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Designing a website is indeed a job that takes a lot of time if you wish to build something really nice looking, but there are a lot of software solutions out there meant to help you in this regard.

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WYSIWYG Web Builder is an application created to be used mainly by beginners because you don't have to be proficient in HTML to use it. Everything can be controlled with your mouse, so there's no problem if you're not into coding too much.

The application supports most things you usually see on the Internet such as forms, banners, Flash video players, captchas, images, buttons, YouTube content, photo galleries and so much more.

Of course, it all comes down to the users and their needs because WYSIWYG Web Builder can rise up to the expectations and help in any regard, as long as it's addressed to web designing.

The interesting thing is that the program even comes with PayPal eCommerce integration, which means you can place a Buy Now button on your website, or all the other PayPal utilities, such as View Cart, Subscription, Donation and Add to Cart.

Just as expected, since we are talking about a rather powerful application, there are a lot of other handy tools in there, such as the page weight viewer to see the size of the page elements, sitemaps, link checker, search index and extension manager.

That being said, WYSIWYG Web Builder is certainly a product that is worth trying. The strong feature pack and the ease of use make this software suited for all users and the output meets modern standards, so it may very well be considered one of the top picks in its category.

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hello and welcome to the second part of this video tutorial on creating a website with what-you-see-is-what-you-get web builder so let's go into the web builder again here and we're going to create a website from scratch so this is familiar with you guys have you've learned through this the first video I'll go through it really quickly again the toolbox is all your tools you need to build your website over here your site manager is your actual pages of your website and the properties of the pages of the web page you're working on so let's go into file up here new website so from here we're going to create a simple template for our classic car web site that we're going to upload to our server later on so let's go in here to toolbox and let's go down to some drawings and grab a see here what we can use let's grab a shape so just gonna make a shape here and we're going to go down and maybe make it a thousand by a thousand there's a thousand there and our website's almost a thousand so just gonna copy this and paste it so we'll have two of them there so this is going to be like our sides of our page now from here this one's a little longer okay so let's just double click this one here and let's make it two-tone colors so let's go with the blue feeling blueish today and grab this one here let's grab this one blue or we can make it different color to make it even more funkier so there we are we have our basic template so far you can use let's go down here and let's grab the local tool right here under our extensions like this and we'll go in here and what kind of shape do we want and we'll make a star let's go with a five-point erse star okay and we're gonna call our website Steve's classic cars and it's lower our text size a bit because it's not going to fit on top the star we can stretch the star anyways now let's make the shuttle effect a little different so we want this to stand out a bit so let's do an offset a bit on the shadow so it kind of stands out of it there we are so there's our logo and now we can change the color of this logo as well we can make it a mixed we can do a border around it let's do a color hmm let's make it funky let's do lime and so there we are we have kind of a funky ish little border there now we have our ruler across the top so we can actually line it up where we want so before we continue this and see what this looks like in our browser so let's go ahead and preview it in our browser and there it is cool okay so when we viewed the page is kind of - left we don't like that so what we're going to do is we're going to Center it in the center of our web browser so it's going to be like that when people look at our web site so in here we're going to go to site manager right click our page page properties center page we're going to go down here we're going to go Center this page in the browser window horizontally okay preview it again and voila now there we are we're in the center of the page okay so now we're back to our go-to here doctor our work area here now take note the toolbox if you want to leave it open just hit that little button right there and they'll stay open it just moves the actual work area over and you can do the same thing for this over here as well and for your properties you could do the same thing so now you get your properties and you get your page everything right there which is nobody it's a little easier to work with as well so what else are we going to do with our website well again what we can do is we can make a couple pizzas and pages up we can make one up from scratch over here a new page new page from template let's try that one first of all we'll just make a brand new page up blank page and we'll also make it one up from a template and here's our templates we could use just for our page so we want a different template for different pages as grab this one right here there we have it so this is our other page our page one is blank this is our home page which is our index page which is the main page of our website so let's go in and grab a menu and we'll start Mae gang up some kind of a simple website here just going to navigation bar this is a pretty good one double click