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hello and welcome to toe for Oracle in this short video I'll help you get started with toph oracle and i'll be going through the basic features and functions of the product there are two other videos which accompany this one both of which are more advanced one for developers and what the DBA is so when you finish watching this one please choose one or both of those to follow up with so first I'm going to show you how to log on to the Oracle server using toad then I'll go through some of the key features and functions some of the main windows such as a schema browser and the editor I'll show you how to configure toad by selecting the most appropriate options for you as well as how to customize the user interface so you can change the look and feel I'll then show you about the different editions that are available with total that will help you identify which is editions that suit the role that you're in and then I'll close out with where you can find more information about total oracle both inside of toad and outside so let's first of all move into toe this is the TOAD for Oracle interface at the moment everything is blank because I've yet to log on to a server and you'll see here the main menu and the toolbar with a number of buttons and various slide-out windows which I'll talk about later on so first about make a connection to the server I'm going to push the connection button first of all this is how to make a connection and open the connection window I'll select a username and password to enter and I'm using a direct connection there are a number of different ways in which you can connect to the server you can either select the TNS or a file we can use a direct connection or you can use the LDAP interface with a direct connection need to put a hostname and a port number and a service name and you can also specify a color that you want to associate with this connection that helps you differentiate the different windows that you might have open in toad from one another particularly if you'll connect into production databases if you're making a connection to production database then you can ensure that you don't accidentally change anything on that database by setting your session we only if you want to make a change on that station then you have to disconnect and reconnect with that unchecked so let's go ahead and make a connection and you see that the first window that opens in my case is a schema browser in your case you might find a different window open by default and practice the editor window and I'll talk about how you can change that start at window when I talk about the options okay so first of all the schema browser the schema browser has a number of different ways that it can present object information to you the one I've chosen is a multi tabbed arrangement if I use this option over here I can change the style the left-hand style to a drop-down list a tab single row or a tree view I select tree view just to see what it looks like you can see that this might be more helpful for you if you prefer this type of view all the objects are in separate nodes I can expand leaf node in view the objects for objects that belong in a different schema then I have another schemas load which I can expand out if I revert back to my original where I have tabs I can change the schema using this drop-down I select a different schema from which I want to view objects so I have these primary tabs on the left hand side which are my object types and each object type there is associated secondary tabs on the right hand side which give me attributes for each of the Associated objects so if I clicked an employee table you'll see the columns of the table and the indexes I have in the table any constraints related to that table data petitions referential integrity associated with the table policies auditing etc data is quite a popular one as is script scriptures the DDL script was used to create that object so I can create an object similar to that or make some changes as well as data clearly so let's select the department table and have a look at some of the options are available with the data grid so click the department table click the data tab and the first thing to do is turn off any columns I don't want to see so if I select this little box in the top left column of the grid I can turn off any cons I don't want to see such as a row ID another way to do that is to simply grab the column header just pull it away so it removes itself like so so I'm left with the columns I want to see and I want to have a look at some of these salaries here I want to calculate some of the average values and totals and that sort of thing so I'll select a range of salaries let's just select a group like this and then use this sum button it has a sum average count min and Max and click all of them you can see the values displayed at the bottom I can move columns around I could grab this column header here and move it across to the left till the arrows light up let go and I love the move that column to the left and all this is done locally local manipulation I'm not doing anything on the database and then the other thing I want to do is to actually save the data ants into an excel file so let's select export data set right click export data set select excel file and let's change the name of the excel file to be depth and then I want to launch the file after creation in other words I want to launch the document into Excel when I'm done so I can see it because this is something I want to do on a routine basis I want to persist this window state so the lower left corner here the little camera icon that says save load window snapshot I just push that and this is something I'm going to save as a as an app so let's call it term get save it into an existing app I've got a number of apps here already save it into this one dev demo and let's call it export depth data so that's that done that's it running again and now to retrieve that I can go up to the rerun menu and you can see here under the rerun menu is the last export I did together with a whole bunch of other operations that I also persisted so I've been out of persisted window state for reuse is going to save a lot of time if that's something you do on a routine basis so now let's look at the editor editor is one of the most popular windows in toad because this is where you will be if you're working with PL sequel code or sequel scripts or pl/sql or a number of different types this is a list here sequel hexadecimal are man scripts and that type of thing so the edge will work with all of those and it will automatically