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DVD authoring has evolved from being a job for professionals to a task approachable by the average user and it turns out it can be a pleasant, hassle-free activity, too, with software such as WinX DVD Author at hand. The application allows you to personalize your home videos with menus, chapters and then burn them to a DVD disc.

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WinX DVD Author was for a long time a shareware product, but since version 5.9, it became a free of cost application, which makes it all the more appealing and worthy of a try. The software is more like a suite that includes a DVD authoring utility, a VOB converter, a VOB to DVD compiler and a DVD disc burner. All of these are accessible from the main window of the software, where they are listed neatly, allowing you to launch them individually.

Obviously, the most attractive of its features is the one that allows you to author your videos with DVD menus and chapters and it comes in the form of a three-step wizard. In the first step, you need to add the video files that you wish to include in the project, while the second step consists of creating the actual DVD menu. The background can be chosen from the six available templates or it can be an image of your own choice. The menu can consist of text and video items, which can be moved freely on the DVD background. To top it off, you can also add audio files to create a unique atmosphere when you watch the final product.

The chapters can be added only at timed intervals and they are limited to two for each of the videos. The burning process occurs in the third and last step, where you can choose the burning speed, the output format and the encoder engine.

The Video to VOB converter will allow you to encode various formats to VOB format and it does not include any type of editing or personalization, while the VOB to DVD compiler is very much similar to the DVD authoring utility, discussed above. The DVD Disc Burner does exactly what it name states, it allows you to add a DVD folder or a bunch of VOB files to be burned on a blank DVD.

WinX DVD Author was designed for home users who want to make the most of their memories by creating a personalized DVD. It also includes a converter and burner, which can only add up to its value.

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hello YouTube Dalton beavers here and today I'm recording a review for win X DVD author now this is a free DVD burner and it's actually quite quite good compared to other free ones it can actually convert video to fob files or it could compile a FOB file to a DVD folder and then in which you can burn the DVD folder to a disc but it's a lot easier and simpler to just burn all the files straight to the DVD and skipping these steps although they're useful for certain jobs certain requirements but they're not really essential anyways to use the program you just click this button right here now it's very simple it looks complicated but it's not to add a file you simply come over here to the add clips and I'm going to add this video of my dog mr. Wiggles yes mr. Wiggles I actually like this menu system because you could set up the files differently and it's different than most um video compilers and video DVD authors but I like it it's not not too bad um this one stands out though because you can actually add subtitle files which not many DVD authors allow or can even do but this one is very nice they can even add different types of languages and you can have four to three standard def or widescreen HD all you got to do is click Next and you begin the second this is interesting really the video is going to be your play function so you can make it as large you want I'm just going to make it where it needs to be to where it fits the frame 720p and then I'm going to place it right here at the top the back button is going to go right here you can add a chapter menu this movie is only going to have one chapter I think it automatically does it for you but since this is such a small movie it's like 30 seconds long it's just going to do it by itself so I'm just going to tinker around with this you can add music if you would like you could set up the chapter menu you can even add different hours and segments of a how you want to split the movie up different backgrounds you can make your own you can use your own backgrounds for for the menus I'll use the Joker for this one and it's actually really just really nice now I'm recording in 720p so it's hard for me to navigate this thing but hang on let me just move my taskbar down all right click next and it brings up I already have a DVD in my computer you have to have a blank one if you guys have never made of DVD before and I always use higher video quality even though it takes a while but it works better all you do is select where your DVD is and then click start and it burns it to the DVD and I'll come back to when this gets done it shouldn't take too long alright YouTube I am back it just finished once it finishes it automatically spits the disc out so I'm going to close out of the program and just put the disc back in so you can see how it works umm play the DVD movie here's your menu let's play is the video and it works pretty good again it's free so if you don't feel like paying for it there you go um I'm going to get it you pull up your browser I'm going to have the links to the download in the description below but the website is Winx not Winx DVD comm they have a bunch of products I'm going to be reviewing Duty Ripper in DVD Video Converter but those two costs money to get the free one go to to get the free author go to products scroll down it'll be at this one right here when X DVD author just download it download should not take you too long double-click the installation file click OK click Next except next next next next and install and that's pretty much it it's the Dalton beavers thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe thumbs up this video comment and see you next time later


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