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Trillian is an instant messaging application with a twist: it allows you to use multiple accounts for various IM services. In other words, it has the power to gather all your friends from several messengers in a single interface.

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This software imports all the contacts of your selected instant messaging platform (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Skype), but it can also directly access social networks (Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn).

In addition, Trillian has borrowed most of the important features from other messengers that you like so much, and added new ones. You can open a new window and chat, or send a quick message to a friend who has just signed in.

Friends can be sorted in the list in various ways: alphabetically, by conversation history size, etc. There are several actions that can be performed during a conversation: you can insert a screen capture (by clicking and dragging the mouse), flag text as important (i.e. yellow text with red highlights), or change font to code style (which is especially useful if you're trying to explain a programming language to someone).

There are tons of emoticons you can play with (smiley faces, objects and symbols), and some of them are compatible with Yahoo! Messenger. The chat history is better organized than in typical instant messengers, because here you can actually select a date from the calendar to access a conversation, as well as view any images exchanged between you and your friends. What’s more, the chat history can be synced between your computer and your smart phone, so it’s at your disposal everywhere you go.

In conclusion, Trillian is worth your while if you need an IM application that can deal with multiple accounts at a time. The streamlined interface, together with the intuitive feel gained when you get acquainted with it makes the app a reliable choice.

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thank you for watching liking commenting sharing and subscribing right now greetings geeks this is Raven coming to you from youtube-dot-com forward-slash locker room today and I'm here to talk to you about instant messaging software now we all use I am applications as part of our everyday computer life and if you're a geek there's a good chance you use some sort of all-in-one solution for organizing and chatting with all your contacts on the various networks whether that be AOL MSN ICQ or Google Talk now typically on my desktop actually this is my second monitor but y'all get the idea I run a very specific set of communication software I have my skype i have my Xfire I have the old mercs because I'm old-school that way and I have my pigeon now up until a couple of days ago pigeon was my de facto all-in-one I am client for all the different I am networks however there's a new kid on the block but it's not as new as you would think it's from a company called cerulean studios and we all know this program as Trillian now I loved Trillian too and I used it avidly but I was never a fan of Trillian 3 or Trillian Astra Trillian 3 seemed lacking in almost every way whereas Trillian Astra had all the same shortcomings but with an interface that was overdone like William Shatner's acting it was too crowded and too busy and I hated it for that I think they tried way too hard to make it blend in with Windows Vista but that's just my opinion recently however cerulean studios released into beta its new iteration of their popular and long-running I am client Trillian 5 and I have to say I'm impressed with it very much so and I'd like to show it to you now so on that note let's just free up some real estate here minimize minimize close pidgin altogether because we can't be signed at the two places at once and we minimize that just open it up real quick here you see very fast opens up very fast now this is what you'll be presented with the very first time you open the program I have it so it usually logs into my username automatically but this is what you'll see at first boot so we'll just click my name here and log me in sign me into all my accounts really nice startup sound they're nice and calm now you'll see the first thing you're gonna notice is this blends in really well with Windows 7 it looks like it was made specifically for Windows 7 and there's a reason for that because it was made specifically for Windows 7 it uses native windows api's and believe me it is one of the fastest if not the fastest I am client I have ever used on Windows and I can't stress that enough on Windows so let's go through some of the interface features here this is a contact list you can scroll up and down as you wish now if you scroll all the way to the bottom you see that mail thing there it sticks there so you can access it no matter where you scroll down I think that's kind of convenient so go back up to the top and these are my mail accounts I don't use hotmail I don't if you go up here you can actually change the size of the contacts in your contact list and I like that feature I like it small because simple seems way too bare minimum and large just seems obnoxious so leave it at that if you click on there again you can actually go and change the theme the color scheme of this window I like green but I don't think you know I'm the kind of guy who likes it to blend in with the operating system so I'm gonna make it so it follows Windows color scheme that's also another neat feature that it follows Windows now another thing here is say you want to change your avatar again just click to change your icon its I'll easily doesn't want to click and now a cool thing is it will follow your Windows profile picture I think that is just cool so say you want to just follow your Windows profile picture now because my Windows profile picture happens to be the same thing it's just gonna use that click on your name change your identity so that's my identity yeah change your status I'm not gonna change that but you can message that's my status message I'm online oh hi now if you look up at the top here you can see there's a small favicon type icon if you will for every I am protocol that you are connected to I think that is it's very well organized up there now down here at the bottom if you look this is probably the most prominent example of the windows api is at work in Trillian 5 it uses the actual desktop search back-end technology now say I want to search for Adam because I have a few atoms in my contact list search for Adam all the atoms come up search for bitey all the buddies come up which is coincidentally only one search for Mitch all the Mitchell pates come up because I have them on all my protocols now that is one of the coolest features when it comes to Windows api's let's take a look at the actual backend the preferences now when you open up the Preferences window you'll see three different categories you have your basics you have your chat activities and you have your customization under basics you have your accounts as your first button under accounts you can choose your protocols you can add a new account you know it's pretty simple