that we're going to go over here we're going to edit this we're going to call this let's go write cars we're going to edit this one right here this other one here and to call it blue cars silly I know just for an example and we're going to call this green cars so we've got three pages if we got to we got to make one more up and we'll this button forward will just remove so do we want to look like that there or do we want to look horizontally and how about the color of it so we going to the style let's change the we can change the kind of button stylish we'll do that and we'll change the actual color of it since we're over here let's make it a red one and when someone Hoover is over top of this make it agree okay so we can go like this here or we can go over here and make it a vertical and our menu okay so we got red blue and green cars this page here let's rename it to red let's rename this one here to blue and we're going to clone one page we're going to clone the index page so this is our clone page now I'm going to rename this one to green okay so we're back to our home there's our red there's our blue there's our green and there's our home page so let's double click this go to our red edit we're going to do an internal web page redirection select red okay okay and we're going to go to blue do the same thing really quickly here and we're going to go to green they're rare and we should always add something at the beginning home so we can select this and our index is our home page so if we don't like that position of what we can just take that and move it up and there we have it so now if you get stuck on the red page you have no way to get back home so let's go here and let's take this let's copy this menu put it here on the red page put it here on the blue page and this one's already here because we copied it well we're just going to take this one out and put this one up here plus preview our entire webpage down and see what it looks like ok it's in the center that's good home we got the green when we hover over top it's going to the red cars Wow let's go back home let's go to our blue cars which should be that one we brought in let's go to our green cars that's the one we copied and from our green cars let's go to our red cars let's go back home so there you have it there's redirection and there's pages made up very simple let's bring in another menu a gold menu we talked about this earlier let's show you how it works in action so we can add red blue green and we just take this one edits selects red boom-boom blue edits select from our internal website blue and we'll go green there we are so now we have a M oldest change of color because this is white on white so we can move it around put it wherever we want the background color is what I want oops background orange okay perfect okay from here we could bring an mp3 player in if you want if you want us to some cool tunes while they're looking at our classic cars just double click it and you just browse for your songs you want to put in there and then that's about it it's pretty simple now the most important thing I forgot to show you is the actual help up here which is very very good there their help menu is very good so if you want to type in here you go a search and save you're having a hard time making up forms just hit forms and there's lots of stuff on forms lots of stuff and the explanations and examples of this show you are very very helpful so let's just go through this really really quickly all these tools up here all your in soap insert buttons and everything else most of the stuff up here you can actually change your toolbox around as well so if you want to view more tools you can add more tools up here or over there you can rearrange this whole thing whatever way you want make it easier for you to work with over here is all your basic tools that you use on a regular basis your site manager is all your pages and again you can put it nested in one you can nest and another one you can keep on going just like that there on the right-hand side use your page you're working on its properties over here is the preview and over here is the publish button so when you hit the publish button you'll actually publish it once you set up your FTP server FTP server then it'll go to your hosting account and let's see there's anything else here if you made a video this like I'm doing right now and I'm going to put it on YouTube I would just take the YouTube and drag it over like this oops that was a minuet Windows Media Player let's say they grabbed the right one here YouTube and dragged it over yeah double-click it and you just put your YouTube and address of your video copy it from your link and put it there and make sure you click off auto start unless you want to play it automatically and there's that here's another neat tool that I like catch people's attention you can change the background color and all that stuff the text color and everything on this thing here and it Scrolls so basically you put you're saying you want to put in there or your phrase let's just change the color here make it stand out it's not sticking here okay then we want to change the actual text color there we are and we'll just preview that and there you are this is just an example of what's going on when you hit the YouTube and there's your you're flying text and there's your mp3 player that you'll have your songs on and from here is your link you can close down here and hit their red page then you hit go and voila we're on the right page then we want to go back home again so it's pretty simple to make a web page up I hope you guys learn something and if you have any questions you can contact me at Steve's how to at hotmail.com or go to my website wwf's how to calm and fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can thanks for watching and enjoy thank you you


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