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In that to make sure you don’t lose important statistics on the laptop due to a hard undelete failing, you must keep an mind on its results statistics. Victoria is a nice method that was created to assess results, measure and maintenance minor matters.

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The iphone has a simple kludge that is quite easy to figure out by all consumers.

Thus, the initiative can view specifics regarding the hard undelete, including the concept, undelete amount, interface and total amount. Also, it can provide you with an extensive blacklist of S.M.A.R.T attributes (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), including the raw read mistakes percentage, proportion of spin-up things, seek mistakes percentage, start/stop figure and power-on moment, to name just a few.

As mentioned, Victoria can perform a coating scanner in that to detect any matters with the hard way. Each economy is marked accordingly to its results. The iphone can ignore, erase, remap or restore the statistics in the regions where mistakes were found.

Some setup are available for advanced consumers regarding the initiative’s interface and kludge. These include the inbounds time for various things, some common none and visa alternatives, but also some related to the coating scanners.

The bottom right is that Victoria is a nice method that can come in handy quite often. Its intuitive design and overall unobtrusiveness make it quite easy to work with for all consumers, regardless of how experienced they are with this kind of initiatives.

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hey guys hope you're going well and it's another foreign film Friday happening right now and the first Friday of the new year so wishing everybody a very happy new year and welcome to 2016 crazy I know today we are talking about the German language heist thriller film Victoria and while this isn't technically a foreign language film because for the most part the characters do speak English it is a German movie so I'm going to allow it this is directed by sebastian schipper and before anyone even talks about what this film is about what the story is the first thing anyone ever says is that this is a one-shot film for real this has all been done in one single take one click of the record button for the entire 134 minute duration the story picks up at 4 a.m. in a German underground nightclub and we're following Victoria played by Leia Costa who is a waitress from Madrid and she's in Berlin on a working holiday visa as she's leaving this nightclub in the wee hours of the morning she bumps into a rowdy group of guys they get to chatting and she decides it might be a good idea to go back to their place with them and continue drinking and being social the first 20 or so minutes is just Victoria getting to know this bunch of rowdy misfit guys and remember this is all unfolding in real time the group is kind of led by sunny played by Fredrik Lau and he has an obvious chemistry with Victoria the two of them have an instant connection things that suddenly take a turn when the boys have to rush off for some errand Victoria decides it might be a good idea if she tagged along with them and before you know it a bank heist is going down at 6:00 in the morning this movie has a lot of interesting elements going on within it while the story itself might be somewhat familiar the way it's all been executed is entirely unusual and unexpected honestly just this all unfold in real-time in one singular take is somewhat exhausting you're waiting for the camera to stop you're waiting for a chance for a change of scenery for a change of anything you're looking for a way out and that's what makes it feel more authentic as well in so many ways because these actors are on screen the entire time every breath every moment of composing themselves of thinking between one thought and the next is all there in front of you conversely though there are going to be sort of chunks of downtime of lulls and not a steady building of action because there are moments when the characters are walking from A to B or they're moving or they're driving or they're just waiting to go into the next scene there is no place to hide any of the flaws and that is the really beautiful and creative thing about the whole process this is the most precise and technical filmmaking everything from the actors constantly moving the camera constantly moving we're inside we're outside we're on the street we're in a car it is logistically astounding the crew filmed across a total of 22 different locations they pretty much shut down an entire neighborhood in order to make this movie and it took them apparently three attempts to film it in total I really recommend this movie to any a film student or anyone who is technically interested in the craft of filmmaking because it is absolutely a lesson in itself thank you so much for watching guys they are my thoughts on the film Victoria if you haven't already you can subscribe to my channel and keep up to date with my other movie and TV reviews and I will talk to you guys soon bye


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