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STOPzilla! AntiVirus is a lightweight antivirus that promises to protect your system against viruses, spyware, malware or other types of threats that may present a risk to your PC security. It can be deployed on Windows Vista, 7, and 8.

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The antivirus comes with support for real-time threat detection, different scan modes and threat removal. Plus, it is able to identify and get rid of rootkits before they infiltrate and infect your computer.

STOPzilla! AntiVirus makes a really good impression in the visual department. It displays a dashboard with the antivirus utilities that you can tweak.

A help manual is not included in the package so rookies may find it difficult to set up the configuration parameters on their own. In case you need help, you can appeal to the technical support. Tooltips are also shown each time you hover your mouse cursor over a specific feature.

The real-time protection mode is developed for automatically identifying and removing viruses before they gain control of your computer. Advanced users may select the locations that the program protects while the real-time feature is turned on, such as Internet Settings, System Startup, Shell Options, Windows Logon, Trojans, Execution, and INI file Mapping.

STOPzilla! AntiVirus comes with support for five types of scans, namely Quick, Intelligent, Full, Custom, or Scheduled. The Quick mode is the fastest one and can be used for looking for viruses in the most common places from your system.

You can always rely on a Full scan for checking your entire computer thoroughly for possible threats. The custom scan allows you to select the locations that you want to be checked for viruses. You can take proactive measures and schedule scan tasks on certain days of the week and at a custom time.

STOPzilla! AntiVirus helps you automatically update virus definitions, conserve battery power, show notifications in case of threat detection, use Direct3D for rendering the user interface elements, as well as enable the gaming mode in order to disable notifications and scheduled scans.

You can customize the scan process by making the application look for rootkits, use less system resources and automatically update virus definitions before a system scan is activated.

What’s more, STOPzilla! AntiVirus lets you scan inside archives, search for potentially unwanted programs (PUP) or low-risk threats, automatically clean viruses without offering the choice to select the preferred disinfection type, as well as scan cookies and removable drives. Plus, you can keep a list with ignored threats and build a list with file extensions that are scanned during active protection and intelligent system scan.

A special protection module is embedded in STOPzilla! AntiVirus for helping you make sure viruses don’t get into your system via Outlook, Outlook Express or other email clients. You can enable the anti-phishing mode and filter spam emails for POP3 clients.

A custom scan with 500 virus samples took about 15 minutes in our tests on Windows 8.1 Pro. The tool detected 498 out of 500 infected items. The process took that much time because we made the app scan processes, known file types, cookies, registry entries, all users, rootkits, archives and other options. It eats up a moderate amount of system resources, so you do not need a powerful computer to run it.

STOPzilla! AntiVirus provides information about each identified threat (name, location, type and severity) and allows you to delete, send to the quarantine, ignore or disinfect the viruses.

STOPzilla! AntiVirus is all worthy of your attention because it’s got an excellent virus detection ratio. Other enhancements, like real-time protection, anti-phishing and anti-spam modules, gaming mode and automatic updates of virus definitions, make this antivirus a reliable one, although not the most powerful one on the market. It lacks boot-time scans, anti-hijack protection, removal of browser add-ons, and virtualized environment where you can install tools without affecting your system security, just to name some advanced features.

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hello today we're taking a look at STOPzilla AntiVirus this is a scanning and antivirus all in one application that you can use to scan for errors quarantined files all that good stuff to keep your PC protect a year so once you get the app is going to go on and do a full scan you can also set it do quick scans or intelligent scans which it looks for more common areas where viruses and malware maybe or you can do a full scan which is a deep scan word scans legitimate every file within your pc and or hard drive you can also set up scan custom scan scan schedules which is really really convenient because when your pc is scanning or stopzilla scanning you probably want it to be at a time where you're not you know interacting with it so much so you can set it too early in the morning or late at night depending on what your preferences is and then from there you can also view your scan results if you had any so in this case you can see it found some cookies and you can see if you want to remove them you can simply hit remove or ignore and then when everything is has its own a little status or you hit repair now and i'll go ahead and do whatever it is that you set it to do whether it's removing cookies viruses etc on the home screen here you can see if it any warnings here so if it's a detective potential threats or anything with your pc it shows your last time or how long you've been protected how many files have been scanned and how many threats removed in this case you can see i have 0 threats removed so that's a good thing in this case that there's not many threads for since last scan you can choose updated of course you have a scan now and what's really great in terms of support they have live chat so you can speak with their specialist if you need any help additionally it shows up the volume your subscription status and your stopzilla CPU usage so one thing which really great about stopzilla it doesn't use too much of your CPU cycles with your PC so your pc isn't overworking itself quarantine is where it stores files that are viruses it puts them in a quarantine section so you can determine whether or not you want to remove the file or not under settings here you have the option to turn on and off features so if you want to start up with your pc real time protection scanning and scheduling all these can be edited here last but not least you have that support so for technical support your Diagnostics event logs all this great stuff and it is system information all that can be viewed here so it gives you everything you need to know about your pc so stop zilla comes in multiple licenses so if you click on the link down below you can buy it with a special fifteen percent off coupon for one pc three pcs or even five pcs you have with a one-year license of course and if you click that link to buy you can see here i'm going to go ahead and open that up so you can see what it looks like it I it and get the coupon applied to her that discount applied to it so here we are on the x page and you can see here it's HTTPS oh it is a secured protocol that you're ordering over and it applies to you if you're getting more than a couple licenses so for example if you are buying three to five licenses it's more cheaper than buying one for example it only costs about 15 to 17 per license while buying one license by itself costs about double that so you save in the long run for more licenses again so this is STOPzilla AntiVirus if you were looking for security software definitely worth checking out you can click on the link below for that discount you


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Supported Operating System: Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win 8, Win 8 64 bit, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

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