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The IT departments in most companies are familiar with the situation of having to fix a PC and needing to connect to it remotely in order to be able to discover what went wrong. Symantec pcAnywhere is such an application that can facilitate connecting to a computer that already has this tool installed.

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Due to the large size of the setup file, it might take some time until users can download and install it on their PC. Once set up, the main window needs to be accessed so that people can choose the type of action they want to perform.

Symantec pcAnywhere can be used to either remotely control another PC or to allow another workstation to connect to the host without any additional issues. The great advantage in using this application is that multiple operating systems are supported, so IT admins can connect to and repair any PC from their network.

Furthermore, admins can send commands to the connected PC even if they have not actually accessed its contents – as such, they can remotely shut down, restart, log off or lock the PC to prevent malware from spreading or to terminate an error.

On the other hand, Symantec pcAnywhere can also be used for transferring files between two computers located within the same network. This process can be initiated by using simple commands like copy and paste.

Considering this software solution is addressed mainly at IT professionals, the tool helps them manage multiple active sessions at the same time, and they can browse through them via keyboard shortcuts or by clicking the dedicated thumbnail.

All in all, Symantec pcAnywhere is a feature-packed application that comes in handy to all those who need to remotely connect to computers and perform a wide range of actions without as little input from the target PC as possible.

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the latest version of pcanywhere marks its 20th anniversary in the marketplace so what does this mean for you well mike is here at by TV from Symantec to tell us all about their new remarkable software product welcome to the show thanks Melissa well once you tell our viewers what exactly pcanywhere is well pcanywhere is the world's leading remote control solution what pcanywhere does is allow you to remotely connect to and control distant computers whether that's for the purpose of accessing files or remotely supporting other users well what does this mean to the everyday PC user well whether you're using Windows Linux or Mac now pcanywhere 12 is going to allow you to remotely connect to and control Windows Linux or Mac machines so you really have full cross-platform capability it also includes file transfer so you can exchange files securely between two different machines okay well why don't you tell us more about the enhancements with version 12 great well Brandon with 12 and probably most noticeable is the addition of the mac OSX support on both sides of the connection so the local console as well as that distant controlled machine a second new feature is our host invitation which would allow me to invite you to a remote control session if I know that I need you to provide me support i can use host invitation to simply and easily establish the connection without either one of us knowing each other's IP address or our computer name and then the last thing which is fairly significant as a new component is what we call the gateway which would allow me to establish a single proxy point behind firewall or router so it reduces the number of ports that I have to open and router traffic that I need to redirect those are great enhancements now why don't you tell our viewers who the ideal customer would be the benefits are going to vary depending on who it is so for the home user it's a great secure way for them to get to get to their desktop at home whether it's just access files maybe they have a specialized photo album or an application or they want to support family and friends for the business environment it is a is a secure remote access solution alternative to a VPN or a compliment to a VPN as well but it can be used for the mobile professional to get back to the office machines to file servers that may be shared or to support end users in the field or clients sounds like just about anyone could benefit from using absolutely we're 12 well perfect well we're just about out of time is there anything else any other features that you want to tell us before we go sure well new with pcanywhere 12 and i think anyone who's ever seen the application before they're going to notice the new UI so we did include a new simpler friendlier interface for newer novice users so they can get up connected and get started with with remotely controlling a machine more quickly we also are adding a new cross-platform remote which not only adds support for mac and linux on the on the local side but it also provides a multi paint option so that you can view multiple machines within a single window


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