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Since a lot of energy is required to keep modern hardware running at full potential, managing resources can save up a lot of power. Designed especially for laptop users, ThrottleStop is an easy to use program that can adjust the performance of your Intel CPU according to the programs you use.

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Normally, manufacturers integrate throttling schemes into their products, but if you want to overclock your CPU, this might be the tool for you. However, exceeding the power capabilities of your adapter can result in damaging your PC, so you have to make sure you know what you are doing.

ThrottleStop automatically detects your CPU type and speed. The software monitors four CPU performance profiles: optimized performance, gaming, Internet navigation and battery support. The profiles are customizable and you can switch between them by clicking on the corresponding number.

For each throttling type, you can adjust several options. 'Clock Modulation' and its variant, 'Chipset Clock Modulation' allow you to slow down your CPU or make it run at 100% of its designed capability.

Also, you can set the multiplier value for your processor. For example, reducing this value results in a CPU lower speed; this can reduce power usage when the laptop is running on battery. Furthermore, if your processor is Core 2 based, you are able to adjust its VID or voltage values.

With ThrottleStop, you can disable the turbo boost feature of your CPU, as well as protect your computer from overheating using the 'BD PROCHOT' option.

You can change various other parameters, such as the turbo ratio limits for each core and the package power limits. The current state of each CPU thread is displayed in the monitoring panel, so you are able to view the CPU performance parameters anytime you want. Furthermore, the program can create a throttling log file and save it for later reference.

All in all, battery monitoring and customizable performance profiles are features that make ThrottleStop a handy application for laptop CPU throttling and overclocking. Only use it if you have a strong documentation, because sloppy handling can literally fry your CPU.

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hello guys this will be a comprehensive tutorial on how to cool down your laptop CPU using throttle stop which is a free software you can download from tech power up comm and you just scroll down here to front stop and download the latest version and that's basically how you get it this tutorial specifically will be for a laptop if you have a desktop these options you see down here which we will be using will be a little bit different but I kinda just want to show you what you can achieve using this tool and ya why you should use it so first of all let me just reset you know all the voltages so you can see how this computer performs normally so what I'm going to do now I'm going to startup Cinebench which is a benchmarking program for the CPU which makes it use a hundred percent of all its course and I just want to take a look at how high the temperatures get using this let's just clear this so we can see the maximum temperature once it hits it so let's just run this benchmark now this benchmark will run a bit slower because I'm recording at the same time I can actually see it's really big much lower than usual but as you can see it's warming up pretty quickly it's already at 85 degrees and we should start to see some throttling very soon it's the way if it's a way the processor tries to keep itself safe by lowering its clocks to you know don't get too hot so that it kind of protects itself and that's something we don't really want to see I think this processor yeah there there goes throttles down to 2.6 k guards so this is what we don't want to see we don't want to see throttling because that reduces performance so what we're going to do once this benchmark finishes we're going to go into the tech powerup tools specifically the the internal clock generator of our voltage controller I think it is for this machine and we're gonna we're gonna play around a bit so as you can see we've got a score of 602 this run so let's see if we can improve that now what you normally would do you would go into CPU and CPU core CPU cache and click on adjust unlock adjustable voltage as you can see I've already found a sweet spot oh it actually didn't save in the CPU voltage that's strange oh well let's just set this to zero so normally your your menu would look like this with everything at zero now you just want to turn on adaptive unlock adjustable voltage in the CPU core and then you won't want to go down here and go with about 25 at a time maybe 30 you know whatever feels best and click apply and do the exact same number with the CPU cache and then you want to stress test the CPU so you want to run Cinebench again there may be a couple of times just to see if it's stable or not and after you've done that and you see the temperatures you want to reduce it by another 50 see if it doesn't crash if it crashes well then increase the voltage again and just keep doing this until you find a comfortable voltage so I'm just going to reduce it by the amount I know my computer is capable of which is somewhere around 151 and there we go and now let's just take a look at the top temperatures so in the last run we got 90 on the hottest core let's just clear this and see what it gets to now so let's run the benchmark after this I am going to show you guys how you can reduce the temperature of your eye GPU as well because that's something you want to do if you have a discrete graphics card you don't want the eye GPU using too much power so as you can see it doesn't rise quite as quickly it stays at around 75 I think you will get up to around 79 by the end of this run but I guess we'll see about that another thing you can take notice of is that these the the clock isn't declining because the temperatures are kept under under control so there isn't any throttling which is a good thing all right so it actually reached 80 degrees so it was a bit hotter than thought but you know it's fine and our score increased because the the clock was kept at a you know optimal level another thing you should do when you're in here is that you should go back into the FI VR and you should go to Intel GPU and it should also decrease this clock because the eye GPU has a kind of stable point as well you should only do this though if you have discrete graphics card as well simply because often in laptops especially the graphics card is the discrete graphics card itself is not connected directly to the monitor it goes through the eye GPU so the IDP you is always activated which is not a good thing you don't want that well you can't do anything about it but what you don't want is the eye GPU creating heat it shouldn't be because that will in turn heat up the processor and certains most laptops share the same heat sink for the GPU and the processor hitting up the processor also means heating up the GPU which becomes kind of a negative spiral so I found my stable I GP you at - 141 voltage a millivolt I mean now this may very differently for you and I don't I actually have a very good way of testing it I guess you just have to see how stable your system is and make sure that you're running your discrete GPU in 3d in 2d graphic intensive tasks but other than that I don't think there's really much more to say actually yes this specific CPU is the Intel i7 6700 HQ which is a good processor but if you have a 4720 HQ i think it is a generation for mobile chip you can actually set the the turbo limit so normally in in 90 4728 HQ i think the maximum turbo of one core active is 3.3 gigahertz and then it goes down to 3 or 2.9 with all four cores active but with this program it doesn't work with the 60s 6700 skew but it works with the with the fourth-generation you can set for course to be the same turbo boost as one core which is amazing so that's something you may want to play around with but uh yeah basically this is the tutorial I like this program because it gives you control all the way down to like I think it increasing decreases by 0.95 millivolts out of time which is perfect for me because I'm a fiddler I want to find like the minimal amount necessary another program you can use that I've already shown on this channel is Intel extreme tuner but I only gives you control by 5 millivolts at a time which is not specific enough for me because I need the specifics


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