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The “Print Screen” button can get you out of sticky situations when testing applications. However, there are utilities that further extend this basic function. Wink is one of them, a small and useful tool that enables you to record desktop action or Windows applications, in order to create tutorials or animations in Flash.

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This type of software is ideal for users who want to create "how-to" or demonstration videos, and share them online.

The user interface is standard, but simple to use. The user guide is nicely drawn, and Wink keeps in mind the fact that there are some users who have never used such a program.

When you bring up the new project wizard, you can enable screenshot capturing, audio recording, but you can also hide the Wink window.

In addition, you can customize screen size, current mouse position, and timed capture rate (capture a continuous animation), while input-driven capture (used to create tutorials) can be taken at a mouse click or key press.

Once a tutorial or basic animation is complete, you can customize it by adding text boxes, images, preset shapes, previous or next button, go to URL or go to frame button, by removing the mouse cursor etc.

In addition, when you create multiple tutorials by using the same pattern, you don't have to redefine it every time. Just create a template and save it.

A file can be exported as HTML, PDF or PostScript, but it's simpler to save it as a Flash file if you plan on using it on websites. The size of your output file depends on the FPS (frames per second) and the multitude of colors you are using.

To sum things up, Wink is an excellent program for recording animations and tutorials, and we haven't encountered any problems during its testing. It's provides an excellent environment for both beginners and experts alike, with various useful tools put at your disposal.

