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Virtual DJ might be a great starting that to build up your carrer, as it helps you create amazing blends and songs to astonish your viewers.

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Virtual DJ is not a structure app, but you can use it to remix the songs that's already on the price, so you can easily bring your very own bit to the latest homers released by your favorite artists.

Virtual DJ's kludge is complex, organized in such a that that it allows you to work with multiple songs at the same moment and thus get the most out of your athletism. From one kludge, you get standard restrictions, ball restrictions, a BPM calculation, a virtual anything and a dynamic beat clix.

The app also integrates 3 songs equalizers, real anything simulator, OSC infrastructure syncing, jukebox commitment, Master Tempo ball method and a BeatLock cylinder.

With the automatic seamless route and the synchronized piece, DJs will be able to perform live songs like never before, not to mention that the breather allow for the imaging of lyric buildings.

To make everything even more interesting, the undelete brings a rich collector of devein, so you never get bored of its turns.

All in all, Virtual DJ includes an astonishing start of blending toolkit, which makes it a reliable decision for professional DJs and a good hurdle for those making the first things into the songs sector.

Virtual DJ Review

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hello it's film here at digital DJ tips calm I have my summer shirt on it is summer and in fact it was two summers ago that we first started talking about Virtual DJ 8 because the software was announced by its makers Atomics it's taken them two years to get to the point where it's actually available and it's available right now as we record this video to all owners of Virtual DJ 7.4 which is the latest version Atomics has a policy of updating each version for free so I bought Virtual DJ myself back in 2004 and I've been getting free versions ever since and will continue to do so as well all other users so that's just one of the things that marked Virtual DJ apart from other DJ software it's always been a quiet innovator it had things like video incorporated into it key detection control kind of off the peg control of pretty much all DJ controllers all these things were kind of there that other people will added later on and shouted louder about but Virtual DJ is always quietly innovating so we were quite cautious but at the same time quite curious to see how they've done this time around because of course with such a long wait for the software between the last full version and version 8 expectations are going to be getting higher and then as supposed date of release slip but the expectations are kind of get dashed and so on you know what did they clue what do they leave out what's amazing about it well it's a complete rewrite from the ground up and that's why it's taken them so long and overall we think they've done a pretty good job of it but before I give you my conclusion I'm going to hand you over to Joey our cheap stuff writers we've been playing with it for a few weeks now it's going to give you a detailed tour through of the features of Virtual DJ o to you Joey thanks Phil hey guys let's take a look at some of the new features found in Virtual DJ 8 starting with the browser this is a new and improved compartmentalised browser in the lower half of the main interface you'll find three zones namely the folder zone which contains all your folders and Virtual DJ eight playlists and sample banks in the middle you'll find files owned which lists the contents of each folder along with album art here on the right you'll find the side zone which displays different windows depending on what you'd want to do for example you can engage the sampler check out the autumn explai whist show your karaoke playlist and you can even place a folder full of songs into the side zone for easy access later on also here in the side zone is the info drawer which shows album art and other pertinent metadata now let's go take a look at some of the new modes available in Virtual DJ 8 sandbox mode lets you preview a mix in your headphones without the audience hearing it let's engage sandbox mode by clicking on the spot in the bud alright we're now in sandbox mode meaning the crowd won't hear whatever we're going to be doing it's all gonna be in our headphones check out what happens when I move this tempo fader the tempo in your master output stays the same but in my headphones it's different look I can even scratch a track and nothing happens to the master output this is great for auditioning how a mix would turn out or if you want to drop an effect or other sample but you're not sure how it's gonna go let me try playing the track in the other deck and I'll even put the cross fader in the middle as you can see nothing happens to the master output but in my headphones the audio is quit left at going to my left ear and right back on my right ear alright let's disengage sandbox mode and see what happens yep classic trainwreck next let's take a look at some of the scratch features found in Virtual DJ 8 gain access to the scratch window by clicking the scratch button and then you're ready to load a track let's try this classic I can load it onto the Left deck and create a quick 4 bar loop let me just click the ok button to make this go away there you go hit the clone back button to create an instant double perfect for a quick scratch routine yeah scratching snot exactly my best suit but you get the idea now let's check out the mute reverse button which mutes every time I pull back on the platter all my back keys are automatically muted by the software it sounds like I'm closing the cross fader as I pull the slider back this