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Total Video Converter is a conversion utility designed to ready your video and audio files for devices such as PDA, PSP, iPod, iPhone and Xbox. It manages to encode between a wide range of formats with decent speed and with qualitative results.

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The quick installation ends with the possibility to integrate Total Video Converter in the Explorer context menu, thus offering users easier access to its launch. The program’s interface is pleasant and easy to work with; the largest area is taken by the list of videos to be converted, while the remaining space holds a built-in video/audio player.

The main menu of Total Video Converter allows users to add new conversion tasks by importing media files, download Flash video (only available for Windows XP), access the Video Editor, import photos (in order to convert them to video files), access Desktop Capture and Game Capture (a type of tool which some YouTube users have), copy from a AVCHD disc, or copy from audio CD discs.

Other features become available when accessing the Tools menu. From here, users can launch the built-in media player or burner, as well as utilities for combining files or extracting the audio from video clips.

If you select the Advanced Mode, two additional sections appear below the entire window of Total Video Converter, and they grant you access to input and output file settings.

Total Video Converter allows conversion to web-based (FLV, GIF, SWF), video (e.g. AVI, MOV, MP4), audio (e.g. WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WMA), or to AVCHD and HD video formats.

While testing Total Video Converter we were impressed with its conversion speed, and the quality of the images and pictures were fairly preserved. The built-in media player, together with the DVD/Audio CD burner recommend it as more than a video converter.

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hey there I'm here from tuk decom and today we're gonna be reviewing Total Video Converter Pro now Total Video Converter Pro it's a video conversion app on the Mac App Store and it's 14.99 um and it supports tons of formats and you know devices so even if you don't know what device supports like your phone or you know your gaming console you know this um has you know pre done that for you it has you know preset situations for you know devices so you know you can make sure that a conversion would work on a specific device you want to watch you know so you can't you can't really you know go wrong and it has a you know gif exporter audio extractor you know movie effects this is this is the all-in-one utility and it's $14.99 only ten point two megabytes pretty surprised and it's it's it's really solid piece of software as you can see they support tons of formats already have prom pretty you know configurations for a lot of devices and as you can see from the screenshots it looks like a really nice piece of software I had that you know preview pane right here and all that but uh let's go ahead and launch it and we'll see how it goes from there so as you can see launch Verdeans quickly and I have a drag-and-drop video and music files here so we're gonna go ahead and do that so I have this a video right here it's around four hundred megabytes I'm go ahead and drag that up in here and so I know there are people that you know like it gives you it gives you all these options and stuff a lot of options really and there are other people who just want to do you know exact formats codecs and containers and all that you could play it with all that right here they have tons of you know containers and all that and uh let's say I want to do an mp4 I'm an mpeg-4 codec with the mp4 container it'll go ahead and BAM Oh what's really nice about this I think if you click on the gear you can you can select your bit rate on all that crop it there's advanced features default bit rates you know that's that's a way over the scope of this review but you know this has a lot of stuff pre-configured qualities you know all that right it's ready to convert it's around three hundred something megabytes and um but you know I think you can also name the eggs so yeah this was another review I'm doing and um I can I'll play the source file converted right now get me the information and that's the original resolution and all that I cannot I can trim the video output options so I can use a different codec lib xvid and uh audio I can do whatever I want with that and apply in save as I can also you know save it as a new profile just you know if I you know wanted to keep this for the future and you can it you can add effect and all that I think I'm not sure I haven't really played on that but I know for the you can have destination folder just like a lot of other converters but this has a lot of options you know so it's basically a really simple interface with pre-made situations option scenarios like for your iPod but also you can go ahead and go ahead and modify those further with the bitrate the codec um you know the frame rate which is pretty important and the resolution I can maintain the original resolution if I wanted to which is really important because I don't know some probably might scale it down I'm not sure about that but this has all the you know I've almost everything that you need in I can off destination folder choose that and I can hit convert at the top as you can see I don't know how long this is gonna take on but it's three it's as five minutes it's five minutes 41 seconds so that's a pretty long video and it should it shouldn't you know snap right through it but so it's converting right now it's a two percent and uh you know it's actually pretty doing it pretty quickly for video this of this size since you know one percent is not one second in the video it's actually it's it's different depending on the videos length original video link and of course as I said you can crop it and all that so other than that you know can add multiple videos convert multiple videos you have more tools up here and it's a real simple utility and what I would like to highlight from this app is the amount of codecs you have available the you know all the containers and for those people who don't like to get into all this and just wanted to you know you have a tons of devices like iMovie as I saw I think you have some as I said right here I supports iPad iPhone iPod high-definition televisions you know digital video I think I don't know I think that stands for that on PS Vita xbox 360 ps3 PSP Blackberry Nokia Samsung Android soon you know all these devices it supports all these devices so that's pretty good and you can do all this stuff too uh-huh you know there's so much stuff you can do with this it would take me like hours to go over all this like you can even on extreme so this also has a lot of extraction stuff like you can extract audio from a video I think and you can also as it says right here you know gif images animated which are animated images those images you see sometimes you know on the internet and you can as I extract loose this video and audio so you can also combine various video clips I actually never knew that that's pretty useful so other than you know all that you have more features so this this is one of the all-in-one video converters you could you can have on um Mac and it's it's really good it it functions has a lot of functions so it it's like a big utility you know suite of with like it's all in one software but it does a lot so um this this could be you know this has functions of multiple apps this is all in one app so you can do a lot with this app convert you know videos convert extract audio from video and all that stuff so that's that and I'm not gonna go ahead and I'm gonna actually stop the conversion right now I just wanted to show you to how it would you know just letting converting but other than that I you can't play right now because it's still converting anyway so that's that and uh I would like to you know um this is a really good application and I've actually tried this before from some of my screen recordings up converting actually making it a higher or lower frame I'm not sure because um iMovie has some problems right now with not really problems but if you import frame rate that is not a certain like certain frame and I think it will put like a red thing over your video so I had to change to convert the frame rate which I don't know but it just I just want you know had to get it done so this is really nice it was a really good utility for that anyways thanks for watching


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Supported Operating System: Win All

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