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Managing your music collection should be a hassle-free task, especially if you use the right tools to put order among hundreds and thousands of tracks.

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One software solution designed to help you handle audio files and rename them on the go is The GodFather. It processes not only file names but also tags and the associated information.

The interface is less attractive and more practical, but even so it can take a while to get used to it due to the way features are organized in the main window. There are many buttons on several rows, so you should take things one at a time to understand what each of them does.

Nevertheless, the program comes with everything you'd ever need when working with audio files, so the renaming or file information editing is just a matter of minutes.

Double clicking a given field allows you edit the information on the fly, but full tag editors are always accessible via the right-click.

The GodFather is indeed a very advanced software solution that supports many important things, be them ID3v1 & ID3v tags, Ogg Vorbis comments or online cover art downloaders. This tool even has a duplicate finding function you can use to get rid of clones on the fly.

A nice feature of this program is that it has the ability to quickly encode batches of audio files into MP3, OGG or MPC formats as well as decode any selected track and turn it on the spot into WAV.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that from The GodFather you certainly get a lot of help when it comes to editing multiple tags or converting several music files at once. It brings to the table many useful features and if you manage to get along with the GUI, everything should work smoothly.

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this is phil your review guide for watchmojo com for all your video games and games review the game will be reviewing today is The GodFather yes The Godfather one of the best movies ever made in terms of mafia this game is rated M for Mature its release date is a 21st of March also keep in mind that the M for Mature again I will repeat is very violent there's a lot of blood in this and a lot of violence have you seen The GodFather movies make sense graphics in this game unreal you will be able like grant the bottle to step in and out of vehicles that are day and age of nineteen forty-five to about 1955 now The GodFather is a setting in 1945 like we all know of mafias you're part of the Corleone family just like in the movies where you as a character need to establish a certain amount of respect to be able to go on and create a great family to be able to gain the most respect you can in the city of New York now with all that being said you start off creating your own character now maybe this sounds a little bit racist to you but you cannot create yourself as a black character you cannot create yourself as a Chinese character this is only Italian because it is based on the fact that you are part of the Italian mob family nevertheless the realism of the game gets a little cut at a certain point where you get the voice-over from every single single single actor from the movie but in this one mic which is usually played by Al Pacino for certain amount of contract disputes that we do not know and cannot clarify to you is not part of it but every other voiceover is in there including with a late Marlon Brando now the goal in the game is very important obviously because you need to know what you want to do now in this game the goal obviously is to establish your family to be the one of the biggest family ever and to take out all the other family and to do so you need to establish respect because if people don't respect you people are not scared of you are intimidated which is a big big big part of the game and keep in mind that if you do not do not have the mentality of being Makka in this game you will not be able to play as you go on in the city and try to establish your family's greatness into the city you have different options into doing that something other games I've never offered us this game offers you the possibility of roughing up people intimidating or even expediting people that is very important because it gives you the gamer personal attitudes if you're the type of person to be calm to intimidate but not rough up because you're not violent there is ways to get through the game without hitting but you know in the end this is godfather and somebody will get shot now again as you all know this is the best part of the show for me where I give my opinion or my two cents on the game The GodFather the game now remember our legend our legend went like this nine to ten is a purchase where again I must repeat you purchase you bring home you finish you keep and finish again seven to eight is a rent but with late fees so when you go to blockbuster make sure you get it for seven days because this game is a long game it's established to be about 56 hours of gameplay depending what kind of game you are now as you remember 526 is a rent only now is a nine to ten and I will explain you why reason being this game not only is finished belen 56 hours but can be added to your movie collection it comes with an amazing box set where you can store in your library and have a great décor a great conversational piece and also you have different ways of finishing the game or going about the game now if in the first time you play the game you are a violent type remember you can play the game again and try to go through any other ways to try to finish it because keep in mind that the artificial intelligence in this game is very very good because whatever you do and whatever ways you take to do it it will modify the game in the end so just remember this is phil from remember it's just a game


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