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Originally developed for compressing anime videos, VirtualDub has evolved and reached the stage where it can capture and process video clips faster and with better output quality. It is not as complex or feature- rich as other more powerful tools such as Adobe Premiere, but it gets the job done when it comes to linear adjustments over video streams.

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Since the application doesn't require any installation, VirtualDub is portable, so you can simply move it on an external device and use it on any computer. As far as requirements are concerned, note that the application relies on appropriate video and audio codecs in order to process the files.

Even though VirtualDub is mostly aimed at handling AVI files, it can successfully read MPEG formats and BMP images, providing you with a broad range of possibilities.

The user interface is standard, yet intuitive. Once you have opened a video file, you can cut, copy and crop sections, apply filters, change frame rates and color depth, recompress, adjust AVI output and Wave input buffering, and others. Another feature that stands out is the ability to capture video streams to AVI format, together with sound.

Videos can also be created by putting together a series of BMPs or targas (a raster graphics format also known as Truvision TGA), accompanied by sounds. Tracks can be easily extracted from video clips, but further modifications to the audio stream must be performed in an external program.

In conclusion, VirtualDub is worth your while. It’s fast, intuitive and faithful to its purpose - that of performing a general cleanup on video files before they are shipped to DVDs or to much more complex video processing programs.

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all links and common questions related to this video will be in the video description you can help support these video tutorials by rating the video or commenting first step is just to search Google download VirtualDub Google search click the first result and latest version I have is 1.7 point 3 if there's a newer version click that go ahead and just click the link below it says experimental but I hadn't had any problems whatsoever with it so just click it it'll open up a prompt to save click OK and it's going to save it to the desktop it's actually very small file I can extract it by using WinRAR or 7-zip if you don't have any extracting program you can just search Google for 7-zip it's completely free and you can just say extract files and ok or you can just use WinRAR use the winrar option extract tooth virtual done so it's going to create a new folder and here I have virtual done there is no installation necessary I need to clarify a few things about VirtualDub though if you go to file open you can see a list of supported file types for example avi DivX MPEG and even a V Center files so it supports quite a bit of vols but it doesn't support certain files for example w a WMV FLV MOV and moviemaker savestate files but if you have one of the following formats you can still convert the video so this next section is about converting your videos that are not a VI files into avi file here's a very quick example for converting incompatible videos so I'm just going to search YouTube for Numa select the Numa video copy the Numa video go to something like paste the URL I just copied click download and download the FLV it's going to save once I have it I can just convert the file extension a dot FLV and I have the Numa video now I'm just going to drag and drop it into something called media coder go ahead and just click start to start converting the video start converting by default I think it's excavated I have it set to mpeg-4 I have 300 kilobits per second for the video and I have 64 kilobits per second for the audio in CBR if you select VBR or AVR it's going to be much more difficult to attach videos in VirtualDub so CBR is fine if I uncheck the box that says enable video and I have enable audio selected over here it's going to just give me the mp3 I'm going to click start again and it's actually going to generate a get video mp3 so in this case it just gave me just the audio to the Numa Numa video okay but now I have a work working avi all I have to do is drag it and drop it into VirtualDub and here I have Numa Numa on my virtual Dom now a common problem is when people try to save they get like a 500 megabyte video that's because by default the compression on virtual dub is set to uncompressed you need to use the DivX codec or FFT show to get ffd show or DivX to search go to DivX calm down load their encoder just download the free version make sure make sure the encoder is selected for FFT show just go to google or something and search FFT show tryouts and search just download F D shows tryouts and make sure you select do not limit during the installation and you should be able to get this you can select the bitrate if you go to configure you can set the bit right here we're going to set it to 300 or something click OK but now I have the numa numa guy I can also full process the audio or do something else now the first thing people are scared of when they get VirtualDub is oh my god it doesn't have a timeline I mean it has this thing that it's not really it's not the same thing I can't just drag and drop videos on to the timeline and edit them but it's actually a lot more powerful because I can go frame