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There are various compression tools out there that give you the possibility to not only reduce the amount of space taken by files on your hard disk drive, but also prevent them from being infected by malicious software. One such utility that has made a name throughout the years is WinZip, offering a lot more helpful tools than ever.

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Running the application brings up a modernly designed interface with features cleverly stored in an upper toolbar with intuitive icons, each found in dedicated categories. The workspace is merely a list that displays files that are about to undergo archiving or extraction, along with related info such as name, type, size, path and more.

Available compression methods include maximum, enhanced deflate, super fast, or no compression in order to better suit your needs. However, seeing how most storage devices are capable of containing large amounts of data, this should not be a great concern. It does a good job, reducing file size by a decent amount, featuring support for most archive formats used today.

The overall process is done fast, be it archiving or extraction, but at the cost of a considerable amount of system resources. When this is done, a post-process screen is displayed with helpful info regarding before and after changes that were made, including size.

Since data transfer can be done through an abundance of methods, such as disk drive, removable devices and even various cloud services, WinZip manages to stay one step ahead of its competitors by offering full support for sharing, hence the name of the first file menu: unzip/share.

The application is suitable for both at home and work environments due to the variety of tools it offers. Adding files to get them ready for compression can be done via drag and drop, as well as from the integrated context menu entry.

Items you add can quickly be shared with your friends or business associates via your preferred email account, various social networks, as well as your personal cloud service. Additional tools let you have image files automatically resized to several preset resolutions and even fitted with a watermark, as soon as they are added to the process.

Security is always a concern, that's why an integrated function gives you the possibility to have files encrypted so only you have access to them. Moreover, there is even a converter you can use to turn common Office suite documents to the PDF format.

To sum it up, WinZip not only manages to live up to expectations, but also to impress with the amount of tools it comes equipped with. This makes it a lot more than a simple compression utility, quickly going down the path of being a powerful office assistant. A lot more can be said, but the true magic is discovering the potential of WinZip once more by yourself.

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compressing and extracting files is a necessity these days everyone uses zip and rar formats although there are several free and paid tools that will allow you to do the job today we'll be taking a look at a very professional option which has a lot of features this is Leo from file critic and today we'll be reviewing one zip 20 Pro wind zip is really easy to operate on the left-hand side you have your file explorer where you can select the files that you want added to your new zip file and in the middle you have the contents of your zip file and on the right hand side you have the other actions that you might want to apply to your particular zip file so let me show you an example here so let's go to our frequent folders let's say and let's go to this wallpapers folder and let's say I want this background file to be added to my zip file so all I have to do is basically drag and drop this or I can just add it to zip I mean I can go to Windows Explorer and drag-and-drop or I can just hit add to zip here and it automatically shows me the amount of space the original file used to take and how much space it's going to take when compressed so based on this graph I can decide whether or not I need to compress this file so this is something really handy and I like the way it's visually represented so that it's easy for everyone to understand now once you have added the file now you can decide whether you want to encrypt it if you do you have several option you can check your encryption settings and you can select a 256 bit AES encryption or a 128-bit encryption or a legacy encryption and you can directly also share the zip you can email it instant message share it on social media Facebook Twitter whatever you like and you can also reduce photos you can convert to PDF and you can even add a watermark of your own and once you're ready all you have to do is select save as if you want to just store it on your computer you can give it any name you like you can call it new zip my zip whatever you want and well there you have it your file is now successfully compressed now you can open the file using wind zip and well we're just using the file rated version so we have to skip the dialog and now you can see the contents of the file and you can extract it if you like you can just extract it again to the desktop or unzip it although the primary purpose of this program is to zip and unzip files that is not all that it can do there are a lot of Advanced Options like the ability to backup your files you can create or edit backups you can select any location and it will back it up automatically for example you can select your document folder and then you can just decide what type of backup you want and you can select the method of compression and you can set a password for it if you like or you can just leave it open and you can select the destination folder and basically do a backup of your files it's fully customizable now then it has a lot of cool tools like these you can create a multi-part zip file over there like five or ten different archives and they all extract into one collection of files or you can create a self-extracting exe archive which does not require one zip or any other decompressor program to be installed in order to be used and well it even has a small performance scan which analyzes your system and tells you if you have any junk files or folders any traces even registry errors and fragments so analyze this alot of stuff and allows you to fix it and if you go into the advanced settings you can see you can decide what should be the split for creating multi-part zip files you can select any size and megabytes or even gigabytes whatever size he suits you best and you can select the compression type and there are a lot of cool Advanced Options here so there you have it that's my overview of WinZip 20 pro this tool has a lot of competition because there's winrar there's 7-zip i would recommend checking out those programs as well but as far as this tool is concerned it does have a complete package and for anyone who wants to do a bit more than just you know zip and unzip files which pretty much any software can do this is a nice option so I hope you enjoyed this review check out our written review at file credit comm as usual there's a lot of great content at our website so hopefully I'll see you there and in the next video this is Leo signing out


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