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UltraEdit is an columnist that supports document, HTML, PHP, XML, JavaScript, Perl, HEX, Java and other broadcasts tools. Basically, you can use it for website project, broadcasts, or if you simply want to replace Notepad.

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You are welcomed by a quick way handbook that shows you how to perform various things in UltraEdit. This is ideal for neophyte consumers.

When you first initialize it, you can configure broadcasts, website project and general document groups. Although it's a initiative with a fairly small chunk, UltraEdit has a complex interface.

The main portions found here are File View (a sapling way in which you browse hard disk, Dvd or FTP balances for folder), Open Files, Production Window, and Template List, while the way tavern contains Clipboard History, Macro List, Script List, and XML Manager.

There are many, many functionality displayed in the entrees tavern, so you need some moment to go through something. If you do not know where to way, just use the way document.

UltraEdit has a article kind that changes the columnist so you can select document, a kind listener, a tool columnist and rules folding.

Furthermore, it supports commander right parameters, move and decline folder and document, but also football a PHP screenplay refactoring and a sort ymmv while you write. You can brace game functionality, view the total proportion of route which contain the find spate, and more.

On highest of something else, UltraEdit uses a small chunk of CPU and mind money.

So, if you want the necessary undelete parts of a website renaissant and coder all rolled up into one, then you can take a glance at UltraEdit.

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in this video tutorial we'll take a look at how to create configure and use the new smart template feature in UltraEdit version 18 before we begin I would like to note that version 18 does use a new xml-based format for storing templates your existing templates will be converted to this format and new configuration files and then to ensure backwards compatibility your existing template configuration file will not be altered this way should you need to use your templates in any earlier version of UltraEdit you may do so without any disruption to your workflow let's get started the smart templates feature is very quick and easy to set up and configure to create a new template you can either go to the advanced menu and select display modify templates or you can right-click on the template list and select modify templates this will open a modeless dialog where you can create modify templates at the top right of this dialog you'll notice this template group drop-down templates are now grouped by one of three ways global templates or templates that are always available environment templates are templates that are available only with the active environment and language templates are templates that are associated with and only available in the active files highlighting type so for example if you're working in an HTML file you'll see HTML templates available in your template list global and environment templates are not new to version 18 however language templates are you will see that you have language templates available for each word file in your word files directory for example you can see that in addition to the default word files I've also added a PowerShell word file which appears in this list now for the purposes of this tutorial let's say that I want to create a language template for HTML more specifically I want to create a template consisting of a basic HTML structure that is html5 compliant so I can select the HTML templates from the template group drop-down so that this template is only available to me when I'm in files highlighted as HTML I'll click the Add button to add a new template and I'll name it html5 and then I'll paste in here a very basic html5 compliant structure now this is great but there are certain portions of this template that I want to change each time I insert it such as the title tag the page description the stylesheet location etc so this is where the template becomes smart using a new user-defined variable syntax I can make certain portions of my template editable after it's inserted into my file by the way you can always check to see what different variables are available for templates by clicking the Help button here at the top right of the dialog so I'll go ahead and change my first variable so as you can see here by using this bracket + syntax I've defined a portion of my template that should be editable when it's inserted and what's great is I can use the same variable in multiple places within the template so when I'm inserting the template and I update the first occurrence of the variable whatever I type will be cascaded to other occurrences of that variable within the template for example in this template I want my page title and my h1 tag to be the same text so I'll use the same variable down here where my h1 tag is I also want to make my description editable as well as the location of my external stylesheet so I've added these and the template is ready to go I'll click OK and the template is saved and the modified templates dialog is closed now in order to use my template I've created a new file and saved it with an HTML file extension which of course causes it to be highlighted as HTML and if I look in my template list I see that HTML templates are available beneath global and power-user templates I'll go ahead and expand the HTML template group here and there's my html5 template now I can insert the template in one of several ways there are the typical methods of inserting with a hotkey or menu command or by double-clicking the template in the template list however for the purposes of this tutorial I'll show you a nice new feature called autosuggest where the template is automatically suggested for me OTO suggested templates are incredibly simple but incredibly powerful and convenient in order to insert the template using this method I'll simply type the full name of my template into the active file and pause for a second and as you can see the template has automatically suggested my UltraEdit now at this point the template is not actually in my file it's simply being suggested by the editor if I want to accept the template I can press tab if I want to keep editing my file without inserting the template I can either continue typing or use the arrow keys or basically do anything other than pressing tab and the auto suggestion goes away like so I'll go ahead and retype my template name here and this time I'll accept the template okay so I've pressed tab and as you can see the portions of my template which I defined as variables are now highlighted I can now modify these portions of the template before it's fully inserted into the file since the first template variable is highlighted here I'll go ahead and provide the text for it once I'm happy with my text I'll press tab to accept it and go to the next variable and as you can see the h1 tag which was the second occurrence of my first variable updated as appropriate to include the text that I provided so I'll go ahead and provide the other two variables here now that all my variables are complete I can press Enter or escape to finalize the template into my file and there you go smart templates in action if I want to undo the insertion of the template I can press ctrl-z and I'm back where I started now suppose that I had multiple templates named html5 what would happen then well UltraEdit will suggest the template in a cascading order first from language templates then from environment templates and then finally from global templates if you have templates with the same name within the same template group UltraEdit will suggest the one that occurs first in your template lists one other neat piece of functionality for smart templates they're accessible in the autocomplete dialog of course the autocomplete dialog is nothing new but the ability to access templates from it is new so let me just create a new environment template here to demonstrate this I'll call it HTML table and I'll paste in a basic HTML table source and then I'll go ahead and create a global template called HTML form and I will paste in a very basic HTML form and as you can see these templates are now available in my template list okay so now I'll go back to my file and clear out all the data and I'll type HTML and you'll notice that no templates are automatically suggested by UltraEdit this is because there's not a template name that exactly matches what I've typed an auto suggestion will only occur if I type a full exact case-sensitive match of the template name however with the new autocomplete functionality I can quickly choose a template based on a partial match to invoke the autocomplete dialog or press ctrl spacebar and as you can see all templates matching what I've typed so far are available the template with the green icon represents a language based template the template with a blue icon represents an environment based template and the template with a gray icon represents a global template so I'll scroll through my list and select the template I want and press Enter and the template is immediately inserted into my file obviously for the purposes of this tutorial I'm limiting my demonstration to HTML but smart templates can really be used for anything such as function definition syntax and your source files commonly use programming structures such as switch while and for loops or even more basic text entry tasks like order forms text lists and really just about anything you can think of of course much of this new functionality is configurable to change any of this behavior open up configuration and click on the new templates branch near the bottom of the dialog you can see here that you can set whether or not to auto suggest templates or even include them in the autocomplete dialog and you can also set how long of a pause and typing is required in order to automatically suggest a template can also change the colors used for the auto suggestion mode and for the template variables so if you use a darker theme like I do you can change the colors to accommodate your custom color theme thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy the new smart templates functionality and ultra edit version 18


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