by frame I can see the frames chained right here as I move through them gives me a quite a bit more accuracy in selecting certain parts for example if I wanted them select the beginning and grab only the small segment I could save only that small segment and go to file save as or save segmented avi to save that segment and I can also just copy and paste edit copy and then go to the start here or something and edit paste so it'll paste the video wherever my bar is and it'll repeat it let's go through the interface real quick this is obviously a stop button but there's two play buttons one has a little eye next to it one has an o' next to it what the eye means is input this is the original video and the output it's what's changed if I add filters to add anything in this case I have my little logo filter logo filter 1.7 B 2 by Donald graft or something and it actually adds my filter to each of the frames so as you can see the original video doesn't have my logo but the output filter does but the output video does and I can actually see both videos by clicking this button if I click only the first one it'll show only the input and the output will stay static as I said before you can move frame by frame with these little things and the the ones at the end will take you to the beginning or take you to the end these things mean move by keyframe and it depends on the video how far the keyframes are between these are some kind of slow motion fast motion things I'm not really sure of it I've never really used them and these are the flags you can select a range of frames using these flags for example if I want to select my favorite weird faces browsed and makes I can say start flag and I can go a few frames forward and end flag and I've selected just a few frames start flag and fly so start and whenever you want to start a range click this whenever you want to enter a range click this and if you want to clear a range you can go to edit clear selection and it will clear the range you can also save the audio track and VirtualDub just make sure audio is full processing and uncompressed PCM which is wave let's go ahead and save and now I can extract the WAV file so you can actually get the audio from the video another thing you can do with the audio is change the audio source you can insert your own audio instead of the original audio and select WAV audio and this is what I've done with it and save the will to dry chop the grain hello short and stupid but you get the point for audio I don't really have any confident recommendations I'm using forty-four thousand Hertz 64 kilobits per second CBR but I've been experimenting for a long time YouTube reading codes their videos into 22,000 hurt 64 kilobits per second ABR this is 32 but YouTube uses 64 but if you save as ABR it actually becomes more difficult to attach videos together so I just use 44,000 here at 64 CBR which is fine once you've selected your favorite video codecs and audio codecs you can save the settings by going to file save processing settings and you can say blah I don't know you can name it anything and then next time you open VirtualDub you can just click load processing settings and load blah so it'll give you the exact settings you left with including the filters you selected so it actually saves quite a bit of time just saving the processing settings if not if you just open the video it'll go back to the default setting of uncompressed it won't remember the settings a few people couldn't install plug-ins in VirtualDub and it's actually very easy you just go to wherever you extracted VirtualDub you go to the plugins directory and whatever plug-in you download you put here and you extract it if it's a zip file and then when you reopen VirtualDub again you should have it in the filters list if you have a large video I recommend going to resize and make sure it's 320 by 240 if it tries to change both at the same time make sure the aspect ratio set it as disabled and I'm also going to add a filter to sharpen it because when you resize it automatically makes it quite a bit more blurry so be sure to set it as sharpened when you apply a filter to VirtualDub every single frame and the video gets processed so it doesn't matter which frame you're on it's going to get processed to apply a filter to only a section of the video go back to filters and use the new blend feature when you click blend at first it just adds a little B in brackets and it's not noticeable you can't see what the heck is happening there's no difference between input and output but if you go to view curve editor make sure it's checked it's going to give you this weird interface and you can select the filter you want basically you can shift click and form lines on this little weird interface and what it means is when the line is at the bottom the filter is not applied when it's at the top the filter is applied to its max and you can move it anywhere in between or generate your own little curves you can control click the points to make them disappear so I'm going to make make it at the bottom that means the filter is not there yet and put it at the top which means that's where the effect comes in so at this frame the effect will start to come in as you can see here if I go back a few frames it will not be there anymore so I can select whatever frame I want and to end it again I should click the top should click the bottom and there you have it


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