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Sticky Password is a password manager that can help you with keeping your countersigns safe and, at the same time, have easy access to them. Apart from passwords the application can also store bookmarks, identity details and secure memos.

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In order to make everything easy to use, the developer includes the possibility to integrate the application into all popular web browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Maxthon and Internet Explorer ), as well as less popular ones, through the “caption button.”

This is practically an add-on that sits in the top right corner of the web browser and besides offering quick access to stored entries it is also responsible for detecting form fields and capturing the credentials for adding them to the database.

Working with the program is pretty easy because the moment you punch in the user name and password to log into a web account Sticky Password prompts you to store the credentials. The moment you need to log in again it fills the required fields automatically. This happens regardless of the web browser you use, as long as the “caption button” is installed.

Sticky Password can be used as a portable application, which can be carried on a removable device. Thus, you have access to all log-in credentials, bookmarks and identities on the go. Access to the data can be protected through a master password, which is evaluated on the spot in terms of strength.

However, this being the free version, there are some limitations, and these apply to the amount of entries that can be stored in the database. The maximum number of accounts it can hold is 15 while identities are restricted to only one. For most average users this should be quite enough, though. The trial for the full application is available here.

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if you're tired of memorizing all those passwords you probably need a password manager this is Leo from fall Critic and today we'll be reviewing Sticky Password premium Sticky Password comes with a 30 megabyte installer and a very simple set up process which has this nice graphic user interface so first you're welcomed and then it tells you the basic stuff that it can do and some of its key perks and after that you're all ready to set up an account of course as you might have assumed since this is a password management utility you do have to create an account in order to use the software so I'm just going to go ahead and do that right now and here you get to create a master password which is the one password you'll be using for all your logins so basically this is how it works you use the master password lock into your Sticky Password account and then all your passwords are stored there so it automatically uses your passwords for your different websites like let's say your Gmail account your hotmail account your you know any web service that you're using it is going to store all those passwords and once it is verified using this one master authentication it is going to automatically use the other passwords for all the website therefore simplifying the work needed to be done on your part so be sure to set a strong master password and here we have a nice indicator at the bottom that shows us how strong our password is so if we add more special characters it immediately becomes stronger and there you go that's that's a hundred percent but it won't force you to create an absolutely strong password but it is recommended well you should create a strong master password it should be easy to remember because as it says here very clearly I understand that my master password is not stored anywhere I'm the only one who knows it and if I do forget it there is no way to recover my data so if you lose your master password it essentially means that you won't be able to log in anywhere and you have to go through the you know you probably can recover your account still but you have to go through all those websites one by one and do your forget password process and well that's going to be a real pain so try not to forget your master password so now that we have our master password set we are ready to get started you can enable cloud sync so that all your devices have the authentication and can start using Sticky Password so to store your passwords they use an aes 256 encryption keep that in mind and now we are ready for browser integration so you can select any browsers that you have on your computer it works with everything don't worry you can use Chrome Firefox whatever you like Internet Explorer if you still use that thing and you can hit continue and now we're all set now it has a very nice tutorial to start with it says learn how to use Sticky Password in three minutes let's see how effective that is so first that shows you how you can launch Sticky Password you can access it in your notification area the tray icon there you go then you have your browser extension that's what it's telling you about and it shows you how the main user interface can be accessed by double-clicking the tray icon here is your browser extension so let's go to the next step so this shows you the different states of the icon what symbol it shows when sticky password is locked and when it's unlocked and here we have instructions on how to unlock it and this shows you how you can add web accounts well actually you just log in as normal and I guess that should work just fine because Sticky Password is going to save the login data so this just tells you that it's going to remember your data and next time when you sign in it's automatically going to remember your login credential and put them in for you so it even works with things like Skype and other you know utilities or tools that you might be using as applications and you can use it to walk in automatically on any web apps or desktop apps as well so now that our tutorial is done let's go back to our main user interface and here we have quick access which easily allows you to add an account add an identity or allows you to set portable passwords for your Flash devices then you have your web accounts it has them listed as different categories so if you have multiple email accounts they're all going to show up under this email tab and if you have multiple you know instant messaging it accounts they're all going to show up under this tab so they have it nicely organized here and you can obviously add your bookmarks in here as well and you can add your identities here again quick access you can directly get here or you can use the side navigation so he can fill in your online forms and stuff like that then it has secure memos as well that you can add so it's a very simple user interface not much is required since the functionality is a very simple thing to manage the user interface elegantly reflects that it's not a little complicated very simple taps on left and information on the right there's really not much to it now if we go into menu and settings let's see what else we can find so we've got some basic stuff here you know how long passwords stay in the clipboard whether or not to start it with Windows automatically check for updates and then your account information your synchronization your browsers your browser extensions and you know automatic locking and stuff like that your security settings websites to ignore and trusted websites you can ignore some apps as well if you don't want to log into those and your database location and some other settings like when to give you notifications and things like that or your browser dialogues so all in all very simple easy to use and they have a nice tutorial to get you started as well so this is a great tool for people who have a hard time remembering multiple passwords and as you all know for security reasons it's always advisable to use different passwords on different websites this is a nice way of doing it however keep in mind you have to remember your master password and don't let your master password leave some of these security concerns go with the password managers as well and this is in general for any password manager so if you have some you know super high security account or your work account which has confidential data I would say you still should manage those yourself but for your general you know email Amazon things like that this is a great utility can save you lots of time and make your life a lot easier online so that's my overview of Sticky Password premium I hope you enjoyed this video leave a like if you did and subscribe to our channel for more and don't forget to check out the written review at WWF all credit comm this is your house Leo signing out


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Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win 8, Win 8 64 bit, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

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