recognize the thing that you're working with so if you have a script I'll go to my SIG's my sequel recall cycle recall window contains a list of previously executed sequel statements which you can then select from so if you're running the same sequel on a regular basis you can come in here and find it rather like we did a moment ago with rerun and just drop some sequel in that way so I select a sequel statement double click it so the peers in the editor and then I can go ahead and run it so for a script where you get a result generated a select statement I can generate an execution plan for this sequel a couple of other things I can use voila mini editor is the object palette and code snippets immediately below it the object palette lets me it shows me objects that are accessible from the default schema but equally I can go access objects in a different schema and I can access different object types so I could build out a sequel statement using the object palette I could display column names as well for an object so if I've got a table this table here I can see the columns displayed so this is very handy for someone who's not familiar with the schema that they're in and I can start building out a list of columns that I want to select for this table like a multi-select double click and run it equally the code snippets the Coase if it's are going to give me access to different sort of chunks of code that I can drop in so things like group functions date functions things like that so I can also create PL sequel code and I can create from scratch using some startup templates so in in toad there are some startup templates depending upon the type of object you want to create so let's say on create a new procedure I give it a name and each of them comes with a default template if I'm following coding standards I could create my own template but these are some default ones and then click OK and then I'll get a basic Stahl procedure template let's open any existing store procedure though if I go to the file open I can select it from the file system I can also select from the database set select one from the database so and then I can immediately start editing it and compiling it so in this case this is a multi-function button which for P article code will do a compile as opposed to an execute if it's equal or a single statement or a single script notice again the syntax highlighting is validating object names key words and so forth the the other thing with the editor is that we have the ability to integrate the editor with version control so if you're using a version control system such as TFS or subversion you can make it work with the editor via a utility called team coding and team coding as a way to have code checked in and out so if I log on as a different user in this case I'll just show you a quick example of what happens your code is being controlled and I want to open a let's say a function select this function and I'm going to open into the editor from the schema browser so the default function if you double click store a PL sequel program in the schema browser is in fact to open it into the editor and that's what will happen and you'll see that I've automatically turned on checked out this particular program is control code and it's automatically being checked out and it's possible then to look into the team coding utility window through the dashboard and actually look at the state of that code you can see that it's checked out I can see who checked it out I can see if I can't check it out who has it checked out in which case will be locked and all these other programs are programs which have been decided is going to be controlled so that's team coding one of the other things I can do as well is to have a search around things I'm not familiar with intone that's really really easy there's a search field it's called jump search and in jump search is something I want to learn about pl/sql i can just type in pl/sql and i can find out lots of information about pl/sql and my search window is actually presenting information that it's found grouped by things that are in toad and things that are outside of toad so windows in toad menus and toolbars in toad option settings are all related to pl/sql code analysis rules Cohn alysus is a code quality tool Co snippets help and also toad world I'll talk about toad world a bit later on but all of this information is related to pl/sql in some way shape or form and I can double click it and access it if it's something I'm not familiar with so example upon to look in the help about pl/sql I double click help it opens a help file and it takes me to information about using pl/sql in toad so jump to is a very useful feature if it's something that you want to look in toad world which is our user community you can see here's lots of information let's say for example I want to a video this is a video here about how to debug pl/sql in toad and that will open that video up inside of toad you can play that video you can learn about how to how to debug another way to find out more about toad is to ask other people that are using toad and the great way of doing that is the forum window so if I open the forum window out and in order to open these windows by the way if you go to the view menu you'll see all of these slide-out windows so code snippets forums object palette project manager and so forth so the forum the forum window is actually giving you visibility the forum threads that are on our toad world community site and presenting them to you inside of toad and so you can look at something which might be of interest to tabs open your browser windows for example click on that on that link and you'll get into a thread there forum thread about a particular subject you may also wish to ask a question about something you're unfamiliar with and so with the ask a question you can type in a subject type in a question and post it and then someone else who's using toad gets visibility of that question and maybe answer it and then you'll get a response in toads telling you that someone's responded to your question and you can view the response so it's a very very good way of helping other people help you learn more about toad so let's run through a couple of options settings toad has a number of options as the options button there we can go view options and it will give you the same window and in options there's quite a lot of different things that you can change that would be different from the default behavior one of the ones I generally recommend to start with is modifying the startup window when toad is installed for the very first time and you run it it