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Virtual DJ Studio is a software application which supports karaoke, audio mixing, playlists, and even multiple sound cards. It is ideal for parties and may seem complicated to work with, but it's actually quite simple and fun once you get used to it.

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The setup procedure does not take a long while to finish, and users may ask the tool to install extra karaoke backgrounds. As far as the interface goes, Virtual DJ Studio looks overwhelming at a first glance, especially to the inexperienced user.

It's made of multiple mixers where you can import different tracks and play them at a time. The supported formats include MP3 and WAV. Standard and advanced audio controls for each mixer revolve around repeat mode, mute, trigger, along with channel, volume, tempo and equalizer adjustment. All songs can be controlled at a time when it comes to the master volume, mute, along with automatic gain control.

It is possible to edit ID3 tags, change file name display options, enable fade effect between tracks for smooth transitions, as well as activate zero pitch control, among others. All files and settings can be cleared to start from scratch, or the current configuration can be saved and reused at a later time.

Virtual DJ Studio sports several handy extra tools. For example, local folders indicated by the user can be indexed to compile a music database and easily locate favorite songs in a huge playlist to prepare for karaoke by adding them to a queue. However, they have to be karaoke files (MP3 and WAV not supported). Frequent singers can be recorded into a separate area for quick access.

The app can be set to automatically play files which were dropped in the main frame, clear lines when done playing and check for software updates on a weekly basis. You can change display settings by hiding the analyzer for each line, modifying the number of player lines, customizing the UI color scheme, switching to other audio devices (primary and secondary), and so on.

The application has a great response time and low-to-moderate impact on computer performance. There were no kind of issues throughout our tests, since it did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. To conclude, Virtual DJ Studio is both fun and practical, and definitely simpler to get accustomed to, compared with other tools from its category.

