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With the advancement in technology, media has evolved to flawless qualities that are found in a large variety of formats. In order to properly enjoy them, you need to put applications such as Zoom Player MAX to good use. It is a powerful media workstation capable of running nearly any media file out there.

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At startup, it can be preconfigured for desktops and laptops, home theater PCs or touchscreen devices. In terms of visuals, the application does not strongly differ from similar media players. Its interface is appealing, with a decent preview section, playback options clearly visible and customizable skin colors, as well as support for downloadable content.

Loading desired items is easily done by dragging them over the main window, or through the dedicated explorer. This includes decrypted Blu-ray discs whose main movies can be played as well as YouTube videos (by URL). A playlist manager can be brought up that is home to all inserted elements, giving you the possibility to save and load already existing lists. A media library jukebox mode comes in handy for getting missing metadata for movie or TV posters, titles, descriptions, and so on.

Zoom Player MAX tries to bring a little variety to media rendering. It can switch to several modes in order to become more accessible, depending on the intended purpose. By default, you run in the media mode, which basically represents a basic look and feel. The tool remembers the last media position on exit.

For music usage, you can switch to audio mode, which turns off the preview section so that it does not take up necessary space on your desktop. Ringtones for mobile phones can be created from playing media. Furthermore, the application lets you take advantage of a DVD mode, providing a set of dedicated content navigation options. It's also possible to remotely schedule media content for later playback via TCP/IP.

Fortunately, all features the application puts at your disposal can be attributed a custom combination of keys. Seeing how you can work with quite a lot of provided content, this comes in handy as it saves a great deal of time, and makes everything more comfortable. Customizable mouse gestures are also available.

Furthermore, you can enhance the sound that reaches your ears to make it clean or fine-tune it. This is done with the help of an integrated equalizer that gives you access to several presets as well as the possibility to save your own configurations.

The same can be said for videos, as a few color correction sliders can completely transform the clip. Additionally, you can switch to fullscreen for a clearer view, create chapters in videos or carefully have them trimmed.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Zoom Player MAX is a handy application you can use as an alternative to the already existing giants. It comes fully equipped with all it needs to be able to render media files flawlessly, doing its job well overall.

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today we'll be taking a look at a simple but powerful media player from in matrix this is Leah from file critic and today we'll be reviewing Zoom Player MAX the installer for this is only 30 megabytes which is pretty small for a full media player now if we open up the user interface it reminds me a lot of VLC but with a more futuristic kind of theme so as you can see this is Zoom Player MAX 11 they have the whole thing in the window and on the left hand corner you've got your volume and they have a nice visual demonstration of your volume on the top right so you know exactly what percentage of your volume you've set it to and then you've got your usual play pause next rewind and forward and an open button to open a media file now here we've got some more advanced stuff like if we hit this button as you can see we have some additional tools like a skin selector a station manager color control last open navigator media library editor and chapter editor and then we've got options now if we hit the down button we have a saturation mode where you can increase and decrease the saturation of the video you can increase and decrease the contrast and the brightness right within the player which is pretty nice so this does it kind of add a software level so that you don't have to mess with your monitor settings all the time so for a particular video if you want to increase the brightness you can just hit the plus button and it's going to increase the brightness and you can always reset it back to the original value if you choose and then beside these two advanced menu options we've got the equalizer and the EQ here is very nice looking it's got these nice silver buttons and you can change your frequencies here to near low ends high ends and mids just the way you like them let me see if they have any presets yes they do so you can select a preset here depending on the genre of what you're watching or listening to at the top we have a full screen or restore option or you can go to full screen and as you can see it takes up the entire screen we double click double click actually starts playing media and click causes and click play so you can just click anywhere on the screen to play and pause now in order to exit out of this user interface I guess you have to press a button let me guess escape so once you press escape you're back in the windowed option and you have a nice scroll option here to move throughout your track can you go forward and back anywhere you like and it works really smoothly and it also shows you the timestamp of where you're moving now this gets us to audio playback as you can see this is how it plays audio you've got your album art or whatever in the center screen and well you just play it now one thing I'd say is this is going to be very familiar to users of VLC media player so if you're that kind of a person who prefers media players like VLC maybe a more advanced and powerful option this is going to be a very nice tool for you and here you've got your playlist which can be docked alongside the player or move separately and this shows you all the files that you have upcoming and you can move this around and you can you know arrange the files in any order that you like you can move something up you can move something down and you can directly start playing anything from here like let's say I want to play my son Venus so there you go now it's plane as you can see really smooth and nice playback here it seems to be fairly light on the system as well but if you are a very advanced kind of media person and you want to really get in depth this is not going to be a great user interface as I said once again this is going to appeal to users of VLC but if you're a user of something a bit more sophisticated maybe something like iTunes where you have much more information in the user interface you're probably not going to like that of course this being an advanced tool does provide you with a lot of features it's not like this is all you get but you know the user interface is more tuned towards that type of use so if you're a VLC kind of person it's it's great personally I would say this type of a UI is great for video playback but not so much for audio playback but again it's a matter of preference so whether or not you like this UI will really depend on your taste so now let's get to video playback so let's just open a video here I'm going to just right click open with Zune player and that should start it and there you go it's playing our video and let's try out the additional options that they've given us so I believe we can increase the brightness of course this is not as effective as really changing the brightness on your monitor but it does kind of help in those dark clips so you can have your video playing over here you can skip between things now this is a pretty high resolution video so it's having some issues on the system but more or less it's it's pretty smooth I haven't had any issues and at the beginning when you install this product it actually gives you a lot of options to install various codecs so you can choose exactly what you want as you can see video playback is is really good and looks pretty cool so yeah I mean I'm just showing you the different aspects of the product now it's up to you to decide whether or not this is how you like to do it of course you could have directly opened the video from here you can go up to any folder and you can directly start playing video so really nice UI I'm pretty happy with this so far and let's take a look at their options we have some interface options so it's customizable as well then for playback we have some you know auto replay to the close player your action on completing a playlist or you know what happens when you insert a CD or DVD and you can set it to load multi-part files as well again you've got some file format associations you can choose which formats to open automatically but zoom player and well system you've only got one setting here disable screen saver and power management while playing so that nothing interrupts your media consumption language is set to English you can have it in different languages but you know a no-nonsense player I mean oh user interface err it's not giving you a lot of crap very simple and easy to understand but if you are someone who likes to go advanced they do have a different menu that gives you a lot more options if you really need them but for an everyday user it's got a very simplistic settings menu as well so I believe this is going to work well with all types of users and the user interface here is very intuitive and since it's similar to VLC which is very popular you know pretty much most people have probably used feels once in their lifetime so this is going to be very easy to get you - from that perspective so that's my overview of Zoom Player MAX I hope you enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE this video if you did and subscribe to our channel for more and as always don't forget to check out our written review at WWF all critic com see you in the next video this is Leo signing out


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