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Although it remains a vital task for all users, fighting against malware is not all that difficult as long as you use the right software solutions and you stay away from dangerous content.

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SpyHunter attempts to protect your computer by all means, offering all the features a user would expect from a powerful security suite, meaning detecting, removing and blocking any type of spyware and malware out there.

It is very easy to install, as it does not come with any unpleasant surprises and it is over in just a few moments. Completing it brings you to a pretty well-organized layout which is comprised of a few buttons, a navigation panel and a pane in which to display selected items and information.

In addition to that, it packs some extensive Help contents, thus ensuring that all types of users can find their way around SpyHunter without encountering any kind of problems.

First and foremost, you should know it will prompt you to choose whether to protect the Internet Explorer homepage or not at the first run. This feature blocks any products’ attempt to change it. The following step is to look for and grab the latest security definition updates, and scan your entire system, including rootkits, files, cookies, registry and memory.

A custom scan is also available, while you should also know that all the items removed by this tool are going to be visible as a list in the “Backup” section, and it is possible to restore them with just a click of the button.

You can set up exclusions, while a dedicated feature to block malicious processes from execution may be configured by adding your very own safe items and ActiveX guarded items.

The “Settings” menu includes tons of options, plus a so-called “Network Sentry” which gives you the power to enable dedicated tools for monitoring the HOSTS file, system protection, LSP chain protection, advanced DNS protection and clock format protection.

Internet Explorer will remain protected as well because SpyHunter monitors the IE proxy and homepage and it is also aware of any attempts to force the browser display images, so it can reduce the damage caused by spyware. Last but not least, it is possible to schedule scans.

While scans might take a while, you should know that the CPU and memory usage varies from low to moderate, yet is it quite a normal occurrence when considering the nature of the utility. The interface is appealing and friendly to all users and we did not come by any errors or crashes.

All things considered, SpyHunter is definitely a tool to try. It can successfully find and erase various malware threats, while providing quick access to a lot of features, yet you should know that fixing threads is only possible in the registered version.

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hey everybody I decided to throw in one more review for tonight I had some time left over and I got a couple requests to test Spy Hunter now I don't know how well it works I've never played with the program in my life and I'm testing it just like I always like to test I download it install it and try it out so I download it install it now here's the weird thing for some odd reason I don't know why but I can't seem to find an update button it's got automatic updates turned on and these are like some of the support features but for the life of me I can't find like a little button that says update now so I don't know hold on here let me go here give me one suck okay yep that's just a by page okay so anyway I installed it and I suspect that it updated when it installed automatically so I got some links here some of these are some of the ones that are used in EM unit because I know there's some real nasty ones in here okay here we go unknown object execution do you want to execute the subject this is the under guard that they have so it's basically like a hips so I want to execute it let's see if we get any other alerts okay it's trying to execute this object so it hasn't specifically asked me for anything else do I want to execute this object okay it's trying to open up another object I know this file it has a lot of things in it so so far hasn't asked me anything special other than do I want to run this do I want to run this as an ask me about any system changes or anything like that see it's the same with hips type thing a guard you actually have to specifically read what it wants it's that same some of these kind of member which ones are the good ones or not so that's how I got a little more okay I want to execute it so so far all I've been getting is execution alerts here I don't see any other options that let me do anything else this one's a really nasty one hooks goes online and tries to download a lot of stuff both of these are real nasty dang my computer is locked oh it's doing something I'll pause the video while it's doing whatever it's doing it I'll be back ok so I had to force a restart cuz it locked up so we'll continue here okay once again it's just showing a unknown object execution doesn't give me any recommendations other than do I want to run this object I would hope that would give me more alerts than what it is but it's not and I haven't seen anything from the signatures okay so now I'm gonna do a full scan and I will be back when that's done okay so I finish the scan here and it actually looks like I found some things found memory process here a couple of Rodin's and a registry process and it also found another two trojan.agent so i'm gonna fix those I found a couple of unknown registry keys that looks like it a couple of run some different things so you can actually disable these if you know what you're doing so we're gonna do that well I guess I can't do that no so I guess I can't remove them unless I purchase it and there you go so you can see it found these things and I guess what I'm going to do is I'm gonna run malwarebytes I'm gonna run ccleaner and then I'm gonna run malwarebytes to see what that finds extra that this mist I guess that's how we're gonna do this test so I'll be right back okay so malwarebytes finished scanning here and I found 15 things so let's see what we got here got a memory month we got some stuff in memory so we're gonna have to restart it malware we got a rootkit so we got some junk in here so we're gonna remove these I'm gonna reboot I'm gonna do one more scan with malwarebytes and if that comes out clean I'm gonna go to hitman pro so I'll see you then okay so I rescanned with malwarebytes and I found one more Trojan or registry key associated with two trojan so I'm gonna remove that and now I'm gonna go do a scan with hitman pro so I'll be back okay so it looks like there's a good amount of rootkits in here we got one right here roaming we have one of the drivers we have another one in the 10th hole and then it's kind of funny but it's identifying the stuff from spyware hunter as suspicious programs so definitely spyware hunter even if I remove those five things it's still when I taken care of the system to clean it up at least so there you go that's my review for Spyro hunter and have a good night


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