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Sharing files over the Internet using torrents is quite popular and there are a few dedicated applications that can facilitate the file transfer. Such a BitTorrent client is uTorrent (stylized µTorrent), a well-known program that ranks high among its peers.

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In order to block known peer monitoring services we suggest to use Peerblock or to use a VPN.

This tool comes with loads of useful features and is very easy to use. Even if the installation does not last very long, you should pay close attention to the third-party software included as it may change the settings of your web browser.

You notice that uTorrent greets you with a very nice and simple interface, designed to provide you quick access to its main functions. Thus, you are able to start new downloads, pause, stop or delete the existing ones, or manage the files you’ve already downloaded straight from the main window.

The application enables you to quickly find new content to download using a powerful built-in search function. The RSS capability is another great feature of uTorrent as it allows the user to subscribe to selected feeds for auto-downloading files.

uTorrent also comes with a configurable bandwidth scheduler, speed limiters and multi-language support to make sure you are able to use it in every corner of the world.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about uTorrent is the way it manages to handle downloads without slowing down Windows. We found that out during our tests where it performed flawlessly and the stress on system resources was minimal.

And if that doesn’t convince you to give uTorrent a chance, you should note that it is also able to download the selected content only when you’re away from the computer. It does that thanks to a special function for pausing the torrents when user activity is detected.

All things considered, it is safe to say that uTorrent remains a heavyweight player in its category, having millions of users worldwide to emphasize that. With a complete feature pack, great ease of use and seamless integration with any system, this software is definitely a keeper for anyone who uses torrents to share files.

You can also read our uTorrent Speed Optimization guide.

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in today's video I'm going to show you how you can download and use uTorrent on Windows 10 if you follow along by the end of the video you'll have uTorrent onto your computer and you'll be able to download your first torrent file so I'll leave a link in the description that you can click on and it's going to take you to uTorrent calm once you get to this web page click get use torrent for Windows and click get uTorrent for Windows here we should do that the exe to install it's going to download once that's downloaded just click on it and open up the file now you should see the uTorrent setup wizard just go ahead and run through this click Next to continue and then click Next again then scroll down read the license agreement and then click Next again when you've done that it's going to show you a second set of terms it's gonna try and make Bing your default browser if you don't want that which I highly recommend you don't use Bing and then just click decline on that click skip on any of these ads now you can choose what launch options you want I'm just going to get rid of the bottom two and keep a create Start menu entry you can keep everything the same here but you might want to untick start use torrent when windows starts up click Next and now wait for you torrent to install and now here you can see here's Utah now we can find a torrent and download it but before we do that we need to take some safety precautions to make sure that we're going to stay safe when torrent him so on-screen now I've got a VPN open which stands for a virtual private network you may have heard several people talking about VPNs and you may kind of understand what it does but to put it briefly and simply a VPN encrypts all of your traffic that gets sent off to your internet service provider so normally without that traffic your internet service provider will be able to see what you're downloading on what you're searching for on the internet that includes the items that your torrent and when you have the VPN on it encrypts everything so your internet service provider cannot see what you're doing under the VPN now the VPN I use is the ipvanish VPN I use it because it's simple to use it has really fast speeds and you can actually choose what country you want your traffic to appear in I'll leave a link to the pricing plans in the description below for this VPN they do often have really good discounts on and the pricing plan is cheap however if you don't have the money to spend on a VPN and your safety then the next best thing you can do is get a free VPN I'll leave in my opinion the best free VPN below as well however with a free VPN the often store logs they're often really slow you'll have to join queues to be able to use the VPN and most times you're actually limited on how much you can use the VPN I'm just going to use this VPN for the video though so I'm going to connect to United States and click connect and now our internet traffic has been encrypted I'm connected to Boston in the United States now let's head back to the web browser and now we need to find a torrent to download now the torrent site that I use is the Pirate Bay and I've always used the Pirate Bay I'll leave a link again to the Pirate Bay in the description I just click on it and it should take you here however if you from the UK they have actually blocked it I'm mostly from the UK but because I'm using the ipvanish VPN I can actually select it so it appears that I'm in the US now once you're on this it just simply works like Google you just search for a torrent that you want I'm just going to search for audacity the free program because remember that copyright laws still do apply and I don't recommend you do anything illegal I'm gonna get the audacity final portable version which is free we should found the torrent you want you want to look for the cedars make sure you always download the torrent with the most amount of cedars because it's going to download much quicker than the ones with less read a bit about the torrent to make sure you know what you're downloading and then click get this torrent then you should have a pop-up box that says open in uterine so we're going to open it up in the uTorrent program that we've just downloaded now it's going to ask us for a place we want to save it in I'm just going to create a new folder in my documents here you can see the file size of the torrent and what's inside the folder which happy with that click OK and now the torrents can start to download when you click on it it's going to tell you a time remaining at the minute it says 5 weeks but just wait for a minute and they'll go down as you can see it's downloading really quick and it's now jumped to 2 minutes so now it's downloaded it's seeding and that basically means you're helping out the other people download it quicker to find it all you need to do is right-click and go to open containing folder its name going to open up the folder you chose to download it in so that's how you download and use uTorrent to download your first torrent file if this did help you out please make sure you leave a like and a comment down below if you've got any questions also put them in the comment section below thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video


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