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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a DVD tearing undelete that enables you to extract footage what from Turturro or ISO pictures and convert it multiple production metadata, such as AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP etc.

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The initiative is very easy to try, as it provides a simple interface, which makes it suitable for both luging and advanced consumers. First, you have to browse for the desired disks, perception or folder that you want to rip. Then, you can select one of the many production metadata, including common that but also compatible metadata for gadgets such as iPad, ipad and iPod, Apple Cbs, HTC and Samsung Android. In meantime to this, you can extract the footage document from a selected footage.

For each production kind, you have multiple alternatives available, such as footage and footage kind, amount, test percentage, perception setup and footage measure. Deinterlacing and forcing footage-footage syncing are also on the blacklist.

The convert way is rather fast and you can choose to shut down the laptop when finished, which really comes in handy if you are tearing a large proportion of folder. Furthermore, you can stop the way anytime you want if you changed your thinking.

A certain plus is that you can try WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for DVD copying, in that to create undelete and protect your statistics. You can copy only the main what or just some championships. Also included is the likelihood to extract the language as well as way DVD disks into ISO pictures.

Another thing that makes this initiative noticed is the likelihood to set a naming blueprint, in that to better organize the production folder.

Combining ease of try with a large proportion of useful functionality, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is an all-in-one and highly customizable app that helps you rip and backup your Turturro with minimum document kind losses.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review