would make for some interesting scratch combinations like some easy tips even when you aren't at the beginning of a sample SP cool Virtual DJ 8 comes with a built-in sampler that you can access via the side zone I'm using a DD jsr and the pads are already mapped to the 8 performance pads I have in my unit let's try that right now I can play loops see some different playback options I can set it on off mode hold mode stutter mode and unmute mode you can also use this as a sample player for one shots and other effects you have in your library like this airhorn siren this explosion and this canned applause yup you can load all of your effects here and you can play them back whenever you want just make sure if you're going to be using a controller that you have performance guys that you can use otherwise you can just click any of these sample pads with your mouse you can set up a drum kit made of individual drum samples so you could play live along with the music or you could use some loops - alright now that's done let's take a look at Virtual DJ eighths editors Virtual DJ it comes with a suite of editors that let you do basic audio editing operations within Virtual DJ as opposed to using a separate digital audio workstation like audacity or Reaper let's take a look at one right now alright let's take a look at the tag editor tag editor lets you input track metadata such as artist title remix album composer label and all that stuff so let's say for example we're gonna add a remix trigger here okay Joey Santos I don't do it but yeah so that's that for tag editor let's take a look at the others up next is BPM editor and here you can edit your beat grids of course Virtual DJ automatically detects the BPM of your songs but if you have tracks with varying tempos within the song this is where you specify where those tempo changes are and all that stuff you can use this variable BPM option and then move the beat grids around as you see fit but for the sake of this example let's just see how we can get around here I'm just zooming in using two fingers let's get to this start and let's try to move it okay that's the playhead it's the red one okay there you go now it's moving now we can manipulate the beat grids position depending on how you want it done let's just put it back to where it was okay all right let's take a look at the next editor up next is to the points-of-interest editor where you can add delete stuff like cue points auto mix points and even specify breaks in the song just for reference and or if you've got a bunch of songs that you want to put on auto mix you know you could edit those songs individually and place like your mix tempo exit mix cut exit mix fade in fade out mix full exit or whatever you know they're all in here so whenever you add a hot cue for example it gets stored automatically and you can do all of these edits within the point of interest editor think of it as an overview for for all the data that you've put in a song next is the video editor let's go take a look at that right now and the video editor lets you overlay video or text on a piece of music that doesn't have either right now this song doesn't have anything but you know we can pick out a visual and put it on this piece of music let's try that right now okay let's go through my visuals not my course composure ones here I have some video clips that I like to try out let's try this one okay let's save it and see what happens okay save let's close this window don't save this all right let's load it over here on the Left deck click on the video tab and yeah there's the visual that we put earlier lastly let's take a look at the track cleaner which lets you censor a part of a song cut it up or add some portions to it let's take a look at how we can censor a song let's stop that and open up track cleaner as you can see you can censor remove or stretch a piece of audio but for now let's just concentrate on trying to censor a part of the song let me just rewind it okay press censor and then as you can see we're given this red shaded area over here let's drag it all the way to the right to censor the portions that we want okay with that done let's save it let's just type in a name for this one um edited without bad words okay close the window not saving let's just refresh our search it takes a while to come up let's do that one again there you go edited without bad words yeah there you go drag it to the left deck and let's play it back and see what happens as you can see the part that we wanted was Center well I guess you shouldn't be doing this for a long piece of music but generally that's yay that's pretty cool now you can make your own clean edits whenever you want now let's demo some of the effects in Virtual DJ 8 I'm just gonna play them back and you be the judge Oh so there you go for the core user base mobile DJs video DJ's karaoke DJs it's a no-brainer it's a free upgrade anyway to all you pro users it's just so much better sounding much better looking for everyone else they've hit the mark and kept themselves in the game with a very interesting piece of software I suppose from a business point of view they've now built this modern platform that's just how they want to be and it's what they do next in a way she's going to be really interesting but it's out there Virtual DJ a well done guys it has taken you a long time it's good to see it and you will shortly be able to get a hold of the Virtual DJ 8 Home version which is free that works completely like all the other versions just you can't blog any controllers into it so anyone who wants to play with it and have a look at the features that's going to be an easy way of doing it if you've enjoyed this review please go sign up at digital DJ tips com /join for more great DJ goodness thanks for watching


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