pretty basic go back here under Trillian account that's just your trillion account info I do have a licensed copy of Trillian Pro there isn't a big difference between trillion and trillion Pro I've had a license it's trillion 2.0 and if you've had a license that long you know that it's a lifetime license because they didn't start charging for new versions until trillion three until the transition from three to four I should say under devices that's basically my computer I restarted about a half an hour ago so yeah it's my IP address right there don't hack me status so you can just some in-depth options on you know you can tell it what to do when you set your statuses away I have it so it mutes all sounds I still like my notifications you never know if it's some important sometimes the sounds are just plain annoying you've been hearing him throughout the whole video so go back here now I went a little too far here but if you go to contact list under chat activities you can change how it lists and everything basically you can do all this from the front end this is just a more in-depth panel on how to do it here chat windows if you you want to customize your chat window and you know it works that way now one of the coolest things I find here is if you want to change where your chat windows are by default so you have two monitors this is setup for that you set your default you see and you can change where it goes by default now usually I have my messenger up around here and I like the chat when it'll be beside it you can actually change the size it'll be by default so if you want it this big you can have it that big if you want the text area to be this big you can have it that big and that's what it'll be every time you open a new chat window and by the way that is what the chat windows look like so we'll cancel that because I don't want to changed now you can reset it to default to but it wants to do that additional options you know show chat activity and whatnot not really under the ordinary stuff for messengers here fonts and chats you can change your font now say you want to change it to something smaller because that might be a bit big something smaller that's about right but you know what I never did like the Microsoft Segoe font so I'm gonna go back to my little personal favorite it's it's it's very primitive I know but that has got to be my favorite font of all time you can change your background color not something I would do but well you know whatever tickles your fancy sound the notifications I'm pretty sure you can guess what all this does you can choose what actions in the program trigger a sound you know things like that video and voice Trillian does support video and I can confirm that it does support cross client video I have a friend of mine who uses Diggs B and we were able to videoconference you know over the line using our different clients so it does work it works very well you have your file transfers it does support file transfers as a matter of fact I will set it to all my transferred in documents or files come to my desktop because I like it immediately accessible activity history now you can record contacts conferences connections text conversations icon changes images everything they give you so many options to record and saved in your history skins now I've tried some asterisk ins they didn't work out they didn't they didn't so I just left it at the default skin because basically this is the reason I love Trillian Astra the most is the default skin it was made for for Windows 7 and that's one of my favorite things about it plugins this is what a lot of messengers are missing Diggs B being the most prominent example because it is the closest thing to trillion five it doesn't have plugins it's all it's all proprietary and I really don't like that I can't add things to it one of my biggest bugaboos about it and don't even make fun of me for using that word one of my biggest things about it was I couldn't have an Xfire plug-in not that I would use it now that I actually use Xfire but there were other problems with Diggs B that prevented me from using it I assure you language and startup that's all pretty basic information windows integration you can load it when your computer starts up I don't like any program doing it click this it'll put a shortcut on your desktop I only have three shortcuts on my desktop and there ain't gonna be no more and that's pretty much it as far as the backend goes you can enable plugins here you know now once again I have the Twitter plug-in disabled because I think it's way way too crowding in my window here but it does it literally does show you all status updates and everything from Twitter and it works for Facebook as well and I'll show you that before the video ends because that appears on my main monitor so yeah that is Trillian five and we'll switch over to my other monitor here just so I can show you that Facebook status thing real quick and then we will wrap this video up alright now that we're on my main monitor first and foremost yes my desktop is always this clean I'm very retentive that way I like a clean desktop I'm a very organized person now the Facebook features in Trillian 5 down here you can see the Trillian 5 icon but right next to it there's a Facebook icon that is also belonging to Trillian 5 if you click it you get this it is basically a mini Facebook inside trillium 5 you got your newsfeed here you can write updates you know check out other people's updates comment and like stuff if you right-click on their updates you got your events I have no new events I have no no group invitations and no new friend requests so there's really not a lot to show you there but yeah that's about the extent of that now I should note that there is a Mac version of Trillian 5 and as you can see here it looks like it fits into the OS 10 environment exceptionally well that is because it's made for OS 10 specifically it uses key OS 10 technologies like spotlight and cocoa you know it is really built specifically for the Mac and that's not to say that it's not gonna take a lot like a lot for me to switch from a DM - Trillian on the Mac because I have fallen in love with a DM but this is worth your time to look at it is an alpha right now it's not feature complete and should not be relied upon that's what the website says and I trust them when they say that but it is something that everyone should try at least it's definitely worth a try it cannot really hurt anything see the beauty of Trillian is you log in on a Windows machine if you have trillion on there and you know you log off but if you log on on the Mac machine with a Mac version of Trillian all your contacts are there organized the way you had them organized on the Windows machine you know in the same categories it's all in sync and I think that is awesome I think that's beautiful and you can see it really takes on the Mac look and I like that but again edium is still on top for me at least until I try this a bit more anyways yes this has been Raven on behalf of Locker gnome net Locker gnome comm and forward slash Locker gnome you guys have a great day


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