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okay we're going to walk you through Virtual DJ Studios main interface probably the very first thing you're going to want to do is index your music so you can see you click options here and you hit add and you choose any folders on your computer that may have music in them in my case C music contains all of my music files when you click on clothes it'll start indexing does this in the background so that you can continue working in other parts of the program and as you can see here it's updating its status as it finds songs next we're going to go through the options dialog and go through all of the basic program options and click on options under general most of the general options are pretty self-explanatory if you go to display here this shows a little spectrum analyzer on each line as it's playing and that's an optional feature because it does consume a little bit of resources it shouldn't be a problem on any modern machine and show time remaining counts down rather than up and that's usually what you want when you're DJing now this is a new feature show the lock button that displays this little button right here what that does is the same as clicking start and then choosing lock computer and that requires a password to log back in with that feature with a single click you can walk away from your computer and not worry about anybody messing with it over here you can choose how many lines to show on the interface now these are for your player lines the individual ones this chooses whether or not to show the playlist line and this is a new feature to show the microphone line and that's a line a channel dedicated for your microphone now this is still in the experimental stages so the microphone feature is probably not all that useful just yet right here you can choose your colors for your LEDs all the file labels and whatnot under audio devices you choose which sound card you want for your main audio in this case the internal audio generally you'll use some kind of external audio device but you can just as easily use the built-in sound here's where you choose a second audio device to use for preview and in my case I'm going to use a Bluetooth hands-free earpiece much like you would use for your cellphone and since I'm using a bluetooth earpiece I'm going to enable this option what this does is it turns that device off when you're not playing over the preview device and that'll see the batteries in your bluetooth earpiece or headset this option here maximizes the sound on the preview device this way you can hear it over your main audio and any other noise going on at your gig and this option here mixes it down to mono just one channel and this way if you're just using one ear on your headphones you're hearing everything under playback you can choose whether the pitch slider here adjusts the speed much like slowing or speeding up a record or adjust the tempo which preserves the pitch and you can choose how much of an effect that slider has this option prevents you from accidentally double-clicking and starting a different file in the playlist while you're currently playing something under crossfade options you can choose to crossfade by how many seconds are remaining in the current song or by the level and this is a more intuitive option as if a song fades out really slowly it'll kick in an exon a little sooner and if it ends very abruptly it'll trigger at just the right moment under the karaoke options you can disable the gap killer what that does is it prevents vdj from skipping the silent parts at the beginning of the file for karaoke songs karaoke songs usually have some kind of text at the beginning before the music starts and you don't want vdj to automatically pass that over custom backgrounds when you have a karaoke zip file you can put any JPEG bitmap PNG or gif file inside that zip file and it will become the background to the lyrics this option enables that feature smooth image resizing will smooth out the lyrics on your CDG screen which we'll show you in a little bit but it does require a little more CPU usage and this option here if you're connected to a standard television you may have some lyric information cut off and this will compensate for that by shrinking it down on the Border's now that the index is done let's go back to the search options and go over the rest of the options display search results as I type what this does is immediately display results while you type you don't have to type it and then click the search button this chooses how many results you want to display up to 5,000 generally a smaller number is desired when you're using immediate results the insured drive exists option is really handy especially when your music is on removable media such as an external hard drive or a flash drive or even a network share this way you can index all of your music but when you're searching it will only show results if that drive is currently available it doesn't remove them from the index it simply doesn't show them in your search results so now when we search you can see it starts showing results immediately as you type at the heart of Virtual DJ Studio is the player line you could have as many player lines as will fit on your screen each line is like a channel on your mixer board but with a built-in music and karaoke player you can open files by clicking on the Open button here and navigating to your music however a much easier way of course is to use the music database once you've indexed all of your music simply type something in for example let's find the song where we belong and open it up and sure enough there it is and you can simply drag it up to a player line and it opens up now you can use the play in stop buttons control the volume of this particular line as well as the left and right pan and the speed of playback if you want to preview a song before playing it out loud first check the mute button then the preview button now when you start playback it will only be heard in your preview device in my case the little bluetooth earpiece I mentioned earlier the output of the preview can be adjusted over here on the main line with the preview slider now this button here lets you choose what is heard over your preview headphones the default setting is to just hear the previewed audio any line with the preview button enabled however if you click on it once notice it turned blue with this setting you're monitoring only the main output the same thing that's going out over your main speakers and if you click it again the left ear hears the main out and the right ear hears the preview this can be handy when trying to beat match a saw before fading into it now let's open up a karaoke song I notice by the way when we search you can either search for all files music files only or karaoke only let's go ahead and use karaoke only and this time we're going to look for a little Frank Sinatra and let's go with my way now you could just drag it to a line and open it up right away or you can drag it into the singers list simply hover over that tab for a moment until it appears and drop it in here and from there you can add the singers name the person who's going to sing the song so let's put my name and then it shows over here on your karaoke screen if you like you can edit the title of the song as well to eliminate extra characters in the file name such as the disc number and things like that and that way it's a little more user friendly on the karaoke screen now when you're ready to play it you can either drag it out and into a line or you can right-click on it and just click open in line one and start playing it immediately and now it's ready for your singers now let's get into some of the karaoke features as you can see right here you have a preview window this is for the DJ to be able to follow along with the lyrics when you right-click you can show the CDG window this window can be double click to full screen this way if you drag it over to an external monitor such as a television or a small portable monitor it becomes your karaoke lyrics window for your customers to see for more advanced karaoke options simply double click on this preview window and you can see it shrinks down and here are all your options you can choose any picture you want for your background that appears behind your lyrics for example if I want a different picture I can just click on it you can add any number of pictures you want just by clicking the Add button and finding the one you're looking for such as this and that becomes the background to your karaoke this option here will make sure it darkens that image so the lyrics are a little more visible so when you click on play you see it fades out and now you can read the lyrics a lot more clearly if you click the karaoke singers tab this is your cue list you can drag karaoke files into this list add their name and you can edit the name you can edit the name of the song to make sure it's a little more user friendly and with this checkbox it actually displays your upcoming singers on the karaoke screen you can choose how many singers are displayed from 1 all the way up to 10 you can choose the color of that text by clicking on list color and choosing another color likewise with your header and footer text you can choose any color you like and of course you can change that text if a singer is unable to hit the really high notes you can adjust the key so for example let's jump into this song and I can take this and I can raise the key or lower the key by up to four notes another nice feature the lyric sync if the lyrics aren't quite synched up you can adjust it by plus or minus two seconds one other feature unique to Virtual DJ Studio is the ability to seek within a karaoke file to any point you want and it will never lose sync with the lyrics bdj has a very robust playlist player we've got a list of songs here a simple double-click will start playback on the song but with that option checked in the options dialog you can't accidentally double click and start another file you can drag files around and reposition them in any order you like so let's say we want this songs played next we can just drag it right after the current song there are a lot of options in the playlist player this here will repeat the entire list of course you have your standard mute button shuffle will play in a random order preview will make sure it's audible over your preview device and with the EQ you can adjust your per song EQ and these settings are saved for that file so anytime you open that file the settings will be recalled with this button you can add files add a whole folder remove files delete the whole playlist or remove everything except for the file that's currently highlighted you can save the playlist to a file or open an existing playlist file with this you can sort the files or randomize the list Auto crossfade make sure that the songs fade at the appropriate time and stop after this is very handy as it make sure the playback stops when this song ends advances to the next song but doesn't start playing it and this is great when you need to take a break or make an announcement if you'd like to learn more about how to be the best DJ you can be check out our new book so you want to be a DJ visit vdj net slash book


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salamat sa inyo para sa serial Virtual DJ Studio

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эти серийные ключи актуальны?

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muito obrigado pela patch

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