust the volume, normalize songs, fade in and out, and control the bit depth.

It is possible to open multiple tabs in the same time, add effects to Favorites so that you can find them easier and use various tools such as clipped peak restoration, noise reduction, and click and crackle removal. Last but not least, you can easily convert audio files from one format to another, using a batch converter.

The computer’s performance might have to suffer from time to time, when performing demanding processes such as rendering a track, yet this is to be expected from this type of product. The response time is quite good and we did not come across any errors, bugs or freezes.

To wrap it up, Sound Forge Pro is an efficient and reliable piece of software which helps you manipulate audio files in a professional fashion, with a wide array of specialized tools and effects.


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hello and welcome to the sound architect this is a video review and demonstration from wale mccarter for more information on the sony architect please follow us at sound design UK on twitter today I'll be giving a very brief overview and demonstration from the new sewing forge pro Mac version 3 from magics audio now you for those of you who are unfamiliar with the developer magics they've been on the go since 1983 they have a very strong focus on making creative user-friendly software for both Fadel audio and photography production and the same for word series plays a very vital role and their audio production software as again I've used the sound Forge for some years now both academically and then my own personal use and again it really defines user friendly because I have never had a problem what sound forged I've always floated very easy very fluid and very easy to understand with everything being no nothing more than one or two clicks away but anyway I'll just give you a brief demonstration here of some of the tools inside forge from one of my own personal tracks here just the Battle of Britain main theme I'll just get it all highlights here and I will just give it a we play through here and then we'll demonstrate some tools afterwards after a clean play through just get it to play here Knight right so that was the clean playthrough of the track there so one of the first tools I'd like to point out are the fade and fade out tools now what makes these tools different and the other Faden aspect from other software such as logic pro or pro tools is that they're very intelligent and my intelligent I mean that they're able to adapt the track and both time and which their show connects to the temple beat so for example I'll go for a slow fade in here and again that'll just automatically effects itself there to the parrot I've highlighted just that yep so again that you can hear that from the very first beat you're just a very at the tail end of the big drum there yep just play from there now and again on the other ends here no I'll just use a photo too so again I'll train you something believe it's similar to the Poseidon so again get this area highlighted here and okay so I think I might go for a more smooth that I guess in smooth there yes move farik's so again very intelligent it just goes to the area in which I hey latest and then again it'll adapt itself to the time signature and to the beach which I find very helpful and what's going on a lot of editing time when in audio production so we're just going to have it are we feedback here from here right okay just recorded get it fixed up here now right so we're just goes to the whole thing I will put the fade and unfit okay and really listen to the time signature and the weight and the way it just adapts itself to the track of fulfilling and fitting it you and again if you're able to hear those fade and fade out parameters again I find they were just whenever you highlight a particular area they're able to in their own way telogen Lee adapts to both the time signature and the quantized beat in which it was punched out in very my case and logic so moving on here there's just another tool I want to show off here in all is the noise gate again unlike any other noise gate tools I've used before again it all comes with this preview mode here again the solution listen to the tool before your apply it to the track so so what I'm going to do here now is just some testing IP attack threat and rash hold here so in theory and the more I put up the attack and the threshold this will have more effect on opening and closing the gates on the spikes say where you hear the Beckster cattle on the song so again they'll open and close only pertaining though those cicadas and again I think this is a very intelligent way in which it works and again with the release we should be able to hear it after they each staccato so for example we should be hearing a little fade right here halfway through each section though so yep here we are and again for a noise gate only uses three parameters for attack release and the thresholds I feel a lot can be achieved creatively with the noise gates of its kind and again the way it's able to adapt to both attack and release again a lot can be done what that so moving on here I just want to move on to you a key to that sign for which is integrated into this new system here now and it's called Elise sorry elastic time stretch and we're just going to get that opened up here now as well and again this is a very different tool to its kind so what it does here right now it's where loads very patch and time and and real-time playback mode to the audio track in question 2 or the audio track in this case being my track so again we're just going to stick it on preview mode here see you know I'm just going around with the pitch here I'm gonna show you I'm gonna get the same you know represented by the x-axis and we can over prostitute and drive its own completely upstairs right okay we're just going to get that on playback here now again so really anything can be accomplished there these are just perpetual time here of this too and again this is a brown you to look so gorgeous Broughton and I again similar to the noise gets a lot of correct creative potentials and I brought from lesson okay just get it on when we're able to live preview here as well so again this is manipulating will catch on time XY axis simultaneously once again kenapa coin with other rival software's which really stand sides for showing boobs okay I'll just put another star pedo before our heads get rekt so again that I find not really fun to use so again I think we're just have time for one more tool here and I think I want to wrap things up using the wave hammer which is a brand new yes I described in my article pocket-sized mastering sweet so though it's way off of both a compressor and what they call a volume Maximizer which if you manage to master the two or variable meri the technique of the two of them you can come up with a very rich sound so let me just get stared things you know we should be able just to stick things on preview mode as and before with the previous tools and again I just want to point things out as well here it comes with this auto gain compensator which again I don't normally trust and other software's X I find it can create a very lazy here in a way but again we'll just create it for argument's sake that's what I can do and see already we get get a bit of a distorted fist in the fact from the auto gain but again begin were cronuts Eastern air compressor so we're just going to check things back here now in the release time it time the output level get more of a thresholds yes so this should be given more in neutral sign the release here as well the Lord here knows virtually sibility Monet see already that's better more of a clean sound coming from that so we just heard Scott the auto gain compensate here and again without the other gain compensate we lose a lot of that distorted overtone which again I always think we can do without so already with that turned out where you can accomplish so much more flexibility so we should see I know it's a whole lot quieter but then again it's I find it's a whole ok so I think that's just going to do this for now and I think it's nearly time to wrap things up but one feature I did forget to mention here highlight was surround forages also are a portable recording studio just with the record button here up in the top left hand corner I can value up to 32 Channel and puts and again this is a deal for any traveling lay performances or again up-and-coming audio producers and again overall I'd say I would give at the sign forge pro Mac version 3 a solid 10 out of 10 just for its accessibility and tools and for its price range from about $300 to $500 max you really can get a whole lot more for less anyway so without further adieu I'm just going to wrap things up here now you with myself I'm William from the sound architects please find us on twitter at so design UK also on our website the WWE and architect are called out UK there's our facebook and youtube links as well and again with myself at welding McCarter right guys i hope you find this video and article very informative and I hope to get seeing you guys again take care guys


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