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VueScan is a powerful scanning application that allows you to acquire high-quality images using a flatbed or film scanner. If you are not satisfied with the software delivered by the scanner vendor or if you want to improve it with new functions you should try this program.

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The application provides the basic functions of a scanner software allowing you to change the scanning parameters such as the transparency, the resolution and the output file. You can customize the options and save them to a file that can be quickly loaded for certain media types.

Before scanning the image you can preview the original and crop the part that interests you the most. You can use one of the presets available in the program (the most commonly used photo images such as 3x5 inches or 6x9 centimeters). For bigger images you can choose multiple crop that allows you to split the image into more parts.

It is also possible to use the application to adjust the colors of the image before scanning. The program offers the option to change the color balance of the image depending on the light source or the environment of the photo. You can choose from one of the presets (fluorescent, incandescent or natural light) or manually change the brightness of every individual color (RGB).

The output image can be saved as TIFF, JPG or PDF and the properties of the file can be customized at will. For instance for a PDF file you can select the name, the compression, the paper size and you can create a multiple page document for the batch scanning jobs.

The interface comes with two display modes: simple for the average user and advanced for those who want to view all the options available in the program. This makes VueScan an easy to use program for every computer user.

To conclude, VueScan is a pretty efficient piece of software which comes bundled with a large number of customizable options. The interface is suitable to all user categories, the response time is good and the system’s performance is not going to be burdened at all.