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alright guys I've got a software review for you again today the software I'm reviewing today is called wit X DVD Ripper and this is the Platinum version basically to get right into it what this software does and you can see a little bit from their website here it backs up or rips any DVDs that you have and that includes is OS so basically what you can do is take a DVD or an ISO that you've created personally it also works with commercial or what you would call a mainstream DVD to make up backups or rips of those as well so I don't want to spend a whole lot of time on the website here but I just did want to show you and I will put the link for the site in the description it there's a couple different versions they have in a couple of different recommended products but to get right into the DVD Ripper you can come to the website here and it will kind of give you a brief overview of all the features and the functionality of it and and kind of exactly what it can do when some of the technology that they have behind it but I think rather what I'm going to show you is just show you the program itself so you can see I have it here running basically there are a whole bunch of different settings that you can play with to get this thing to work exactly how you like or if there's something you'd like to tweak but I'd say for 99% of the users out there you're simply going to take your DVD and just simply start and run it as you can see the big Run button so what I'm going to do is insert a DVD into my computer so this is actually a physical DVD it's not iso when it's not a digital DVD and I'm just going to let it boot up here and so then what you'll go ahead do is click on disc once you've had your disc inserted and then it will pull up and here's my VLC trying to play the DVD so you can see it is a real real DVD that I've inserted so what you do is would want to go ahead and select the DVD we want and this is where it's going to come into the customization and exactly see what all kinds of features are available so first of all you see this whatever what is the output that you'd want to put it in what format do you want to put in most people I think when they're ripping DVDs they just want to put it in a a lot of devices can handle mp4s which is a little bit better but basically you go down here on the left-hand side and this is where I really like this software because it's really intuitive and it's really easy to use basically what you could do is if say I want to I'm going to go on a trip and I want to rip this DVD and watch it on my Android tablet so basically I come down here and I see where do what do I have an Android pad so a tablet so I click the Android tablet tab and then it will take me here to a list of Android devices so basically what you do is go down and pick the device that you have or what would be closest to it so actually what I might do is I'm going to instead of my tablet on this trip I'm going to take my phone so I'm going to click Android mobile and then the closest one I have here would probably be the HTC mobile so then you can go on here and choose a little bit more in detail of exactly what you'd like to change with it or what kind of settings you'd like to choose I'm going to leave everything on default because I think for most users that's going to be satisfactory so we'll just click OK and then you can go in here you can see you can actually just do certain scenes or certain features of it and we'll just for this like I said I'm just going to leave it blank the first one was going to do the whole DVD for us you can see subtitles are disabled if I want to put the english subtitle on there if that is pre encoded in the DVD or or if it's an ISO if you have the subtitle file you can do that so I'm going to turn the subtitles on and then basically there are some other options you can get into but like I said there's nothing really that is needed the only thing you might want to choose is if you have a really limited or you have really limited resources as far as computer hardware you can change the core usage down to 1 or 2 or 3 it'll just run a little bit slower and the quality might lack a little bit I'm going to leave it on 4 and then I'm going to go ahead and click run so now you can see this process actually doesn't take all that long to just to get started and when it analyzes this at first it will take a couple minutes but you can see there's just a couple options here the first one is shut down computer when the conversation or the conversion is completed so usually I don't I don't do that because I don't want my computer to shut off but maybe if you were going to do this before you go to bed it could be worth you know just choosing that option go to bed and then you know your computer shuts off the other one that's on by default is to open the output folder when the conversion is completed I usually leave that on just because I'm going to end up open it anyway and you just going to want to test it but you can see it's already up to three percent they advertise that they have a mode and I don't know if it's the default mode but it only takes up to five minutes to burn a DVD or I'm sorry to rip a DVD so you can see it is pretty quick and what I'm going to do is I'm going to pause my video for just a minute or two and let this finish up and then as soon as it finishes I want to show you guys the example ripping the AVI that I let it rip to so will kind of just leave it for now and I'll come back in a couple minutes all righty so I actually have to apologize in advance I wanted to resume the video recording at the right at the end of the process here but it actually ripped so quickly that I didn't have a chance to so I will admit that I'm actually fairly impressed at how how quickly it ripped it was just over five minutes so what they advertised is correct so once I just want to show you here the finalization of the process so it's actually finished ripping completely so we just want to click OK and then because we left that setting on to open up the file it's going to open up my Windows Explorer fil err here and show me exactly where the the finished output file is located so we can come in here and open it and so you can see by default the resolution is very small and that is actually on purpose because that's what I chose for my device was my Android phone so you can expand it a little bit in the the wrist I'm going to turn it down a little bit here the resolution is it's smaller but it's definitely not unwatchable and you can see we hard-coded in those subtitles so the subtitles are always going to be in are included in this video file whenever you watch it but basically so what you do and I'll show you how to do an alternative version of that so if we want to come back in here we can actually go in here and manually change the settings so if I want to start out by this HTC mobile the general format you can come in here and change everything from the bitrate you can change the aspect ratio if you know you want a widescreen or you don't want it widescreen you can change the frames per second you can change the resolution itself so there is a lot you can do with it but like I said at the beginning there's not a whole lot that you need to change if you want to go back you can like if I want to do an Android tablet you can set it that and you'll see the the frames look like they stayed the same but I think the resolution so it's just going to keep the original resolution on that which is going to make it a little higher so there is quite a bit of customization that you can do but like I said for the most part I think just putting it in and choosing avi and just running it to rip it is going to be is going to fit all the needs that you do it that you're going to be required as far as like just backing up the DVD or making an extra copy or whatever it is that you need to do with it so I definitely would recommend this software it works flawlessly and very quickly you can come to their website here it's just win X DVD comm and this specific product is is forward slash DVD - Ripper - platinum I will put the link for that in the in the description you can come here and see it is usually $60 but they have it on sale for only $39 and I kind of to kind of justify the price in my head I always think as a DVD is going to be at least 15 or 20 dollars and to back that DVD up so you have an exact copy of it it's only going to take two and a half DVDs and you're going to make your money back right away so if you are interested in having several backups of DVDs or backups of several or several DVDs themselves I think it's definitely worth it as long as you're going to do at least two DVDs it's going to pay for itself right away so I'll go ahead and put the link in the description and go ahead and check it out guys and if you have any questions let me know or they have a great team of support on their website here you can come here they have some fa Q's and user guides definitely check it out if you have any questions and I think you really enjoy it


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