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TeamSpeak Client is a voice chat application that allows you to easily communicate with your friends over a channel. The impressive voice quality, the noise reduction implemented in the latest version, together with the possibilities to adjust microphone settings in order to acquire the best sound make it the software of choice in Voice over IP communications.

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Configuring it is very easy because TeamSpeak Client is probably one of the best organized and well-documented software ever created. It offers information, tips and explanation every step of the way.

Once installation is complete, you are presented with a Setup Wizard, so adjusting the initial settings isn’t rocket science. The next step is to test your microphone by adjusting the level of your voice (TeamSpeak Client takes into consideration the background sounds, whispers and breathing), and optionally assign hotkeys to enable Microphone Mute and Speaker Mute.

Tips are offered every step of the way. For example, when you choose your nickname, the software tells you this is only to display your identity, and not in any way connected to a username (which is usually permanent in other similar software).

Voice Activation Detection or Push-To-Talk can be enabled, so the software automatically recognizes your voice and displays your nickname to the other users, or awaits your command to do so. What you need to do next is to log on to a server and start chatting with your friends.

The menus that populate the main window allow you to create bookmarks, manage permissions (for servers and channels), organize contacts, access file transfers or record conversations.

In conclusion, TeamSpeak Client is one of the most simple and customizable VoIP chat software that we got our hands on. By creating unique identities, TeamSpeak Client protects your privacy, no matter what channel you’re using.

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bring on everybody my name is Fadi Monty I went back to and the updated 2016 tutorial on that news team speaker that's been updated you guys are probably wondering Spidey how the hell does teamspeak work now basically some of it's basically the same you know I'm just gonna go complete the tutorial again what you want to do before you do anything you go to settings you go to options down here options then you go to application and then you start just going through all this to get yourself set up this is that you want to do this first before you do anything to go to settings options go to application and so on after that if you want to change your hotkeys you go to hotkeys then I have mine set to control you can change it anywhere you want to I forgot how you I forgot you change the hockey so I can't really show you what that but yeah pretty sure it's probably add yeah they look like a microphone just something whatever it is you change your hockey by doing that then when trough said I prefer I wanted to explain how the heck do I talk to you how do I talk to other people basically you want to go to connections connect and then you want to actually batten you want go to connections you want go to server list and there will be a lot of different servers I'm pretty sure that you can join but I'm just going to use my own place till I leave a link down below the different teamspeak servers you can join and you might want to turn your volume down because this book you pretty live is going to stocks it's a loss so you're in my own place right now and you're probably wondering Spidey how do I join someone's how do I join someone's a lobby how do I talk to people basically you want to do when you want to find names like this cow long starter lounge all that with you want to find this symbol next to it and if you want to double click my case we're gonna make this version of me it's easy you just you yeah you just you just double clicking you're in a certain law of it I don't really want to get in longer before talking they can say inappropriate stuff but um but yeah here's just double click to join the lobby but up say someone has your password so we're gonna find one so like this you you want it you just gotta type a pass for a certain password they've said it as you're gonna have to get them on minecraft or something and tell them your password because there's no way you're going to get it out of them but if you come across this with the yellow suitable it's gonna require a password so you want to type a password you have to try to get the password from the dude because I can't tell you what the best bit I'm not a wizard well you don't know that yet um yeah I guess that is really pretty much it for what you really need to do get started but also if you want to talk to people like through chat you double click someone's name and you go and you like hey you just say hey and learn or whatever you want to say and see a hurry but I'm gonna see if she actually applies she doesn't laugh but that's how you talk to people to text and then you get a certain sound as you like done I got someone send you a message or someone poked you and get it hey wake up and you're gonna put himself I gotta poke my suckers I was going to show you an example that but yeah you can talk to people through text you would talk to people here microphone different servers I will link down below because of there will be a page over and I hope you guys really enjoyed this tutorial I hope this tutorial ended up being helpful for you if you want to about the previous two I made in 2015 I like that done below go ahead and leave a like great then go ahead and subscribe if you are new and yeah hope you guys went on through the video so it's my name Spidey you guys haven't seen this amazing video and I'm out please see guys hey Hey


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