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Most computer users protect their workstations using full-fledged antivirus solutions which include or run in conjunction with a firewall. Even if this should provide enough shelter from the ever-spreading malware, an extra layer of security that targets specific threats does not hurt and an application like Spyware Terminator could be just what you need.

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This software has the power to detect and remove spyware and adware. The greatest thing about Spyware Terminator is that it works fast and has all the features you would need to keep malware at bay.

First of all, this utility comes packed with real-time protection, which means the computer is on the safe side all the time, regardless of its Internet connection status. The application monitors the entire activity on the computer and blocks dangerous files from infecting the machine.

Secondly, there is an automatic update option that keeps Spyware Terminator up to date with the latest security definitions, an efficient feature which helps you better protect the PC.

In addition to that, the application provides several scanning modes, on-demand and automatic, one for each type of user. Plus, the on-demand mode includes three different options, fast, full and custom and each of them worked flawlessly during our tests.

The settings menu is pretty rich, and allows you quick access to a lot of options to customize the antivirus, real-time protection or the host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS). Last but not least, it also comes with a handful of useful tools, such as an online vault, a system optimizer or a startup tuner.

All things considered, Spyware Terminator remains one of the best tools of its kind, and is an easy way to defend your computer against adware, spyware, hijackers, keyloggers and other similar threats.

It does not hinder the system’s performance as the amount of resources used is quite low at all times. Jobs are completed in a timely fashion without popping errors or freezing.

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hello everybody this is scott i'm back with another video and today we will be reviewing a popular well semi popular anti spider the scanner which is spyware Terminator 2012 I'm running through the installation process and I unchecked that click next and now it's installing Spyware Terminator don't need these anymore I've already done that like the note it all works they'll actually all see that after you see my site in the description below you'll see that new widget that I mean it's very simple I basically took the idea of the social media tabs widget which they charge you to get and getting the source code beat it just takes forever and then it's they could try and take it off because you didn't pay and then blah blah blah blah I just took my own and just created my own version of it I got almost all those to work the way I wanted Pinterest on the other hand okay Spyware Terminator real time protection no all right automatic scan autumn a cup dates license is not activated answer virus scanner disabled we're just gonna do it fast scan see what happens so spyware term there seems to be another version of Spybot Search and Destroy with a far better interface I've always hated the spy body interface and this one's clean I actually in case anyone wonders about the legitimacy of this program I ran it through must where is that my virus total uploader and came back 100% clear by I think it was 42 antivirus engines file I found some cookies on there very common and it's it's a very nice program it's it's clean and it works like I've kind of concerned I don't know what these ads are for whether there are physical ads or are they from the company that made it yeah this is just from them these that don't mind but having this technical support technical support hold on don't know how that sounds going off and we're just gonna click abort scan cuz I know the patient's Trojan expose shits a trojan downloader let's see v2 view detailed report I don't know what it is your report what what's this trojan downloader though can I get image file execution be DW whiz registry now that's interesting BD agent I'm gonna leave it for now and I'll run another scan through my computer with a more accurate scanner and I'll just do it what registry cleaner later and this thing is I like a hearty amount of tools here virtual keyboard which is you G's virtual keyboards for when you're doing online banking because nobody keystrokes a keylogger will track keystrokes but if you use your mouse a they can't detect because the keyboard won't be there for them and the position would always be interchangeable so I can't register with those what the clicks are going to so I do like this I don't know it's how well this program works with antivirus products such as BitDefender total security which I have running but what I can say is that this program is very clean it does work I'm so questioning whether that was a false positive or not do we have an update sure that's up to date all right well and it says it detected something I'll check on it later but so let me know in the comments below if you ever use Spyware Terminator and if it ever works in conjunction with antivirus software generally most info spyware software works because antivirus and a timeout well anti-malware software generally specializes in antivirus Trojans and other variations of it and leaves spyware and adware outside of them you won't have any database confliction x' and also generally antivirus production like these stop cookies from getting in through the browser rather than going to an infected webpage which may have the cookies which is why the immunization feature of Spybot Search and Destroy is able to work with antivirus software so thank you very much for watching please stay tuned for another video and I'll be back reviewing another popular anti anti spyware scanner so thank you very much for watching and good bye


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