will launch the editor window if you want a different window such as a schema browser then you can come into here and you can change it so that the editor window does not open first say come down here to finding editor you'll uncheck the window in the auto open column and you will come down to schema browser and you'll turn the schema browser window aren't auto open and you can have multiple windows open and you can select which one comes in front of the other one so that's a way of controlling each time you open the new connections to what's what the initial window is another one you might want to check out is the Oracle options and go to transactions and then here you'll see that it's an option should be on by default where you can have queries executed in separate threads so if you're spending a lot of time it's using different sequel statements by having this switched on will ensure that to generate separate threads for each sequel execution and doesn't create a bottleneck on your on your desktop machine so the lots of other options in here around using Oracle so what optimizer hints do you want to use what plan tables do you want to use when you're generating execution plan what the default schema is and so forth if you want to take advantage of the jump search and the forum windows you need to go to online and need to create a tote wall account so here you would log in and if you don't have a total account one will be created for you when multi-select login and once you've got a total account then you better leverage the information son kobold and that will enhance your code user experience by giving you access to other table users they're out there and the toe community and bear in mind there are around about two million users worldwide that's a pretty big community customization so I mentioned customization earlier on and out of the box toad comes configured with the menus and it's all by the way they are but you can chain some things around if you want to do some general customization in terms of the the menus what appears under the menu is what they're called and things like that then if you do a right-click anywhere up up the top here and select Customize then the customize window will open and these features will be deactivated all that will happen is you'll get a black rectangle around each menu and submenu giving you the ability then to either rename it or remove it or whatever you want to do so I mentioned the jump search earlier on and one of the things I searched for was the help if you wanted to look at the help gun to the help menu and select content but also there's a couple of other things I want to point out to you here as well that are in the help that you should be aware of one is total advisor a toad advisor is something which you might find useful if you've got difficulty connecting or you've got performance problems or things like that and what toad advisor does is look at the your environment operating environment and make recommendations that will help you improve performance be help you make any adjustments in its got connection issues for example if it's detected I've gotten incorrect a nice unless Lang setting on my on my client maybe I need to change that from using Unicode databases I'd better be careful that I have that set properly and just advisories you know what am I using what I'm not using things like that so that's a good place to go if you've got any issues and then also you know very simple but a bounty just check what version of toad you're using what edition of toad you're using and so forth is very good to know then of course the help itself you can also go out to toad wall from here as well so you can initiate that forum when there as I said before and do other things and then the help itself the actual online help is a good way finding out you know how to use how to use the product one of the things I would recommend in here actually is to do a search on videos because a lot of videos inside of the help and select a video about something that you haven't used such as you know teen coding and then run that video so these video clips are very helpful so they give you a better idea of how to use these these different features so that's a quick look at Toph Oracle so just to close out I just want to show you what additions are available for developers and DBAs so we have different editions of toad that are available depending on your requirements the entry level of toad is the base Edition we're sort of all the core features of toad are so things like debugging and data modeling there's a data modeler tool that comes with toad as well called toad data modeler professional Edition as in elements of code quality and data generation so if you've got coding standards you have to follow then code analysis will basically ensure that you and your team's adhere to the proper coding standards expert Edition brings in the sequel tuning our sequel optimizer tool which is going to help you very quickly identify where your performance issues in SQL and tune them and in the development suite which is recommended for development teams covers the whole development lifecycle so it includes code testing unit testing it also includes scalability testing a lot of other features the design to ensure that development teams build quality applications the DBAs we have the database admin module which can be added to toad which gives you a number of database administration features that the standard TOAD for Oracle does not have and then there are a number of Suites all three of these have a spotlight and they also have benchmark factory or database work they replay and they have a backup reporting to all for reporting on your arm and backups the spotlights differ slightly for each of these so this first one DBS with Oracle has spotlight on Oracle which is a real-time diagnostics tool which helps you diagnose the root cause of a performance problem and helps you resolve it very quickly the RAC Edition is very similar but this time the spotlight is looking at your rack cluster environment and then the xyd a tradition is looking at your exudate appliance so finally to help you get more information about using toad there is the website you'll see information there about all the different editions how to download a trial version lots lots of documentation events such as webcasts and road shows and things like that the toad world community which is our one-stop shop for anything from a technical level about TOAD for Oracle this is our community forum it has expert blogs videos user forums access to the betas etc


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