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Playing games is no longer restricted only to one's computer, as more and more users from all over the world like to play against each other over the Internet or within the same network, with their friends. Those who want to be able to enjoy their LAN games with people from the other side of the world can try Tunngle, a specialized VPN tool.

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It needs to be mentioned that in order to make sure this program functions without any glitches, users also need to install the additional drivers offered during installation. A couple of modes are available so that the setup process either follows a standard configuration, or custom one in which all elements and drivers are enlisted.

Once the PC is restarted to complete the setup process, users can create an account or enter their credentials in order to be able to connect with the large community behind Tunngle. Users can not only login to existing networks depending on the game they want to play, but they can also join chats and make friends with other users who share the same interests.

Each game has its own dedicated virtual private network (VPN) and messages can be sent to any gamer in the same network, while the integrated messenger can also come in handy for getting acquainted with new people. Creating a user profile can also come in handy for those who are looking to become friends with other gamers.

Considering this utility is created for a wide range of people who might or might not be tech-savvy, its default settings are enough to ensure smooth functioning of the app - further customization is available nonetheless, but not necessary. To be more accurate, you have access to multiple skins and sound alerts.

To sum it up, Tunngle can be of great use to those who want to play LAN games with their friends regardless of the country they live in, yet it can also be used as a secure way to chat and have fun without needing to set up complex parameters.The computer's performance is not going to be hindered, the response time is quite good and the interface is quite intuitive. We did not come across any errors, crashes or bugs in our tests.

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mr. FX 2012 here guys and today I'm going to show you how to use tungo tungo is a program that's used to play games online and also to host them it's very much like hamachi except this is the new and improved the way to go so let's go ahead and download it if you go to Tunngle net as always i'm going to put this link on the more info to the right of this video if you're watching it on youtube and now before you can launch the program you're going to need to sign up for an account home you're going to give them your email and you're going to create a username and password once you have those credentials created and you're ready to roll you can launch Tunngle chances are it's not going to go in in all the way I'm going to show you real quick by launching mine that this is what it should be doing as soon as you you launch it it should just go right to the to the main lobby and pretty much you're in once you're this far the next steps is just uh getting your games and going into the lobbies and playing with other people so if you can't get this far probably because you need to configure your router and you can do that by dialing it up with your browser I'm not going to get too deep into this but most people know how to do port forwarding I've already showed it in some of my videos and if you add a custom service here you're going to see I already have mine right there and I'm just going to click on edit just to show you what kind of information it needs you're going to have to put your server IP address this is your my your machines local IP address you can get that by going into command prompt and I type in ipconfig and usually look something like that you put that in there then you need to put the port that Tunngle requires in order to to use it online and it's one one one five five that's one 1150 five and that's the starting and ending port so once you do that and hit apply you should be pretty pretty uh pretty good you should be able to just go right down here to the lobby and that's half the battle um some people may need to configure their their firewall I'm using Windows 7 um 64 so if you go right here you can see I on your firewall that uh you you can allow a service to be to be an exception exception and they can use it can be used without the firewall blocking it so I would just go here and select the Tunngle client tunkel service and make sure that it has access so that it can bypass your firewall once you do that you're pretty much good to go um and also depends on your game too so I'm just opening up a couple windows I had open there but also like I'm going to use Borderlands 2 for this example so this here's Borderlands so of course I'm going to put an exemption on my firewall because I'm going to be hosting I don't think you need to do that if you're just joining a game but I don't know I'm kind of new to this but I'm just showing you guys how it works for me um so once you're here you probably don't know what to do you basically got to go to the browser the games here are um are categorized by genre and for Borderlands I think it's an action game and if you were playing like Call of Duty or something it'd be a shooter so for action game I go here to the browser and I double click on the room that I want to enter once you're logged into that room um you can pretty much join a game or host the game but you have to be right in this channel here you you know you can't be over here you have to be in the actual room itself where you can chat with people and once you're in here you cannot launch your Borderlands once you go into Borderlands or whatever game it is that you're playing I also remember that some games require extra files in order to work with this and there are some tricks and hacks so definitely be on the lookout for that just gotta wait for this video to go ahead here I mean go ahead and minimize it so we can see the game and the lobby um in case anybody wants to talk to me I could play and see what they're saying if you're on Windows 7 for you to minimize the window just hit hold down the Alt key and hit enter and it'll minimize the window like that and then you can resize it or if you don't like it you could hit alt enter and it'll go back to the full screen alright once I'm in the main menu here I'm not going to go to an online game because this is basically Tunngle and Tongo is using a virtual IP as you can see down here where my mouse cursor is so in other words it's going to think that it's a LAN game that I'm going to be using or I'm going to be hosting so if you go to land game and go here you can create a game you can host it or you can join a game when I hit join game you see right away I can see other games out there well these are the people that are in this Lobby and the people that are hosting those games if I wanted to host one then I would go back and host host it myself so if you go to host here you can host a game see there it is but I'm not going to do that I'm just going to join a game just to to show you guys how this works and hopefully you guys will be able to go ahead and play your favorite games that you download online instead of just being a compromised to just single-player so here we go let's select my character and pick this guy and I'm ready and I'm going to enter the game and I'm going to continue and Here I am I'm online and there's people here and you can see one right there you're probably just waiting for someone like me to help them out I can type to them and that's it guys this is how you play online with Borderlands


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how to use Tunngle patch?

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