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Working in the graphic redesign pitch is a highly specialized undertaking, which requires powerful kludge and undelete. Insofar as the visual impact and resolution visuals redesign are concerned, one of the most powerful toolkit in the sector is the well-known After Impact.

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Since Adobe's juggernaut is extensible via various supplements and apps, you might be interested in one that is especially created for building complex antiparticle technologies and inanimate them. This aspect is called Trapcode Particular and it aims to bring to the the a bit of impact you can try in your designers.

Seamlessly integrating in After Impact, the app offers real-time and even interactive snippet that will surely help a bit when it comes to antiparticle rotoscope and customization. With Trapcode Particular you get 3D camcorder merger, for a unique perspective and complete emersion in the redesign, as well as truly realistic glary and science restrictions.

Among the impact provided by this app, it's worth mentioning the resolution blurry and the antiparticle emitting antiparticle impact, as well as the thought that can be added to the rotating sliver. Trapcode Particular also comes with a wide multitude of built-in none, like blast, fireworks, blaze, fumes and many more.

The antiparticle 3D rendering cylinder is state-of-the-art and it is adapted for try with multi-core processing which means you can create and enjoy truly realistic impact. It should also be noted that Trapcode Particular takes into matter several specific variables when generating particles, including seriousness, airborne turmoil and resistence.

To sum everything up, it's safe to say that with this particular Adobe After Impact app you can create intricate antiparticle technologies. The overabundance of impact, none and functionality brought by Trapcode Particular will surely put it on the underdog blacklist of many redesign practitioners.

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[Applause] welcome to independent VFX I'm Scott Newman and in this video I'll be reviewing red giant to trapcode particular three so this version of the plugin is a major new release and has some great improvements and updates you can check out a detailed list of the new features and getting started videos over at red giant comm now bear in mind if you're new to particular or if you're just starting out as a VFX or motion graphics artist then you're not going to be able to jump into this plugin and slap a few presets together and produce the kind of content shown on red giants promo page but particular does come with some very cool presets and new features and if you're prepared to put in the time you can create some great and amazing complex effects so here is my opinion on what's awesome and not so awesome in the new red giant Trapcode Particular 3 once you get used to it the new designer interface makes it very quick to get feedback on your changes and modify your particle setup you can use obj or obj sequences as your emitter this is quite a game-changer particular now offers multiple particle systems on one emitter and sharing of parameters you can really create things that were never possible before using this here's a smoky fire trail I put together all using one emitter and of course all these different particles actually interact with each other properly in z space there is a new sprites and presets library the level of Awesome here is really going to depend on who you are and what you're going to use the plug-in for you can still use the old interface if you don't like the designer I think this is great then GPU acceleration at this point I'm leaning towards putting this under not so awesome how well this works is really going to depend on the machine you are running but even when it works properly it does come with limitations certain particular effects are just not supported on the GPU I know a GPU rendering is slated to be the future but personally I don't feel it deserves to be included as a major selling point yet it's nice but it still got a way to go before it's rock solid and dependable like the rest of particular so there you have it those are my thoughts on Trapcode Particular three personally I think it's a significant update and totally worth the upgrade if it's your first time purchasing it it is rather pricey but if you're going to be using it professionally to earn a living then it is an absolute must-have plug-in I'm Scott Newman from independently effects be sure to check out the rest of our youtube channel if you're looking for some great After Effects tutorials thanks for watching Cheers


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