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It’s a well-known fact that the Internet is really not the safest place out there. More than this, you don’t always have access to particular pages because of region limitations. However, this can be bypassed by also hiding your Internet identity, and UltraSurf is the type of application which can handle this type of task.

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One of the main advantages here is that the application doesn’t require installation to work, so it’s good to go from the moment download is done. The set of features is found in a compact, yet intuitive interface which activates proxy connection right from the start. You can choose a web browse method, as well as the preferred portal based on speed percentage.

Note, however, that the application is designed to work hand-in-hand with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It doesn’t integrate as a browser extension, but corresponding browser functions are used to ensure stealthy browsing. For instance, surfing the web via Chrome does so in an Incognito window.

The options panel lets you configure several application parameters. Thus, you can enable hotkey commands, disable proxy, delete cookies and history on exit, and define the local listening port. In case you don’t want to rely on the program’s proxy configuration, you can opt for auto-detection or manual configuration through input of host and port.

You’re able to choose from the top three portal suggestions, with status indicated as colored dial, as well as speed percentage. You can enable the UltraShare feature which allows connections to be funneled through your computer, without actually affecting it or putting it at risk. The main window holds buttons to quickly launch an Internet Explorer or Google Chrome instance for secure navigation.

Bottom line is that it’s highly recommended to stay safe over the web. In this regard, UltraSurf offers a neat set of tools which are mostly automatically configured and rely on a secure proxy connection to use with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

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hi and welcome to another Internet freedom tutorial today's tutorial is going to cover downloading and using UltraSurf UltraSurf is a program that tunnels through firewalls so that you can view material websites information stuff that's online that normally wouldn't be available where you're accessing the internet from UltraSurf also protects your privacy by hiding your IP address and immediately deleting your internet history your browsing history after you close the program so let's get started and learn about how to use this program the first thing you're going to want to do as with everything is get the program so you're going to open up your preferred internet browser and I'm using Firefox and you're going to go to WWE to reach com okay on the ultra-rich site well UltraSurf site you can check out their downloads page the user center for a frequently asked questions the background about the program and the about page about the people who produce the program so and as you can see here protects your privacy protects your security and grants you freedom all we need to do here is click the big button that says UltraSurf 9.9 to free download and this is the most up-to-date version of the program you're going to save the file and I'm using Windows 7 here so it's going to save to somewhere a little different but this program also works for the older versions of Windows as well Windows XP Windows 2000 and Windows Vista so you don't have to worry about that it all works pretty much the same way it's just my file structure is going to be a little different okay so that's downloaded I'm going to close that out and I don't even need this browser open anymore so I'll close that out and then I'm going to go find my file so I'm going to go in here to downloads and the file saves in a compressed or zipped file so if you don't have an operating system that automatically decompresses these so that you can see the files on the inside you're going to need to get something like wins or 7-zip in order to open up the file but since I'm using Windows 7 I can just double click it and there's my file it's a self-contained program and what this means is that you don't have to install it there's no installation necessary it doesn't put any extra files on your computer all you need to do is run it but before I run it I'm going to copy it and put it on my desktop for right now so I'm going to paste that here one of the great things about UltraSurf is that you can put it on a USB thumb drive and take it with you anywhere so if you want to go out to a coffee shop and you want to use a computer there and you still want to be secure online you can put the program on the USB Drive take it there plug it in and use the self-contained browser and you'll be just as secure as you are at home alright so here you can see the icon of the sailboat going around the Earth and all we have to do here is double click run it it'll pop up the user interface and then bring up a browser I'm going to minimize the browser for right now now when you open it for the first time you're going to get this the option to choose one of these boxes here I just click the first one and it connects to the server so if you have a problem you can try reconnecting to the server so it'll contact and then I'm successfully connected to the server there's options here which lets you set a couple of different parameters for the program can start Internet Explorer automatically which is what you just saw happen you can have it close Internet Explorer as soon as you exit the program delete your history delete your cookies and you can hide the golden lockdown here which shows you that UltraSurf is actually running you can also set your own proxy settings I'm not going to get into that now since we're just worried about getting it up and running and being secure with the least amount of trouble I'm just going to click OK here so this is running and the Internet Explorer browser that it popped up is the browser that you want to use because this is the secure one and I won't have you take me on faith on that one I'll show you it's secure I'm going to open up my firefox browser again and I'm going to go to ww-what is my IP comm now the IP address that comes up here is going to be my actual real IP address obviously I've blocked out some of the numbers because while I'm trying to teach you to be secure I also want to be secure as well so you can see the numbers here that's my real IP address so I'm going to minimize this and open up the UltraSurf browser I'm going to go to ww-what is my IP comm now on the UltraSurf browser you can see that this is obviously different that first and last numbers are very much different than the first and last numbers here so your IP address is safe your information is safe and you've been able to access websites and information that you weren't normally able to access but you're done and you want to close everything out now you could regularly just go up here and close your browser that would be fine but you need to have to do that what you have to do is close the UltraSurf program it closes the browser removes the lockdown here and erases all the information that you were even using UltraSurf on your computer and that's all there is to using UltraSurf as this has been a tutorial by Freedom House's Internet freedom team and I hope you found it useful you


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