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Tally.ERP 9 is intended to provide businesses ownership with a reliable undelete thing for managing their balances, overstock submissions, buying, revenue and buying within a user-friendly climate.

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Especially designed to meet the standards of medium sized firms, Tally.ERP 9 comes with all the necessary toolkit for efficiently managing your businesses. Its wide assortment of functionality covers bookkeeping and money managment toolkit, manufacturing, overstock and revenue, distributors, costing, answer and payroll, human money, self work and salesperson commitment.

The main way of the app is to make everyday businesses managment things much easier and encourage communicator and partnership between agencies, businesses ownership and employees.

Tally.ERP 9 organizes your financial statistics into separate organizations, enabling you to view the that that detriment you at a certain way. It allows you to create new overstock submissions and add new value or tax things to the equation paper.

The app can be used for generating revenue instructions, paperwork and receipts, managing submissions in the shares magazine and handling all the contents transactions, debts and investments.

Additionally, it enables you to keep way of the money and banker balances, sundry bondholders and bondholders and determine the cash / overstock turnaround. All the computations are automatically performed, thus determining the businesses revenue or losses shouldn’t pose any something. All the generated news and statistics can be easily printed, exported to your laptop or sent via email.

The advanced remote capabilities, together with the all of option alternatives make Tally.ERP 9 a powerful method that can keep way of all the things of a medium-sized businesses. Regardless of the needs of a businesses buyer, Tally.ERP 9 can rise to their projections, providing toolkit for efficient tool planners and daily effort managment.

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good morning I am Rohith and today I will help you create and start working in Delhi in ten minutes flat this is the opening screen of the telly when I click on the tally icon this screen opens up I go to the create company I create a company selection of state is very important because as per the selection my statutory forms will be loaded I select account counts with inventory because I want to maintain account as well as do invoicing in this company which has been K which is being created so now first I will configure certain things I will press f11 then check inventory features allowing voicing yes enter Patil invoice mode yes then I will go to f3 statutory details I will select enable VAT yes and set an orthopod details in this field I will be selecting the dealer as per my requirement I will enter my pin number here so now I'll create certain Ledger's I'll create a sales account under sales account VAT applicable yes and I will select the class as applicable our now select sales 5% account again read applicable yes and sales 5% have to select as per my requirement now make some potato con salsa comes under purchase account I have to create some duties and taxes Lazar also one will be output VAT 13.5% comes under duties indexes that output VAT and output vector in point five percent VAT is generally not rounded up same thing as repeat some input Ledger's also that it will be input right here and input at five percent if I go to alter I will see I see the ledgers which have been created look here I created output bad 13% instead of out of red 13.5 so I alter this ledger again do the relevant modification and save the thing now come out go to infinite in Ventura info and I want to create some items items with tax rate 13.5 percent here I select f12 and select specified default ledger accounting for noising yes I open this thing I select a relevant sales ledger and a relevant purchase ledger here group can be a normal primary or we can create some new groups in units I have not created any units I can create the units from this screen only without going out and create creating the units so what I do is all see numbers we are no decimals here and rekted is 13.5 percent I create a 5% item select 5% numbers right five here as a rate of VAT and if I have some opening stocks I can also write here so now my certain Ledger's are created along with two items I will now have to go to accounting in watches here first I will make some purchases I will put the supply and voice number I do not have any supplier so I will create one here with all plus C at set alter bag details I will have to enter the status of the dealer along with the tin number look the same thing number which applet is displayed here along the Status I select item which I have to purchase 100 pieces of item at 90 degrees H 25 pieces at 100 phase H then I will also have some duties here which the supplier has charged from me look the duty has been calculated by the software itself I have finished my purchase invoice now maybe on 10th of April I want to enter some sales bills I do not have a customer I create one by pressing Alt + C I want to alter the VAT details again is a registered dealer and maybe history number is this the goods which are purchased the quantity is being displayed here so I select item five percent ten numbers and I want to purchase it at ninety rupees and I can sell it for maybe hundred rupees if I want to know the status of a purchase and sales I just press Stockholm query shows me my history of this particular item I have to select the lasers the VAT is charged by itself again after or maybe on 15 I do another sale to another customer 90 pieces which were left so I sell again so I finished my stock now do things like I have made some purchases I have to make payment to this person from whom I have made purchases I've sold some stock and I have to receive some amount from this customer what I do is I on maybe xx this customer comes to me and says here is my payment so I open a see pocher SC f6 and I receive it in cash from customer one I built for 4455 peace I receive this amount here select the again the same date the other customer also comes to me and says I am also making the payment of course I have money now I can day to the supplier so on 21st of April I go and make the payment to the supplier so what I do is I press f5 payment voucher payment which is being displayed here I also want to make cash payment to my supplier his outstanding walls twelve thousand two hundred eighty seven rupees fifty paisa so I want to make all the payment here right it has been done also you must have noticed I have charged certain takes for my customers and my supplier charge some Tech's I have to make my VAD payment now so I do is I open the payment voucher F file and here I can see now this text has to be deposited on some date which is defined for different states somewhere it is quarterly somewhere it is monthly so if it is quarterly I give the date thirtieth six and make a start payment I want to select that autofill statutory payment yes yes the whole quarter and look the whole thing is here in seconds I have to make a payment of one hundred and seventeen rupees and fifty paisa after making the payment I can again open this voucher and make the relevant details fill fill the diluent it is here I have now deposited the tax also if I want to see Ledger's and their account of my customers and suppliers I go to display account books Ledger's and customer one yes here it is this was my sale to him this was my receipt from him if I want to select another customer I press f4 the customer again f4 and this supplier and f4 if I want to say see the sales account here it is and one thing go from F 1205 this showrunning balance it also shows the running balance as word in the manual accounts which were being done years ago one more tip at every entry screen or the report screen just go through a form by pressing f12 configure you have various different options in all these different vouchers and report screens you can always check them according to your requirement maybe I want to give enter some payment voucher also expense voucher okay again I go to accounting vouchers I want to enter my mobile bills mobile bills account it is expense account qualify I already like 50 I don't spend much on among my Avoyelles so 25 rupees I made a payment to the mobile company so this is done this way I have created company created certain ledges some items Duty ledges made some purchases sales got receipts from my sales people customers and pay to my supplier I also maintained certain Ledger's and made some expense accounts also I also entered a VAT payment voucher so now you must have understood that it is very very easy to create a company and start working in Delhi sometimes by chartered accountant says Oh where's your trial balance so what I do is I go to display again trial books here is my trial balance if I want to see it later wise f5 the whole trial balance is here which earlier in manual account it took me hours and hours to compile and maintain so that was creating and working in tally in no time do subscribe to our YouTube channel discover tally discover tallies our YouTube channel so please subscribe to this channel thank you


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