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hey Alan here from damn good reviews today I have the software called view scan 9 this is the 64 bit professional version so if you're not familiar with you scan it's a software package that works with a variety almost probably all scanners that are out there so if you have multiple scanners existing scanners are no longer supported you might want to try view scan and that was the exact case that I ran into I have an HP 7800 scan jet which is a multi document feeding scanner and HP stopped supporting it for Windows 10 they offered a couple different options I tried a Microsoft option that just did not work with it and you know this scanner was a few hundred dollars and I really did not want to go out and spend maybe even more I got this one refurb for only a few hundred dollars new ones they're really expensive and I'm was thinking I'm like there has to be some type of way to get this to work with Windows 10 I looked for you know some other YouTube videos there are some hacks that people did that was just not easy but HP did recommend trying out view scan and I did test it so again this is view scan 9 64-bit version and now the company offers three different versions first you can always download a demo to test it out and I did that of course right off the bat really loved it worked almost instant I did realize that the demo version of course it puts a watermark but the scan speed seemed a little bit slower so we went ahead we upgraded to the professional version of this there are three options you have basic we have standard and professional and pretty much the difference between them it gives you more options of you know what you really want to do with it so this is the interface when you open it up and then if you purchase the professional version you can go back and set you know the settings for basic standard Pro depending on if you eat all those settings or not but I will say after using this the scan speed was a lot quicker and the program works flawlessly with Windows 10 and the scan jet 7,800 so if you're looking to you know for a piece of software without having to replace your scanner this may be your solution and again I tried some other solutions and they just didn't work work didn't scan right took forever this work after right after I installed it and that was also the demo version so let me just go ahead and show you real quick I I went and did one of the sheetfed scans here my horrible writing as you can see it here and then down at the bottom we have a couple different options we have our scan scan plus options plus view print save save plus so pretty much this tells the system that it's a single page this is telling it that's a multiple page document and then we can open up additional options and then we have things like view print save you know all that fun stuff and then if we want to zoom in or rotate the images after we're scanned and so that's a preview and then we can go ahead we can see the scan version of it and then right here in the basic setup we'll see that we have our source so we had a change that I have another scanner that's somewhere within the house on the network and then you would select your different modes as far as what type of scanner it is it looks at it and says okay this is the type of scanner and you know you can select it based on that even if this scanner has multiple options you can also do that as well and then we can either select auto or if we want to select if it's color gray color text you know just text by itself and I tried everything from doing bills to you know just writing something like this and even multi scanning photos and it all worked great and those were just going to PDF we can select our our batch scan if we want to do that media size or just leave it all to auto I've worked with auto everything seems to be working great same thing scan resolution depending on what you want to do the audio version seems to be running up for about 300 dpi seems perfect for you know for things like bills probably you can go down to 150 we have our default save folder file type everything from PDF JPEG to at if we want to do that and then this right here is what our PDF file name is this is a default option that's just saying we're going to do year-month-day and then this is the file number and this little plus tells it so every time you create a new file it's just going to add a number to it so it doesn't overwrite anything a couple other things here we have our basic language you know font size within the software what external viewer do we want to see and then we can go back and we can see a few other options as well so here we also have some additional options including save image we have our printer options and some other like OCR so if you're doing optical character recognition you can enable that and export files for that if you want to import additional scanners you can do that you can select additional profiles for a scanner printer if your scanner supports film and negative scanning you can do that as well so if you want to go with just a basic package if this is just enough for you then it's great but let me show you what standard does and standard you can see here he gave you a couple more options up top so basic we only have input and preferences so now let's go to standard we have things like crop maximum multi crop so that's going to you know look at like I scan those photos if I put this to auto or custom a which crop those right down by itself without having to go back into like Adobe you know Acrobat or something in our Photoshop we can do flattening we can change the color so if you're scanning some stuff and you see that the color is not really looking great you can always go ahead and fix that we still have our output information and then we have our PD PDF OCR text so it can scan it and embed OCR text right on the page as well so you have all those options really really great and some of the same ones that we saw before so now if we go back and we look at the final one which is professional now we get all these options here so this is really for somebody that wants to be able to have full control over the scanner what you're scanning and also the software we still have the same amount of options up top but everything else has opened up and honestly you know unless you're really just doing some basic stuff and all the auto is good for you I would probably just recommend going with the pro for a few extra dollars you might as well have the options there you never know what you're going to be scanning down the road so here it is we have the same info media media size but now we can select things like bits per pixel depending on you know how you know how fine you want to make those scans look also we can do batch scan scan resolution which we saw before options like auto rotate auto flip and skewing tons and tons of options and if we want we can scan and then we can say hey let's go ahead and preview or scan or and do blank page removal pretty cool stuff the auto eject you know it's depending on what type of scanner it is if it's using a film scanner or one where it actually sucks it in it can give the the information to you know to discard it and shoot it back out once it's done if we did anything with the image colors we can lock it so it's the same across the board we have our default folder PDF file name cropping options we say have a few more right here we have aspect ratios if we want to add border buffer and then the preview areas filtering always have really just a flattened option default options not too much really to vent again same thing with color we can invert that if we want and now we have tons of options with the output so we can always select our own file name allow for auto file name and select hey maybe we want to export a JPEG in a PDF at the same time we also have options for PDF size reduction right now it's on one but you can always increase that if you want to reduce the size in addition to the PDF compression if we have Auto selecting for the paper size which we saw before OCR text file so it could actually write an OCR text file when the scan or the Save button is done we can set our language for the OCR index files and as well as a raw file so that would be a raw like TIFF image which would be the scan or raw version then we can put things like description copyright all that fun stuff and then finally we have even more preferences right here so a lot of different things if we want to go ahead and you know set up buttons on the scanner of what they should do we can do that here which you don't have those options in the other versions so you see just take a look real quick we have a lot of really advanced options to have and then if you get the pro version again you can always switch back so you have less options to really have to worry about so we have we went back to the basic version if I click options it will pump that up to at least a standard version or go up to pro just another quick way to jump around we also have some quick image options here we can release the memory we can do you know things like rotate flip mirror zoom in zoom out and they have some really good help files so that in general is just a quick overview of view scan 9 again this is the 64 bit version this was recently the upgrade was recently released and now I actually see there's a very new upgrade point six five and I actually just installed this together day so we're going to get a free upgrade and this is by hamrick software so check it out download the demo if you have one of these scanners that's no longer supported by Windows 10 and I'm telling you out of testing other software that was supposed to work I had no luck I like all the options very straightforward easy to use everything from something that's basic to pro so go ahead check out view scan I really enjoy this program it's working great and it saved me sounds like a Geico commercial commercial it saved me a bunch of money not having to go out and buy a brand new scanner when I can only spend just a little bit and purchase software that's going to work with it and give me all the options and keep my scanner alive so again that's Heinrichs view scan Pro and I'm Alan from damn good reviews thanks so much for watching make sure to LIKE and subscribe right here on YouTube and we will see you soon


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