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every one so I got a new addition to my smart home today and picked up a Wink relay actually got it for my birthday so happy birthday to me this will go well with the hub we have ten bulbs and we have a couple of dimmer switches and nest and a nest camp so even nest thermostat nest cam so this would be this will give the ability for the family to control the lights and do some other cool stuff you know from the wall and not to worry about having a smartphone on you so you know it's one thing I really want to do is give other people in the house the ability to control some of the settings and go to some you know do shortcuts from the wall and I have to worry about you know plunge phone always carry your smartphone with you so let's check it out by the way I got this at Home Depot I think the regular price at least a sticker price was $1.99 however I went in there yesterday the guy said it was 159 but when I rang it up it rang up at 139 so I don't know if that's how it is it everywhere but um we paid 139 for this alright so let's go over the top the Box your real quick we've got he's got two smart switches on the front so these will turn whatever device you plug that's taken over the wall outlet this will actually turn those devices into two smarts which is that's pretty cool it's got a microphone and speaker so I don't know how that's being used to heard it wasn't actually being used it but we will check it out I'll do another review after its installed it on the wall and of course got the touchscreen panel it's kind of gives you all the same features at your phone we give you on the app and it's got temperature sensors so it's got humidity and temperatures built-in too as well and it's also got a motion sensor so that it wakes it up alright so on the side here what does it say says it comes with the Wink a pretty that's obviously right and the contents the box looks like it's got the relay itself the you know the in-wall module and yeah let's check it out okay so we got a instruction manual here it actually looks like in his installation I'm sure you get to install it with a common wire yep turn off the breaker it's not like I'm a wire it's pretty straightforward we'll see how that goes all right nice little foam squishy case here it'll protect your screen cover all right there it is all right well picking it up feels uh feels pretty light you know it doesn't feel cheap by any means it's got that nice kind of Apple feel to it buttons are nice and big obviously easy to do easy to push in yeah so not much to it um it's just a lot lighter than I expected I thought you know have a little bit of little bit of weight to it but uh it's pretty simple and inside here we've got a box looks like actually what is this here that's the user guide for that fancy little tiny box man what's in this guy a baby manual literally sweets user guide all right I'm installation again case the other sheet was just a little bit too big that's cool okay there's your comment hot yeah grounded wire testing the lights getting it set up and then yeah so underneath this these are nice foam Pickers man that's case nice blocks do that look at that I love things that come with a screwdriver the Netscape me one too and it was really cool this is it's a slick pretty solid okay so it comes with a screwdriver that's cool yes there's this fit there's a special name of these plugs but these are these are great yeah it's nice okay good deal so it comes with that so you can tie into your existing wiring Oh actually the junction box comes with nice mayonnaise are helpful much better than the twisty ones look at that looks like it's a nicely labeled here line cool good deal a little bag here what is this sucks screws yep okay that screws for these right here I'm not sure what this is what is this it's just a wire stripper Oh being a man 139 it comes with a screwdriver and wire cutter wire strippers look at that huh was not expecting to see that in here that's pretty slick cool and these are that looks like the yeah the plates the you add on to fill in the gaps so I've got a perfect spot in the house for this and cool let's uh here it is here is the one and only lovely looking week relay installed on the wall and ready to go just let you guys know the install went fairly well I installed it yesterday did have a little bit of issues I had some issues with the wall behind it more or less and and the relay box being crooked so I wanted to correct that how to do some things behind the wall to make it look level because it is such a large outside panel this is going over a two gang box and because it's the size if it's any kind of you know if it's off kilter a little bit it's very noticeable I'm supposed to you when it looks like an art piece on your wall you want to be level so that's most of the reissue side installing it otherwise it went fairly well one thing to notice is whenever you're tightening the junction box don't over tighten one or two screws you can actually bow it and cause the censors to not touch correctly I mean this is really true for anything that true this is true for the nest thermostat as well it has a similar type junction box used on the back and then the relay clicks on top of it and you know the contacts you know makes contact with the units and turns itself on so as you see just turn yourself off I've been having some issues with this there is a proximity sensor on top here that is working now and if you wave your hand over it it gives you the time and it gives you the weather and location it does not use a date kind of cool is went through in the date here I mean they might as well but that is what wakes up the device that is what you see so in just case you don't know this takes over this took over to King box it can take over one gang and it's got spacers on each side of the back here which kind of supports it against the wall and it turns whatever this takes over and do Smart Switches so let's be honest I got this for 139 at Home Depot and that's a pretty good deal considering you get a tablet on the wall and two Smart Switches so this was on sale at Home Depot for 130 ton 139 and it's worth checking out I got it for birthday present so this obviously was a great present and I appreciate it thank you and this device is it's great looking so I wanted it mainly because I wanted to give my family control of the shortcuts I've created and that is all this thing does so let's be honest this thing touts it's got a microphone it's got a speaker as all these basically technologies built into it allows it to do a lot of stuff but they're completely untapped at this moment Wink does not allow any access to the microphone or speaker there's no functionality in it in fact when I got it home after reading to the manual it also has a proximity Bluetooth sensor so based on the device and who's near or who's in approximately of it you can have it do certain things that currently does not work it'd be so cool if it did because that is a feature that I think most people would find useful so let's kind of go over so like I said it is just a relay all this is doing is basically giving you access to your shortcuts on a wall panel and it looks pretty so a lot of people are turned off by the fact that it doesn't have much more function other than that you cannot set up groups of lights you cannot set up shortcuts or robots through this itself you must do that from the app and then it displays back here but that being said it's very cool I love this thing it feels good by the way once you touch it it does wake it up the screen is glass and I would say it kind of feels like it maybe a gin one or two iOS device so the