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Antivirus protection is always required, regardless of the type of system one works on, be it a physical or a virtual one. Symantec Endpoint Protection is a software solution developed to secure servers, desktop, laptops and virtual environments against a wide range of threats.

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This application is based on a technology called the Symantec Insight which can monitor the prevalence and security rating of almost any known app on the Internet, so users can rest assured that the programs they are installing are completely safe.

Not only is Symantec Endpoint Protection especially enhanced for virtual infrastructures’ protection, but it can also randomize scans and updates, maintain a shared scan cache and scan offline images, as well as automatically identify or manage virtual clients.

A special function of this application is the integrated recovery tool that can be used to generate a self-booting CD or USB stick which includes a suite of Symantec malware removal utilities. Once created, the new CD or USB stick can boot the host infected PC into a virus free state that permits users to remove the detected malware with ease (and retrieve valuable documents in the process).

In addition to removing malware, Symantec Endpoint Protection can also optimize computers’ efficiency, along with enforcing processes and policies; furthermore, it performs its functions whenever the host PC goes idle, so as not to disturb users from work and take up computer resources that might be required for other tasks.

As already mentioned, this software solution does not run only within virtual environments, but it also supports the latest Windows editions, so users can get the same high-class protection without needing to upgrade to a newer OS. They can simply install one app and get multiple types of protection: antivirus, antispyware, firewall, intrusion prevention, device control and application control.

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hey everybody welcome to another review here and i got a request to test Symantec Endpoint Protection this is a business software it's meant to be distributed over a network so there's a central continue know somebody's controlling the software kind of like sofas was so but i did get a trial of it um the download was i think five hundred and some-odd megs and unpackaged it's 540 i think it was 510 as a download but it comes with the 64-bit and documentation and also in all that other fun stuff so i guess let's get started here i have I think 13 or some odd URLs I don't know how many this is going to be but we will install the client version here and just so you know it's a version 11.0 point five something something disappeared but it's the newest one that they had off of the web now you can do an unmanaged client or you can do a managed client we will do a unmanaged client because nobody's going to be messing with this it's going to come right off of semantics website it's going to be a typical install so let's install it here I'm going to turn out my neck in car just in case they need to download anything and I don't know how long the installer is going to take here seems to be going by pretty quick a lot of people who have who are you know go to a university have semantic you know they have to download it if they want to you know be part of the network or a lot of people at work have it so it's a good idea to lets you know check it out see how it does cuz semantics I think in my opinion I think makes a lot of its money if not most of it's money from corporate networks and stuff like that and schools and all that stuff given them software now at you know some universities have very outdated software I know that I've seen it firsthand where it's missing a lot of the new features so they're basically relying on signatures which is not a good idea but we'll see what semantics here has implemented into its newest version what I'm going to do right now because it seems to be taking a little bit I'm gonna pause the video and I'll be back when the installs done see in a second okay so it finished installing and then it did an update and it asked me to restart so once it restarted here we'll check live update once again make sure that everything is updated like it should be we'll let that work in the background let's just look at some of the settings here I'm not going to change anything i'm going to leave it just like it is okay auto protect so that's good email- with proactive zero-day scan for trojans scan for key loggers you can see all that's turned on you got exceptions client management and network threat protection we're not going to mess with here so we're not going to mess with any of that okay as you can see the live update window went away so let's check it out here let's see what it can do a gun to some of these zero-day threats oops wrong one okay okay it found auto protect is analyzing the risks says pending analysis risk a spy bot worm is primary action clean security risks secondary action quarantine so you can if we can do anything here with it other actions we will move to quarantine ok maybe not I see if we can just delete it clean okay so we'll just close that for the time being guess it won't let you do anything if probably just stop the download permanently okay so there you go that that actually worked at quarantined it so that's good this is an exploit suspicious executable image download detected so I suspect that basically black that this one might already be dead and I think it is don't see anything from that one we'll just keep going here and one looks like it's dead already this is antivirus pro 2010 so we'll just keep going here we'll let that work and see what happens looks like that one's dead oh so looks like antivirus pro 2010 installed just fine looks like this JPEG isn't caught either ok that one's analyzing the risks so we'll let that work in the background no one got deleted son might be dead so both of those got deleted looks like that one made it through okay i guess it's trying to add it's analyzing that last one that's good it's used to be doing pretty good with a lot of these a zero-day malware so I'm going to let it analyzed here and see what it does seems to be taking a while so what kind of memory usage we got you can see we got something and I'm right here and here ok there's the semantics can just taking about 46 but it's actually analyzing it so it's working away I see a couple of other things here so it uses a decent amount of random but not too bad all right so while this is doing its analysis here i am going to stop the video and oh there you go it finished in the house analysis restart required excess tonight okay so what I'm going to do is I'm going to not restart right now I'm going to stop the video and I'll start a second video and in a second video i'll restart and continue from there


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