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If you're trying to solve some Windows problems and you could not find a tool that works, Windows Repair might have what it takes to do the job. The application has been developed to solve some common Windows problems, but the way it does it is really unique.

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To make sure users are on the safe side all the time, the program has been developed as a wizard, so users just need to follow some steps to repair the Windows errors.

Only that four of the five steps included in the app are actually designed to prepare you for the repairing process, so each time you're advised to either clean your system in case any infection exists on the local disks, check file system or create a backup.

The last and the most important step provides a total of three Windows repair modes, namely basic, advanced and custom.

While the basic mode runs only basic repair options and the advanced one comes with more complicated utilities, the custom version lets you pick exactly the things you need to fix.

For example, you're allowed to reset registry and file permissions, repair Windows Firewall, Internet Explorer and the HOSTS file, fix icons, proxy settings, Windows Updates and Windows Sidebar, remove temporary files, unhide non-system files, register system files or set Windows services to default startup.

Although it may sound like a waste of time, it's crucial to create a backup before attempting to fix certain errors, just to be sure no harm could be done to your system.

Simply put, Windows Repair is an easy to use and effective utility that serves its purpose in a way that makes it appropriate for all types of users.

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geeks Tim Cemetery with major geeks calm and say I'm going to take a look at Windows Repair toolbox a tool I think when I get done with you you're going to wonder how you worked without it it's a very small file it's an installer and essentially all it is as simple as it may sound is shortcuts to Windows utilities that are built-in as well as anything you can download portable and possible so you can take this on-site with you put it on a computer and rather than going I hate to say it to major geeks and downloading utilities over and over and over again you can just grab them real quick long as you have an internet connection and off you go so it's broken down under the Tools Hardware useful tools repairs on installers windows utilities and backup and recovery by clicking on anything it will offer to download it lining your mouse over will tell you what it is in case you don't recognize it let's go under malware removal I've already downloaded a few things for this video our kill if when I click it you'll briefly see this light up it's a small program it comes quick it will download it and it will run it so here we go click and now it's going to run in the background just like that okay and done so that's all done with let's say one of the few programs and examples malwarebytes that is not portable it will warn you that let you install as you can see I already did that once here for example so once you click yes it will install it again everything is portable wherever possible hitman pro as you can see it's 11 Meg's it's downloading it here and you just wait a minute until it's finished up if it's portable it'll run there you go next up custom tools I didn't play with this too much it does show that apparently you can download a custom XML file it would appear that you can customize anything you want as far as what kind of tools you're going to run in any job site so that is pretty handy oops hit the wrong button there I want to stop recording yet now here's one of my favorite things so let's say remove some malware you had let's say problems we with drivers exclamation points missing stuff let's say service packs you may had a service pack where malware wasn't allowing it to install more importantly the Action Center so you can just click it real fast you don't have to go dig around for it and you can make sure the firewalls re-enabled whatever problems that you had from malware for example so it's pretty cool it's going to test almost everything maybe your zip files again malware will tend to do that your zip files file associations were gone now you can see that it's working so it's a great way to just run through test stuff out when you're completed so rather than walk away and forget something you can just kind of skim this and say you know hey is a Microsoft Word working it wasn't before yes it is in Adwords and forward you go notes is great as you can see you can sit here and type any kind of notes save them for later if you have specific stuff you need to remember and coming back to computers I don't know about you but I've got quite a few customers where you never fix the computer once it's always a couple of times so I should have mentioned two since I accidentally closed this it will check for definitions automatically on update as well pretty neat right something you could take on the job sure I ready to download everything from major geeks what you're going to do this works really really good so some of your settings nothing too major clearing your downloads clearing your tests custom tools if you want to cut down on the usage of the program you can remove all of these so that it's not showing you all the things that you saw here I might speed it up a little bit but it's nice and a little bit of the about so the program is completely free the guy takes donations it's hard pressed not to slip the guy five ten twenty bucks because wow this can save you a lot of time there we go download just for fun we have to get that net for it it's annoying I just like it you can just grab whatever you want real quick and easy and run look at that how you going to beat it so there you go this is a tech for a tool for text and frankly I think it's tool for everybody so I love it check it out it's totally free stop by major geeks pretty solid five stars so far thanks for watching take a second to subscribe on YouTube and watch the rest of our videos thanks again see you next time


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