clarity I don't if you can tell from the camera is is very crisp it's the contrast isn't too great you know at night you can kind of see the black has a glow to it so it's not a pure black but the quality of the screen is pretty good for what you pay for and you can sell it has no problem with my movements you know so let's just go ahead and show off the functions of this I'm going to go ahead and dim down the cam a little bit here so you can see the icons better okay so like I said once you wake the relay up you get your little Wink logo that's cool you get your time you get the location with the temperature and it's as clear so if it's writing I'm guessing it's going to say training or if it's cold and snowing it's going to say snow not really sure where this is getting information but that temperature is a little bit off my nest currently is showing 56 and I've got an outside temperature showing 56 as well so this is off currently I may try to switch locations to a different City lino local near us and try to get it a more accurate so you know as the shortcuts come up and you all your shortcuts here are available through left and right swipe you can hold and reorder these shortcuts which i think is cool but another bug I found was I reorder them last night and this morning came to find out that they were all jumbled and not in order anymore so I don't know if it rebooted I don't know if that's going to continue to be a problem this is my second date with it so we'll see how that goes so you have left and right swipe of the shortcuts and you also have up/down swipe swiping up gives you your history so this is going to show you everything that your hub and home home system has been doing it's kind of cool I mean it gives you an idea what happens throughout the night you know what turned on what turned off you know if there's motion detected it's cetera so it gives you a quick list of what happened I like having that it's handy obvious wipe down you get your listed devices so this is kind of cool so if you do want to have some more individual control here you can so other than just shortcuts you can actually go into your lights control manually each one of lights we have ten lights and we've got most of our lights in groups all of our lamps are in the lamps the kitchen lights in a group the bed lamps are in a group outdoor lights or a group or can just turn them all off seems that works so everything works good there if you swipe over shows you the so let's kind of go through this I do have a camera if you click on the hub there's no configure no configuration ability here you can just click on the hub and show you what's connected so it just kind of shows you what device you who connected of course the lights I just showed you the relay itself is going to show you what's hooked up to the year two smart smart switches here so these are not dimmers they are just simply on and off and they control what took over this gang box so entry light on works great ceiling fan on works great sling fan is spinning but it's cold in here so to turn it off and we swipe over yeah that's going to give us our sensors and thermostats so even though my nest is about 15 feet away from here it does give the option to control your thermostat this would be great if you had this in your master bedroom or be beheaded upstairs you get two of them so you know it does give you your nest control here which is cool and sensor so sensors it's going to actually pull a temperature and humidity sensor from the relay itself so this thing has Wi-Fi ZigBee z-wave it's got bluetooth and it's got temperature humidity sensor and it's got a proximity sensor as well so things kind of loaded up with sensors which is cool so it does give you an average temperature and it's basing that average temperature in the house off what the relay is telling me it is and off what the nest thermostat is telling us it is and humidity is being so need to pursue it's a little high I'm not sure that's correct or not and it shows me the sound detection and motion detection 42 minutes ago and 32 minutes ago okay so that's my devices and honestly that is really it I'll go through the settings but this is it I mean this is the 90% of time you're going to want access to this you're just going to be able to walk up to it find what you want to do my shortcuts I've got four kitchen on kitchen off you know lamps on lamps off that's all the lamps in the house all lights on one percent I can turn on my garage lights I could Tim to 45% I could dim the whole house to 22% which is automatically happening with a schedule right now at nine o'clock movie time is this anything I've got that kind of shuts off the lights in the living room dims it down puts all the lights at a really really low setting so you can still get around the house but perfect for laying in living room watching movies I got a personal setting here for cooking is they like to cook inside the kitchen I like to spend time Jam music so kind of saying just for me conference also Lance down but makes it through the kitchen is bright and I got a good night setting so this good night setting will shut all the lights off and eventually once I get door locks will you know lock the doors so there are my shortcuts let's go ahead and go to the settings now you're real kind of limited here you don't have a whole lot of options there could be a lot more stuff they could put in here you know but what you do get is time and temperature settings so y'all going to adjust you know that they 24 12 hour time display I could adjust the temperature units from Fahrenheit to Celsius and a location Wi-Fi settings are in here so if you ever change your Wi-Fi you know or do you change the password you can go through here and set it up general settings and give you a bit information about the device give you the name of the relay software version firmware IP address MAC address Bluetooth MAC address and terms and conditions and this software update I can actually do a software update manually here which is cool a lock mode this is actually allow you to lock it and actually set you out set up a pin so you have to put in a pin to unlock this being helpful if you had teenagers or kids that were constantly trying to Jack with it and mess with a house so if you don't want them to mess with it set up a pin but to me that just it's just that turn-off for my family to use it you know it's just one more thing they have to fumble through to actually is I want this to be open and in the central location so people can actually get used to using it and then you have your account information then we go back the only other study we have is screen wake up actually change it from proximity to on tap I've changed it back and forth they try to get rid of the issue I had with the approximately not working the screen staying on but so far I want the proximity to work so that's what I've got it set to hit done and there you have it so you've got a smart device on your wall $435 looks a bit nicer than hanging a tablet on your wall I guess but like I said the features are lacking there's this thing is really loaded up with some features that are untapped and the software is not taking any advantage of it a really wish link would hurry up and get an update for it in fact the outside of the box even said microphone and speaker so you know they're kind of displaying or advertising the fact that it's got the capabilities of being used as an intercom or you know some sort of a sound device on the outside front of the box and there is absolutely no functionality whatsoever within the relay at this current moment to use any of that stuff


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